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Vincent Bousserez

This week…

Ashes57 documented Shepard Fairey hitting Boston hard…

And we caught his 20 year retrospective at the ICA

Gene P blessed us with the Best of Belgium

Romanians went crazy over the prospect of a Prodigy album leak


This little kid was so high

The Perfect Valentines Day Gift


The Bacon Bra

Picture of the Day


Shepard Fairey at the ICA

By now, everyone in the blogosphere has mentioned Shepard Fairey’s 20 year retrospective, and it is much deserved. We were extremely lucky in getting invited to the VIP opening this past Tuesday, an opportunity that allowed us to take in most of Shepard Fairey’s career works to date (although on a personal note, there were a bunch that the curator should not have left out, and one or two that had more than suitable replacements for). The beauty of visiting a Museum or Gallery for the first time to see a show is not knowing what to expect, which enables you to be surprised. With that in mind, we have decided to show you only a few shots of the work featured in the ICA. Running until August 16th 2009, you have plenty of time to see this in person.

This made me laugh


The photography of Piper Ferguson.

picture of the day


Auroral Corona Over Norway.Credit: Frank Andreassen (nettfoto.no)more info

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Process & Result

During their spare time before Friday’s public opening of Shepard Fairey: Supply and Demand at Boston’s ICA, Shepard Fairey and crew have been hitting the town pretty hard.  TWBE friend Delphine Ettinger (Ashes 57) has been along for the ride and shares with us some great process and finished shots.  Enjoy.

Picture of the Day


Hannah Whitaker

Dude, that’s Mars


Mars, a planet older than ours.

The Superbowl Hooker Round-Up


The Smoking Gun has compiled a great slideshow of mugshots featuring recently cuffed Hookers working Tampa for the Superbowl.  What a distinct line there is between the high-class hooker and that of the working man’s hussy.

Part one

Part two

picture of the day


Picture of the day by Andrea Galvani.

JR covers Wholetrain and shantytown roofs in new part of Women’s Project in Kenya


JR keeps astounding, this may be the first wheatpasted wholecar in history.  More here


Picture of the Day


Christine Tran

Picture of the Day


Dave Schubert

Picture of the Day


Andrew Fladeboe, Graffiti Hill, from his series ‘The United States of America.’

Last Night’s Cobra


The future, primitive: party pictures in the form of animated GIFs. This lot are definitely on to something. We’re eagerly awaiting the inevitable Facehuntorialist.

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


Monsieur Poulet

This Week…

We looked at a bunch of awesome bmx bikes.

Girl Skateboards teased the Where The Wild Things Are Series.

A bunch of girls dressed as Storm Troopers.

Minni Havas drew a black panther.

Obama became President!

British GQ feature, Trunk Archive + Models

The January issue of the British GQ featured a exposé on Trunk Archive, a photo Agency that dug into the vaults to resurrect a catalogue of rare and unseen treats. Featuring Kate Moss, Catherine McNeil, Anne Marie Candijk, Jan Welters, Greg Kadel, Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Tesh and so many more. Enjoy. BTW if you’re looking for great photos, check out Trunk.

Boogie on Defgrip


Our friends over at Defgrip recently put together a nice Q&A with Boogie, who happens to be one of our favorite photographers.

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