All the politicians daughters

This class of girl is spontaneous.

Massive new Blu piece from the Names Festival

The Names Festival opened in Prague last week and the first images are beginning to trickle in. Above is an Escher-like piece by Bolognese BLU.

via, ekosystem

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Internet Rumor Mill

Speculators think that the print above—which looks to be War By Numbers Red in a collaged offset—is next to be released by Shepard Fairey to the public.  This would be a welcome addition to any collection.  Stay tuned…


Child Bride Wants a Divorce

I didn’t realize little girls were still being married off.  This got me thinking, has there ever been a child groom?

Read about it here

The Tate helps curb the buff in Sao Paulo

Bloomberg reports on the state of street art cleansing in Sao Paulo.

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Beauty Contest For Nuns

Miss Sister 2008. An Italian priest has decided to run a nun beauty contest to fight the stereotype that all nuns are “old and dour.”  Just another reason to love the Italians. Read about it here

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Karl Lagerfeld Steiff Bear

I would like to see an image of the person that is actually going to buy this thing.

via, hypebeast

More on Swoon’s Hudson River Journey

The New York Times gives us a great slideshow to look at, as well as a nice article.  Also, this print is still available.

Own a piece of Bigfoot

It would be awesome if it was the real Bigfoot, but these ‘foot prints of darkness’ handmade flower pots in an edition of five by the artist bigfoot, are just as great.

Boogie is looking for an intern

If you have the time, you should do this.  All of the details here.

Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Annex to open in NYC

I thought we already had one of those?

more at Gothamist

photo: vibesnyc

Guo JingJing

The Olympics have brought many positive things to my recent life: excuses not to leave home, ample material for small talk but, most of all, Guo Jingjing.  A celebrity in China, the beauty has been unknown to my Western eyes. All I can say is that I will be watching her in the 3m Springboard, yum.

[Read more]

Lunchtime Laughter

Bernie Mac, Rest in Peace

Way too easy

KFC over Crown Fried Chicken?  Come on Tremayne, you’re from Brooklyn.

via, Gothamist

Swapping wives in Italy. Buonisimo!

Italians know how to live the life.

Ryan McGinness collaborating with Arkitip, Aesthetic Comfort

The picture above is a preview of Aesthetic Comfort, in my opinion, the most exciting collaboration Arkitip has done since those great KAWS laptop cases. Ryan McGinness x Arkitip, sign me up.

Espo’s waterboarding sideshow

We mentioned it at the beginning of July, and now it is a reality. Steve ‘Espo’ Powers Waterboard Thrill Ride. I am excited to make it over to the Coney Island to see the fun.

The New York Times gives it some love.

photo: Michael Nagle for The New York Times

Beautiful Losers Opening night Tickets available now

Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

The long awaited documentary is finally upon us. You can find the tickets here, however I recommend going through IFC for them. Friday and Saturday night, artists and directors will be in attendance for the 8:20pm and 10:20pm shows.

Stupid Turtle unknowingly a narc

A turtle with a transmitter unknowingly (obviously) leads the National Park Service to an outdoor patch of weed.  After surveillance, suspect is arrested.

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