Is this drought in California going to last another 2 years, or 200? These are questions going through scientist’s heads as they study the long-term climate patterns in the Western states. Through tree ring and other earthly data, researchers have identified multiple 10-20 year droughts occurring over the last 1000 years, and even worse, “ancient megadroughts” happening from 850 to 1090 and 1140 to 1320. With the Colorado River being run dry, and Arizona in the midst of its own 14-year drought, the outlook isn’t too great for a quick return to the ‘wet’ years of last century. So what will happen if this drought continues for a decade or more? Farms will disappear, desalinization plants are likely, and most importantly, Californians will adapt. It won’t be the end of the world, but man, will it be expensive.

A picture of California’s drought from space. Taken one year apart. via, io9


Today in Random Censorship News


In a business article about the demand for ethically raised pigs, the Malaysian printers of the International edition of the New York Times blacked out the swines’ faces, noting that images of pigs are not allowed in the Muslim country.

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Ignorance Was Bliss


News from outside the comfort zone


Ukrainian unrest continues

Everyone is fighting everyone in Mexico right now

North Korea undercover

Muslim Rohingyas under attack in Burma

Russian prepares for Olympics by eliminating a threat

The world’s richest 85 people have more then half the planet’s population

Human Rights Watch releases its 2014 World Report

Aid unable to make it to South Sudan

State of Emergency declared in Bangkok

Evidence of wide spread torture and starvation escapes Syria


KC Ortiz / @kcortizphoto

KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based in Bangkok

“I was looking at a very nice topless girl and I forgot what I was there for”


While climbing the Bondi cliff rope, Bondi Beach bodybuilder and “larger-than-life mate” Dimitri Moskovich lost his focus due to a presumably remarkable pair of breasts, fell two stories onto rocks below, and fractured both of his legs.

via, arbroath

Catering to the Client’s Needs


From ‘Bikini Cruises’ and blow jobs to binge drinking and casual snorting, the sales team for 19 Action News in Cleveland, Ohio do whatever it takes to close the deal.

HOT Caucasian girl Presumably Found


Actor Ray Wise has confirmed that David Lynch recently directed a Twin Peaks promo film for an upcoming blu-ray package of the cult television show. Earlier in the week, a casting call in search of a “HOT Caucasian girl” briefly appeared on Facebook and Twitter. Subsequently setting off rumors about the film, the existence of which had been denied by co-creator Mark Frost.

Some Things That Happened While We Were Away


Pot was legalized in Colorado and this guy was the first to buy some

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Ignorance Was Bliss


News from outside the comfort zone


Saudi’s search for a death sentence on opposition blogger

Election and protests in Bangladesh

Dozens of whales beach themselves in New Zealand

African’s protest in Israel

Many suspects in death of a Hezbollah operative

Iraq: Fallujah falls and AQ fighters declare it a new state

Rwandans keep dying in strange circumstances

Wave of self immolation in Tibet

Cambodia cracks down on protesters

Almost one million displaced in Central African Republic this new year


KC Ortiz / @kcortizphoto

KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based in Bangkok

Publish First, Maybe Ask Questions Later


The State of the Internet in 2013

Ignorance Was Blissss


News from outside the comfort zone


South Sudan

Opium on the rise in Burma

Border Wars

Uganda passes anti-homosexuality bill

Egyptian crackdowns

Christianity and witch hunts in Africa

Covert action in Colombia

Bad deal for Abu Dhabi’s migrant workers

Art hustle in China

Russia- Beyond the Torch’s Glow


KC Ortiz / @kcortizphoto

KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based in Bangkok

A ‘crook’ rather than a ‘criminal’


Ronnie Biggs, Rest In Peace

Ignorance Was Bliss


Anti-government protesters search for a government supporter outside of Government House in Bangkok, Thailand.

News from outside the comfort zone
Uruguay legalizes marijuana

Protests continue in Ukraine

Child Porn on the Capital

The IRA in Belfast

Syrian refugees forgotten in Lebanon

Fired in North Korea

An American spy disappears in Iran

US Drone attacks Yemeni wedding party

Central African Republic still falling apart

Dangerous crossroads for Thai democracy

KC Ortiz / @kcortizphoto

KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based in Bangkok

Bodega and Supermarket Shelves are Empty


Panic ensues. Welcome to the Sriracha apocalypse.

“I will not get drunk at a wedding and go steal the naked picture of a woman on a cigar over the urinal in the Citizen Hotel.”


An apology note is much better than a day in court



Damien Hirst has submitted plans to build “750 homes, a school, shops, health centre, offices, sports pitches, playgrounds and cycle paths on the edge of the seaside town of Ilfracombe.”

image by Peter Blake


A particularly violent riot broke out 10 minutes into a soccer match in Brazil on Sunday.

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News from outside the comfort zone


Mexican Drug Cartels aren’t just about Mexico or drugs anymore

Congo’s Female on Female Rape Curse

Thailand Secretly Working with Human Traffickers

Attacks in Iraqi Kurdistan

Shootout suggests new guerilla movement in Nicaragua

China puts the pressure on foreign press

Science says revolt

Fishing under fire in Gaza

Singapore’s first riots in over 30 years


KC Ortiz / @kcortizphoto

KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based in Bangkok



The Incredible Story of Marion Stokes, Who Single-Handedly Taped 35 Years of TV News by Sarah Kessler

From 1977 to 2012 she recorded 140000 VHS tapes worth of history. Now the Internet Archive has a plan to make them public and searchable.

Ignorance Was Bliss


Protesters taunt police as they try to break the gate at the Labour Ministry in Bangkok

News from outside the comfort zone

Boko Haram attacks base in Nigeria
Riots in Ukraine
Chinese claim the skys
Mexican mass graves
Where have all the people gone? Central African Republic warzone
Every day North Korea
Tamils looking for change in Sri Lanka
Syrian spill over in Lebanon
Busy week in Bangkok


KC Ortiz / @kcortizphoto

KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based in Bangkok

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