Buy a piece of Michael Jackson’s Personality


The contents of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is up for auction and, as expected, there is some insane shit going on.

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The Cutest little spray painter in the whole wide world


Solveig is 11 and has been painting since she was 8.  A native of Bristol, she has painted over twenty (legal) spots around the city. Consider this, if she isn’t already burning you now, she will be by the age of 13.  Unless of course, puberty has other ideas.

Read more and see a slideshow here

faces of death


Stumbled across this story about illegal Immigration. The image above is really striking, the images that follow are horrific. Proceed at your own risk.

WTF a 13yr old boy is a father…..


We normally do not cover this kind of shit, BUT! this is crazy. I do not know who is at more fault, the kid or the kids parents. Read more here.

Banksy helps the kids out


A new work by Banksy, Go Flock Yourself, will be auctioned off on February 26th to help benefit “The Prince’s Trust, a charity which helps young people into training and jobs.”

more at BBC News

Shadiness in the Boston PD: A Firsthand Account of Shepard Fairey’s Arrest


Dave Combs, Editor of Peel Magazine, wrote into Wooster Collective yesterday in regards to Shepard Fairey’s arrest in Boston.  Turns out, he and his wife shared a cab with Shepard and his wife Amanda en route to the opening.

“As we approached the entrance Holly, looking back, noticed that there was an unmarked tan SUV tailgating our cab. She pointed it out to Amanda, who said something like, “Why is that guy riding our ass?” At the same time Shepard said to the driver, “It’s right here! The museum.” and pointed to the parking lot entrance. The driver slowed down to attempt to make the turn but still missed the entrance by just a fraction of a second and we passed it by a short distance. The driver tried to back up or turn around but the unmarked SUV directly behind us was blocking our path. Police officers quickly surrounded the cab, and one of them pounded loudly on the driver’s window. “Boston Police, stop the car! Turn off the car!”

Anyway, read for yourself.

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That’s one Crazy Bitch


“I went to her place for sex, not to be tattoed. I can’t believe she did this to me and I hate her.”

Rest in Peace Playmobil dude


Inventor of Playmobil, Hans Beck died a couple days ago at the age of 79.

via, Material Interest

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picture of the day


picture of the day. Click for more.

Obama better hurry up


Drug Enforcement Administration agents this week raided four medical marijuana shops in California, contrary to President Obama’s campaign promises to stop the raids.

Tig Ol’ Bitties


Big Up’s to Sheyla Hershey for achieving a feat that no human has before, 38KKK breasts.  We wonder if the surgery was subsidized by the KKK, just to get their name out there again?  Regardless, wow.

More at NBC NY

Thanks to Lord Steak for the info!

The Superbowl Hooker Round-Up


The Smoking Gun has compiled a great slideshow of mugshots featuring recently cuffed Hookers working Tampa for the Superbowl.  What a distinct line there is between the high-class hooker and that of the working man’s hussy.

Part one

Part two

Lunchtime Laughter

sex scandal slideshow


Recently, a Teacher in the Czech Republic was caught on film having sex with a student, however she is not losing her job. compiled a little slideshow of 50 teacher/pupil sex scandals. Some of the teachers harbor that teenage fantasy from ‘Hot for Teacher’ while others are truly wtf. Check it out for yourself

Michael Phelps gets lifted


Pictures surfaced over the weekend of America’s Golden Boy Athlete Michael Phelps taking a bong hit out of a Rorr.  This photo is just another prime example that the American Government should re-assess their stance on Marijuana Law.

More here

Olivia Munn’s Pie Week Petition


No description necessary, just sign the damn petition.

JR covers Wholetrain and shantytown roofs in new part of Women’s Project in Kenya


JR keeps astounding, this may be the first wheatpasted wholecar in history.  More here


Teen Wolf Wore Adidas


If all three things I have read are true, then this shoe above (the Nike homage to Teen Wolf) is easily the first marketing/development failure of the year.

Teen Wolf and the Beacon Town Beavers wore Adidas.

Skate or die in Afghanistan


The NY Times reports on Oliver Percovich, an Australian who is skateboarding’s unofficial ambassador to Afghanistan.

Read more here.

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