Streakers in Machu Picchu


The latest threat to the Incan treasure

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No Soup For You!


The Ace Hotel is taking their upscale flophouse vibe to the next level after paying $30 million for The Salvation Army Chinatown Shelter, which sits right next to the Bowery Mission.

Apparently We Can Thank The Vikings For Britain’s Sarcastic Sense of Humor


Who would’ve thought?

“I think cryptocurrencies could be the new buffalo”


In an effort to sidestep the fed, the Lakota Tribe has created their own Bitcoin clone called MazaCoin, and adopted it as their official currency.

The Perverts Among Us…

Sex crimes and other weird stuff happening in the world
“Why would you let a 9-year-old who you hardly know put their feet on your face?”
A 19-year old ex-roller rink employee with a foot fetish has admitted to fondling over 200 pairs of little boy feet
“Yeah, I would definitely recommend it, if you’re lonely.”
Kids are now fucking Hot Pockets
“When officers arrived at the home, they found two men yelling for help from a second-story window”
If she stays out of trouble, 52-year old Terry L. Boyd will avoid jail time after keeping two men locked in a room as sex hostages
“Worshippers needed to feel free in their ‘mind and body’”
– A Kenyan pastor has apparently banned female congregants from wearing bras and underwear during church service
and to prove technology benefits all
“By the end of the year, I had slept with 15 men, 11 of whom were in their 20s or 30s.”
A 60-year old woman discovers Tinder

But Where Are the Water Wizards?


As California dries up, desperate farmers and vineyard owners are turning to water witches to locate underground water sources. Using only divining rods and their intuition, popular witches can make $500 or more per site visit.

Experimental Rule, 7.13


No more cheap shot collisions at home plate

Game of Thrones Marketing Reaches Amazing New Levels


The Northern Lights recently took the form of a dragon’s head in images captured by photographer Juan Carlos Casado in the Arctic Circle.

Words from Around the World



“Wanted: Friends that will partake in awesome stuff”
A lonely bro in D.C. is looking for some company
“I’d like the world to know the largest and best one came from the States… I’ve always had a dream of fame and fortune for Elmo,”
– An American man is considering amputation so that his penis can be the first human specimen in the Phallological Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland
“He insisted that prostitutes should not be able to behave like that.”
Apparently hookers can say “No”
“foreign pig” “dirty asylum-seeker”
Phrases that are offensive, but not racist in Switzerland.
“I was completely wasted but when you are drinking you are determined.”
– A 22-year-old British man woke up in Amsterdam after getting drunk at a friend’s funeral in London
“He only had one option and it was to jump the fence, and he jumped it. He did not jump it gracefully,”
– A woman with a stun gun chased after a man that flashed her in Salem, Oregon
“I’ve almost died 80 Times”
Meet the most allergic woman in the world

Morning Dose of Rapper’s Delight

The Brian Williams version. These synch up so good.


Holding T-Shirts Hostage in Utah


An overly concerned Utah mother recently spent $567 to buy up all of the Van Styles’ “pornographic” t-shirts at a PacSun store after the manager refused her demands to take the window display down. Knowing that depleted stock means the store will just order more, the mom vows to return once again and buy out everything until they get the message. Sex sells, forever.

‘I used to live my way, and now I’m going to die my way,’


OJ’s on a hunger strike in prison

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