This car is actually worth a lot

You have to love a story like this.  Man puts car on ebay for $500, thinking it is worth nothing.  Car ends up selling for over $200,000.  That is the car above and you can read more about it at AutoBlog

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: GQ Man of the Year

Along with Barack Obama and a slew of others, Shepard Fairey is one of GQ’s Men Of The Year.

You can see the entire list here.

Henry uncut

For the month of November, Henry Rollins has a series on IFC call Henry Rollins Uncut. Do not confuse this with his regular show, The Henry Rollins Show. Uncut takes Henry on location to New Orleans, South Africa, Northern Ireland, and Israel.

“Henry takes his unique stage show on the road, presenting topical, hilarious and uncensored commentary in three of the most controversial locations on the planet. Henry’s spoken word stage show is intertwined with compelling documentary footage shot on location.”

This Friday South Africa at 10:30.

Shepard Fairey and the Smithsonian

That’s what Supertouch says.  Russell Simmons’ consignment is looking to be the smartest decision he has made for a while

Arkitip x Peter Saville

November 20th

Canals Are Making a Comeback

First Trains, then Canals, then the Amish rise to power.

selling free papers

This caught my eye, New York Press selling the goods. And I was not surprised to see a little American Apparel ad on the front page. Stay Classy New York.

Banksy gives statement to Time Magazine about that whole graffiti removal ordeal

“I was offended when Westminster said my painting was an advertisement. Advertising makes people feel inadequate and worthless. Graffiti doesn’t do that. Graffiti doesn’t emotionally blackmail you, graffiti doesn’t make you feel fat and graffiti doesn’t make you rush out and buy things, except maybe high strength cleaning products.”

Read the statement here

and an accompanying article here.

photo: sabry1

people not politics

Instead of buying that shirt from Urban, or threadless, check out People not Politics. They have created a line of t-shirts called Iraqi Hope. The shirts tell the real life stories of Iraqi children who have been orphaned by the war. The art featured on the shirts were created based on email conversations between the artists here and the children in Iraq. 20 percent of the shirt proceeds are donated to Generation Iraq, a charity that provides for Iraqi orphans. They have two shirts available right now(one picture above). Its a good cause, I did not know they had email in Iraq?…..kidding

will will be solo

Will Ferrell is preparing to run for president — as part of a one-man show he’s looking to take to Broadway later this year. Keep a look out for it. Read more here.

…crowd eats it before it can be measured

Just in case you missed this little morsel of news. “The meat had been cooked, the sandwich almost assembled and assorted Guinness Book of Records dignitaries were patiently waiting by to give it their official stamp of approval.

But cooks in Iran were left in despair after their bid to create the world’s longest sandwich failed when the crowd started eating it before it could be measured.”

via:daily mail

Dolemite, Rest in Peace

Rudy Ray Moore 1927 -2008

May there be no Rat Soup Eatin’ Motherfuckas in the sky, Motha-fucka.

Lazarides in negotiations to open NYC Space

In a bid to expand his gallery’s reach across the Atlantic, the Evening Standard reports that Steve Lazarides is in negotiations to open up a permanent home for his Gallery in New York City.  Welcome.

Read about it here

Banksy Number 63 on Art Review’s Power 100 List

Take that Thomas Kinkade

World War Two propaganda posters

Headovmetal has a great collection of World War 2 propaganda postersThe world has gone so soft, there is no way we could get away with any of this now. Although now that I think of it, isn’t this a billboard in the south?

photo: current

Outsiders to stay open until october 26th

Good news for the lazy and travelers who thought they would miss the show, Outsiders is extending its stay on the Bowery for two more weeks and will close on October 26th.  This certainly quells rumours of other plans for the space…

See all of our coverage here.

Photos From Lazarides’ Outsiders Show

Artorialust: Hot Chicks at Art Openings

Video of ZEVS performance

George Washington’s Whiskey

President & distiller

it pays to f@ck up

AIG executives headed out on a taxpayer funded junket to the St. Regis resort in California. While there, they had a blast at our expense. They helped themselves to:1
$201,047.42 for hotel rooms and $147,301.71 for catered banquets
$23,380 for the hotel spa and another $1,488 for the salon.
Golf for $6,939.09 and $5,016.32 spent at the Tavern.

Send a message to Secretary Paulson right now


Village Pet store and charcoal grill: New Banksy Show in New York

One night out with some friends and then Caught Sleeping.

Banksy has a new show in NYC that apparently has been softly open for four days. Wooster Collective has a run down, as does the GothamistThe New York Times also has a great slideshow.

One great quote about the billboards via the Gothamist

“I wanted to play the corporations at their own game, at the same scale and in the same locations. The advantage of billboard companies is that they’ll let you write anything for money, even if what you write is questioning the ethics of letting someone write anything because they have money.”

Just go see it for yourself.  Open until the 31st of October

89 Seventh Avenue South (Between West 4th and Bleeker)

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