20 years, six months, two weeks, three days, eight hours and 39 minutes


How long one Japanese man has kept his Super Nintendo switched on so that he doesn’t lose his progress in a game. Now that’s a quality product.

Never Letting Go


Meet Kyle T. Burford, a 29-year-old manchild recently arrested after beating up his 5-year-old nephew for playing with his Pokémon cards.

When Gaming Is Life


A young Chinese woman who had been presumed dead for past decade was actually living in an internet café, playing games and subsisting off of handouts from fellow gamers.

Three to Five Cups per Day


Those who drink coffee are “less likely to die over the decades” than those who don’t.

Beware of Falling Cows


A french driver in the Pyrenees mountains recently survived an accident in which a cow fell off of a cliff and onto the hood of his car. The cow however was not as lucky, though it did escape a life probably destined for slaughter. Steak tartare, anyone?

Creators No Longer Creating


Notable deaths from the month of August


Wes Craven, King of Slasher Films

Sean Price, Bucktown rapper

Darryl Dawkins aka “Chocolate Thunder”, NBA backboard breaker

Stephen Pizzurro aka “The Pizz”, Lord of Lowbrow Art

Noah Davis, L.A. Painter and Installation Artist

Sasha Petraske, Cocktail Club Impresario

Nelson Shanks, Portraitist of the Prominent

Frank Gifford, NY Giants Star and Sports Broadcaster

Bob Johnston, Legendary Music Producer

“He’s really social and he has no fear”


Bubba the cat don’t need no hall pass.

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‘I am Tarzan!’


A shirtless man on meth and covered in mud was recently found screaming and swinging through trees inside a bird exhibit at the Santa Ana Zoo. Here’s the 911 call.

Creators No Longer Creating


Notable deaths from the month of July

Rowdy Roddy Piper, WWF Legend

Burt Shavitz, the hermit co-founder and face of Burt’s Bees

Christian Audigier, luxury trucking hat pioneer and fashion designer

Ingrid Sischy, writer, editor and cultural critic

Vic Firth, drumstick magnate

Scot Breithaupt, early BMX visionary

Blaine Gibson, Imagineer and sculptor of figures in Disney parks

Yasuo Minagawa, a Master Framer for Art Masters


This Guy…


Jason Patterson, a New Zealand man who has gone on a hunger strike to protest the government not funding his weight-loss surgery.

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B.B. King, Rest In Peace


Legendary bluesman B.B. King aka “The King of Blues” passed away peacefully in his sleep Thursday night at the age of 89.

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Party Dad Gets Punished for Peculiar Parenting Skills


Florida parents Joey and Chad Mudd were recently arrested after allegedly—and repeatedly—using pot as a ‘bargaining tool’ to get their 13 and 14-year-old daughters to get good grades and clean the various bongs and pipes around the house. On one occasion, Dad allegedly even gave his daughters a couple toots of coke in his pick-up truck. Presumably they were on their way to school and he thought coke was a more affordable option than adderall.They really try to start’em young in Florida, don’t they?

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