3 lego magnets I need to own


3 classics you cannot go wrong with in this series of lego magnets.  Now if they could actually make this MOC of a landspeeder, I would be happy.


Found here.

all gone at Reed space


This Friday the 13th, catch the opening reception / book launch / photo exhibit for All Gone at the Reed Space.

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invaders must die review….


Yesterday we recieved the advance copy of the new Prodigy album…. We would love to be able to give you an indepth review of the new album but….. We do not own a cd player. The Prodigy advance is prohibited from being played on a computer. Anyone knows if you really wanted to rip the cd you could easily get around this issue. All you need is a analog to usb converter(got it) borrow your friends cd walkman(looking into it) and bam! One watermark free copy of The Prodigy. Well that sounds easy but I do not have the time to do this. Is it worth the time?

So instead of a review of the album how about a survey…..

Sorry, Mom


With the recent rash of semi-anonymous dating blogs, it seems like someone is begging us to redefine the terms of online dating. So, what if match.com fails, and Nerve, and Chemistry and even JDate—is I Bang the Worst Dudes (Sorry, Mom) the best we’ve got?

The most remarkable thing about the sometimes gruesome, mostly funny tales of user tested, mom wouldn’t approve men (accompanied by their faces covered by black bars to hide their identities) is that the stories actually aren’t that remarkable. In fact, I came up with better stories when I was 13 and wrote in fake tell-all’s to Cosmo with my friends.

He wanted to listen to DMX because the sound of dogs barking got him off? He made you crawl in through the window? He ate 3 cheeseburgers and farted all night? Sounds about right…

This isn’t a case of dating the right guy at the wrong time, it’s the problem of dating the wrong guys all the time. These aren’t DABA girls, and Dating a Hipster Anonymous just doesn’t have the same ring to it. There are no book deals or Hollywood screenplays here. Sorry mom, all I got was the clap.

Gene P says: Respect Da Hui!

Gene P here with a lesson for all you boogie boardin’ barneys and blowhards: DON’T FUCK WIT DA HUI!  To celebrate the NY Times’ recent article on localism on the North Shore, I present to you, gentle viewers with a little taste of the action.  This dramatic footage documents what has to be the worst day of this poor kid’s life so far.  J.O.J. from dirty Jersey, homeboy barely makes it out to the lineup before he gets pummeled in the water and on the sand by a bunch of redneck Hawaiians.  Even worse there’s a pack of toothless Aussies wearing cut-off t’s and cocked mesh hats to heckle him.  Oh the humanity, should’ve stayed at Casino Pier bro……

Stone Cold


Images from the February issue of Vogue Paris that Carine Roitfeld dedicated entirely to her favorite model, Lara Stone, have finally hit the internet. The editorials shot by the likes of Hedi Slimane, Patrick Demarchelier, and Steven Klein have gotten mixed reviews, but there are no complaints here. Stone is once again smoking hot.

To see more shots go here and here.

when it rains it pours….ray caesar

As we mentioned yesterday, Ray will be exhibiting at Aqua Art Fair Tomorrrow! Yesterday we received notice that we can expect an amazing book for the holidays.

This hard cover, newly published book has been a labor of love over the past 15 months and features an amazing collection of Ray’s drawings, render studies, process sketches and master works. Ray’s writings are also featured, revealing his personal perspective on how he began his artistic journey. A complete assembly of more than 250 color pictures printed on 178 pages, this collection features many new and unseen images that offer a glimpse into Ray’s compositional process. Also, you will be happy to know that the first printing of Ray Caesar: Art Collection, Volume 1 comes with a 6 collector card set that is neatly packaged in an envelope.

The book and print set is a collector’s dream. Ray Caesar: Art Collection, Limited Edition contains a signed copy of the book, Ray Caesar Art Collection: Volume 1, but with a sleek black linen cover. The limited edition book still comes with a 6 collector card set, packaged in an envelope, but also features a signed and numbered print. The avid collector will not be disappointed, as many hours have been vested in the color reproduction and specialty printing techniques. The book, card set and print all come neatly packaged in a black linen, clam shell box.“….

This is something I would love to have but, can not. So if any of our readers are feeling generous this Christmas Recession…. For all you avid collectors this is a must, your getting a signed print, do you know what those run? So in reality its an amazing deal, maybe I can afford it….

Here’s the details.

Ray Caesar, Art Collection: Limited Edition $625.00
Book : Ray Caesar Art Collection : 10 3/4″ x 8 1/4″ : Hardcover : 178 pages
6 Collector Cards : each 4 3/4″ x 3 1/4″
Print : 10 1/4″ x 8”

You can purchase one through their online store or by e-mailing sales@jonathanlevinegallery.com.

Forgot to mention if you only have $54.00 dollars to spend here’s a substitute.

A regular edition of Ray Caesar, Art Collection: Volume 1.

If your on the fence check out our interview with Ray.

picture of the day

Picture of the day fround here, my new favorite site. its a collage of amazing images.

Philatelists and design nerds rejoice

On 13 January 2009, Royal Mail will release a series of stamps dedicated to British Design Classics. Included in the series of ten are the Mini, the K2 telephone kiosk, the London Underground Map, the Routemaster bus, and our favorites—the Concorde and mini skirt. See them all at CR Blog.

Thanksgiving we are closed but this should keep you busy….

You are finished eating, waiting to eat, or your not out of bed. Here at twbe, its thanksgiving so we have put together a long post for the day for you.

What’s the first thing He’ll do?

In the spirit of election day, I thought to ask an interesting group of personalities a really random question.

If Barack Obama does win the presidency…
After the last vote has been counted and all the cameras have been turned off, what is the first thing he’ll do?

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Britain Still Sucks

Gene P here, back from the dead to let you know, just in case you forgot, Britain still sucks my slimy ass.  I was in London a couple of weeks ago seeing TWBE first mate Chazz Constantine’s display at London design week and while sucking down beer that was flatter than the cottage cheese arsed girls flapping at the bar, I happened upon a catalogue which could only be created in the land of bangers and mash.  Who but a fat roast beef-faced brit needs a place where one could order incontinence pants, an invisible urinal, adult bib, the world’s lightest shoe AND a 65 piece 3D model all in one place?!  Being still in the old world I don’t know the new image viewer, so you’ll have to follow me after the jumperama-slamajama to see the rest of the ads…..

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