“This is no myth”


The Boston Tickler is approaching sasquatch level sightings… or is that feelings?



An Indian court has been asked to rule on whether His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj is dead or just in very deep meditation. His body is currently existing in an ashram’s commercial freezer.

The Wide World of Weed

A round-up of all things pot related
Danksy Appleweed aka “The Weed Fairy” is now in Seattle leaving little nuggets all over the Emerald City

Denver’s Murder Rate has dropped 50% since the legalization of Marijuana

Who would’ve thunk it? Over 80 percent of drug seizures in Europe are for cannabis

Here are the 10 Biggest Pot Myths, Debunked by Science

Get Sleepy, Mang. Marijuana sizzurp “lasts 10 hours and gets users heavily medicated with that syrup feeling.”

Wiz Khalifa released a mixtape called 28 Grams after being arrested for pot possession in Texas


This Is Your Brain While Videogaming Stoned
Art by Robert Crumb

Morning Dose of “And Still I Rise”

Maya Angelou, Rest in Peace (1928 – 2014)

Escape From An Icy Grave

Last week in Nepal, Dr. John All fell 70 feet down an icy crevasse while conducting climate research on Mount Himlung in the Himalayas. Luckily he lived, and had his camera with him to document his struggle back to the surface.

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“Steve-O denied any involvement with the prank and the CHP says he is not a suspect.”


Someone in San Diego deserves a round of applause for this highway sign modification along Interstate 5. In regards to Steve-O, the Jackass star was pulled over close to an hour after the sign had been changed to read “Sea World SUCKS,” when he showed up on the scene with a camera crew in tow to shoot a video segment.

Thailand on the Brink

KC Ortiz reports from Bangkok on the Thai Military’s Coup d’État.

The Wide World of Weed

A round-up of all things pot related
Here’s the story of a man called the “Ancient Mariner,” an old hippie pot farmer who fled the Bay Area for the Emerald Triangle back in the ’70s

Colorado is trying to figure out how to stop people Driving While Stoned

Dope, Weed, Grass, Reefer: The Etymology Of Marijuana Slang

New York state is getting closer to the legalization of Medical marijuana

Meet’420 Jim’

and strangely

Bongs are now being used as weapons by teenage girls

photo by Dustin Michelson


Nightmare Fuel


One lady in Bradenton, Florida got quite a surprise at four in the morning when she went down to her lanai to investigate some sounds that had woke her in the night. What she thought was a “thunderstorm blowing chairs around her screened in porch,” turned out to be an eight foot alligator that had broken through the screen to go swimming around in circles in her pool.

“what is that in the corner, were there balloons?”


No son, that’s the Ghost of Michael Jackson

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The Wide World of Weed


A round-up of all things pot related

The NY Times looks at the people trying to make pot into a parity product

With one hit off a joint, a NCAA player heads to the NBA Draft

In related sports news, the NFL has acknowledged that their policy on marijuana is outdated and is changing it

The New Yorker explores Vaporizers and the Yuppies that use them

On celebrity perks: Wiz Khalifa apparently has a weed sponsorship

In lieu of lettuce, a couple in Iowa found some special stuffing between the patties of their two double cheeseburgers at McDonald’s

and finally…

That HIGH kite you see up there, will finally be available next month… stay tuned.

Black Metal Forest


The list of weapons and items found inside a wooden coffin at a Florida park.

  1. Black crossbow
  2. Black ball and chain
  3. Set of nun chucks
  4. Metal pair of forceps
  5. Ball with metal spikes
  6. Black hoodie
  7. Small red square punching bag
  8. Black leather pouch
  9. Double-sided axe with handle
  10. Baseball bat with numerous screws attached
  11. Small black sheath
  12. Scissors, silver in color
  13. Wooden handle with attached metal hook
  14. Wooden handle with attached metal knife
  15. Plastic tube with black handles
  16. Wide black metal hook
  17. Black folding knife
  18. 2 black arm weights
  19. Broken yellow dart
  20. Silver baseball bat
  21. Small wooden handle with attached knife
  22. Black metal crowbar
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H.R. Giger, Rest In Peace


Sad news today as we’ve learned of the passing of the Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger. Only 74 years of age, Giger, who was probably best known to the general public as the designer of the creature in the film “Alien,” died from complications in relation to injuries suffered in a recent fall.

At Least You’re Not Any of These People

A naked man high on PCP put on quite a show for passersby at a busy intersection in northwest Houston. According to one onlooker: “He was doing the Beyonce, the surf board, twerking, the Nae Nae. Every dance that’s out there right now, he was doing.”
“Wild Thing” Mitch Williams lived up to his nickname over the weekend by getting ejected from his 10 year-old son’s baseball game for cursing out an umpire just like they used to do in the big leagues. Caught in the heat of the moment, the former Major Leaguer had to be physically separated from the ump after his expulsion, and subsequently refused to leave the field for an additional 10 minutes, causing a delay in the children’s baseball game.
More from H-Town as a ‘Serial Pooper’ has been terrorizing the historic neighborhood of Woodland Heights. The mustached man who has been caught on video dropping deuces on the front lawns and driveways of homes, uses paper towels to wipe, and leaves the big sheets behind as an additional calling card. Neighbors are not pleased: “Whatever people think should go on around here — pooping is not okay. We don’t want dogs pooping in our yards why would we want a human? It is very strange.”
Christ Bearer, the Wu-affiliated rapper who cut off his own dick and jumped out a window last month blamed weed, depression, and a curious book about “monks and vasectomies” as the reason for his insane cry for help.
And finally, in classic ‘Maury’ fashion, a couple that was supposed to be appear on the daytime talk show was arrested on the eve of their performance after getting into a fight when the woman found out her boyfriend was sleeping with her mother.

New York History We Did Not Know

Early on the foggy Saturday morning of July 28th, 1945, a U.S. Army B-25 bomber on its way to Newark Airport crashed directly into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building. The building reopened two days later.

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These Two Will Do Anything to Hide The Drugs…


Two men being detained on a traffic violation in Bartlesville, Oklahoma shared an intimate moment in the back of a police cruiser earlier this week. With outstanding felony warrants and three eight balls of meth in his mouth, Timothy Povlick knew he had to do something drastic in order to conceal his speedy merchandise. His answer? Swallow the meth. Fortunately, his good buddy wouldn’t let him take the entire load himself, and the two agreed “We’re going to have to be gay for a second”. And “gay” they got. The two outlaws proceeded to kiss and transfer the baggies, unaware that their entire conversation and act was being recorded on a newly installed dashboard cam. Now charged with possession of methamphetamine and destruction of evidence, the tweakers had no clue that their brief exchange and advice, “Don’t Suck on em… swallow em homie” would be prepping them for a new life in the penitentiary.

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News Craze


Weird News from around the globe

Artists in San Francisco have converted a box truck into a “sex suite on wheels,” naming the real-life conceptual “art” installation “The Hook-Up truck.”

“Vampire therapy,” aka a transfusion of young blood, is now a thing, and might actually reverse aging.

A couple in Calgary got a little too kinky with a cat, and killed it.

Six weeks before the World Cup, a soccer fan in Recife was killed by Toilet that had been flung from a stadium.

The 2nd annual Running of the Chihuahuas happened in Winter Park, Florida.

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Ink Rush!


Before the US Army’s new regulations on the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia kick in, soldiers are heading to tattoo shops in droves to get all the ink that their hearts desire.

They might want to consult this column for the best results

“One day I simply decided to quit my job, that was a years ago. Since then I’ve staying here with the fire.”


Meet “Europe’s Dirtiest Person.” Ludvik Dolezal of the Czech Republic spends his day tending to his fire, burning whatever he can find. Then at night, he goes to sleep in the pile of hot ash.

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