NBC had their biggest twitter critic’s account suspended. 

“This guy was acting on his own in a highly intoxicated state near a gorge”

Don’t try to sneak into a Nickelback concert… EVER.

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Herb Vogel, Rest in Peace

One of the great American Art collectors passed away yesterday. He was 89 years old. A postal worker by trade, Vogel, along with his librarian wife Dorothy amassed a collection of over 4,000 pieces of conceptual and minimalist art.

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Full-On Creep Mode

A New Zealand man is now in jail for building a hideout in his ex-girlfriend’s house, and using it to spy on her, and eventually threaten to injure her suitor.

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Go Go Greenland Glacier

An iceberg twice the size of Manhattan split from Greenland’s Petermann glacier.

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Old But Good Headline LULZ

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So This Is What ‘The Plague’ Looks Like

An Oregon man is recovering after being infected with the Black Death by a stray cat with a dead mouse jammed in its throat.

‘It’s my dick’

The dude with the largest wang on record recently had some trouble with the TSA.

A $2 million Drug Tunnel

Beginning in “an inoperative ice manufacturing plant behind a strip club in Mexico,” and ending at a random, tiny warehouse in San Luis, Arizona. It’s been called “Extraordinary.”

The Black Lung is Making a Come Back

There’s been a resurgence in that nasty condition that has plagued the Coal Mining community for so long.

Mayberry’s Finest

Andy Griffith passed away today at the age of 86. Rest in Peace.

‘The Belly of the South’

Damien Hirst will most likely be able to put up a 67-foot statue of “a naked pregnant woman holding a sword above her head” in an ugly parking lot, 100 yards or so from his restaurant, 11 The Quay, in the town of Devon.

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Medicinal Weed Wins Again

Prussian Blue: ‘Marijuana changed us from Nazis to peace-loving hippies’

Apparently, This Guy Likes To Hire Hitmen

In Detroit, Bob Bashara has been charged with hiring a hitman to kill the hitman that he allegedly had kill his wife.

Or is it?

A 15 year old skater in Sweden might face criminal charges after a lady he ran into died from the injuries sustained in the accident.

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This Rant

From last night’s HBO debut of Newsroom.

You can watch the entire episode here

“Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone”

Apparently during Pedocoach Jerry Sandusky’s first trip to the clink, he was serenaded nightly by his fellow inmates to the tune of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

This is the Final “Life in Hell” Comic Strip

After 34 years, Matt Groening has ended the comic strip that started it all.

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R.A. Dickey is pitching unbelievably well right now: Back-to-back one hitters, and only one earned run allowed in the past 48 2/3 innings. His next game is Sunday vs the Yankees.

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