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talented mutha f@kr’s reality crossed

I just stumbled on this one when I was looking for some photos for Kate Moss…. We all know photos are retouched but, this is extreme photoshop. Could it be a new sport?

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Keegan Gibbs

found through hyb

Selected Images from my Peruvian Travels

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The following is a random assortment of pictures I took while in Cusco, Lima, and Puno.

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SWOON on Ludlow Street, 2005

Images from Risky at Track 16

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Risky is old school Los Angeles.  His graffiti career began 26 years ago and soon after its conception he formed the legendary WCA crew.  This past Saturday an exhibition “TWENTY – SIX: New Works by Risk” opened at Los Angeles’ Track 16. Risky explained the concept behind the shows title, with a concise “Twenty-six letters of the alphabet, twenty-six years; I can’t think of a better way to define myself and my view of graffiti art.”
The show is open through this Saturday (December 20th), so don’t sleep.
photos by Monica Orozco

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Ed Templeton

photo commute


Took this one this weekend heading into the city.

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Cooper the Cat took this.

Images from Primary Flight

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One of the many events that happened after I left Miami last week was Primary Flight.  Artists included in this were Admir Jahic, Asylm, Agustina Woodgate, Billy Mode, Blackbooks, Blek Le Rat, Boxi, Brian Sensebe, Chris Stain, Crome, Cruise, Dare, Daryll Peirce, David Choe, Depoe, Dolla, El Mac, Ewok, Frerk, Kenton Parker, Kofie, Logan Hicks, Marc C. Woehr, Mike De Feo, MSG, Brandon Opalka, Peter Fuss, Retna, Revok, Reyes, Roadsworth, Ron English, Sever, Santiago Rubino, SRTA of She Kills He, Siner, Stefan Strumbel, Surge, Typoe, Will Barras.
Luckily enough, Logan Hicks was kind enough to send over some images for your viewing pleasure.  These photos were shot by Jeremiah Garcia.

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lower level art

We will continue the cat photo theme with a twist. Strap kitty with this digi cam and set the camera to take photos automatically every two minutes. Check out kitty’s flickr here to see his work.

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Tod Seelie

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Hank Willis Thomas

Views from the Inca Trail

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This is a collection of shots I took while hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  We used Llama Path as our trek guide, their service was top notch and is highly recommended.

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Machu Picchu: 6am

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The Blue Skies of Nauru, Eileen Rahn travels to Nauru, an island in the South Pacific. This photo essay is featured on FOTO8.

Venice Floods at their Highest level in 22 years

Piazza San Marco in Venice December 1, 2008. Large parts of Venice were flooded on Monday as heavy rains and strong winds lashed the lagoon city, with sea levels at their highest level in 22 years. Ferry and water taxi services in the city were suspended and Venice’s mayor urged people to stay indoors. Tourists and residents struggled to get across the city over raised walkways. The Centro Maree, which forecasts water levels, said sea levels in the Adriatic rose 1.56 meters (5.1 ft) – a level not seen since 1986. (REUTERS/Manuel Silvestri) More info and photo’s Via: Boston Big Picture click here.

hsbc global concern

“A clever ad for HSBC by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai ad agency in India. The bank wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of global warming, so the clever ad guys glued an aerial photo of a city’s skyscrapers to the base of a swimming pool …” Via:NetoRama

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