hey Sexy Stormtrooper girl

An accidental find, while looking for an innocent image of a stormtrooper I discovered the underground world of sex’d up stormtroopers. We threw in a few bonus extras and also want to call out Red and Jonny ,who seem to be really in to this kind of thing.

picture of the day


Double sun dogs. No this is not a photoshop filter.

“Typically seen to the left and right of a low-lying sun, sun dogs, or parhelia, can take a number of forms—from slightly brighter segments of a solar halo (as shown) to rainbow-hued horizontal streaks to blinding spots nearly indistinguishable from the sun itself.

The sharpness, movement, and orientation of hexagonal, cloudborne ice crystals determine a sun dog’s shape, sharpness, and color. Mottled, wobbling, or tall crystals, for example, generally result in more diffuse or colorful displays.”

Yet another freak fo nature involving ice crystals.

The Best Goodbye iPhone Wallpaper


My sister sent this over to us.  Bye Bye.  Download it here

Picture of the Day



Stone Cold


Images from the February issue of Vogue Paris that Carine Roitfeld dedicated entirely to her favorite model, Lara Stone, have finally hit the internet. The editorials shot by the likes of Hedi Slimane, Patrick Demarchelier, and Steven Klein have gotten mixed reviews, but there are no complaints here. Stone is once again smoking hot.

To see more shots go here and here.

picture of the day


Photography by PakPao.

picture of the day and the Weekly Round-up


photo from Defgrip.

This Week…

Artorialust checked in on James Jean

We downloaded City of God’s Son.  (You should too)

Animal Collective’s new album cover is trippy

Shepard Fairey’s Special Edition Supply & Demand

Easily the Best Job in the World

Dave Schubert

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We are happy to present some more work by Dave Schubert. This time in color.

Bush Face

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Bush’s farewell to us, and our farewell to Bush’s Face. A compilation of GWB’s best facial expressions from last night’s speech. (If you wait for it to load and click through fast, it’s fun!) Write your own captions or inner monologue.

Obama’s first Official Presidential Portrait


Barack Obama’s first presidential portrait was released yesterday. Nodding its head towards 21st century technology, this is the first presidential portrait taken with a digital camera.  We gave a little add-on to make it more official.

Brazilian Whole Cars


These trains were painted a while back in Rio De Janeiro but, since they are kind of the shit, they deserve another look.  Featuring Os Gemeos, Nina, Ise, Coio, all of the photographs have been taken by Ignacio Aronovich, and there are some good ones.

See more here

picture of the day


Photographer Joel Sternfeld captured a renagaded elephant, 1979.

leica D-Lux 4 titan


My first digital camera was the Leica Digilux 1, this is my next one. Leica D-Lux 4 “Titan” is a limited edition version of the D-Lux 4. It has a beautiful design, the Leica Lens, and 10.1 megapixels is perfect. What more can you ask for? Well, you can ask for the camera.  For more details go here.

Picture of the day


photographer  joel seligman via: file magazine

Pixelated Babes


It looks like these girls are made out of wood blocks? Regardless, Jean-Yves Lemoigne shot the series for an editorial spread in Amusement Magazine.

via, MashKulture

Picture of the Day & the weekly round up


Photo by Steve Torres

This past week…

There were a lot of comments (for our site) about Shepard Fairey and Saks Fifth Avenue

We interviewed James Jean

Vogue Nippon’s Nudes of the Day

We showed you the Hottest Chick to ever ride a skateboard

Apple introduced the Macbook Wheel

Picture of the day


Picture of the Day


Jake Dobkin

Chuck Close shoots Brad Pitt for W


Chuck Close’s cover shot of Brad Pitt for the February 2009 issue of W must have cost a small fortune.

See the pics here

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