This is What it Looks Like to be Tarred and Feathered

A photo of a man in 1940  from the Burns Archive.

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Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Robert Mapplethorpe

This Week…

We took a first read through The History of American Graffiti

The Golden Age of Broad Smacking

We looked at the art of Ai Weiwei

Skating in Christchurch after the earthquake


Tina Louise went from Gilligan’s Island to The World’s Best Ever


KC Ortiz – The Golden Land

Super-talented, award winning photographer KC Ortiz opens a new show at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco this Saturday.

The Golden Land focuses on the people and places outside of the daily headlines, unseen by most. Ortiz’s photos bring viewers to the frontline of the “Badlands”, the world’s longest ongoing conflict between the Burmese military junta and Karen rebels, and to the Bangladesh-Burma border where exiled Rohingya refugees are struggling to survive. His photos also depict the daily life of the Burmese and ethnic peoples of Burma, capturing the hopes and struggles of the divided nation.

IBM Crew

Some fun crew pics from back in day.

More here

Picture of the Day

Anthony Kurtz

Postcards From America

A cool upcoming project from Magnum.

“In the first of a series of trips around America, five Magnum photographers and one writer will be travelling from San Antonio to Oakland from May 12-26, 2011. Follow Christopher AndersonJim GoldbergSusan MeiselasAlec SothMikhael SubotzkyGinger Strand on this unique documentary experiment: Postcards From America.”

More info here

Picture of the Day

Henrik Bydal

Foam Magazine Call For Talent 2011

You have until April 17th to show them what you’re working with.

More details here

Luxirare’s Simple Breakfast Tart

Aspiring internet foodies take note, this is how it should always be done.


Picture of the Day

Irving Penn


Jerry Hsu’s photograph of Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long and his girlfriend in last weekend’s NY Times Magazine feature What They Were Thinking

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Pictures From The Golden Age of Shopping Malls

Rumur is trying to get Malls Across America made into a book.

More images here

via, buzzfeed

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