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Why Nobody Wants to Eat Salad When They’re Stoned


THC is produced by the marijuana plant as “a self-defense against herbivores who might feel disorientated after eating the plant and avoid it in the future.” Anyway, here’s A Scientific Explanation of How Marijuana Causes the Munchies

All Castaways Look the Same


After 13 months drifting through the Pacific Ocean, El Salvadorian fisherman Jose Salvador Alvarenga washed ashore in the Marshall Islands.

A Boulder Runs Through It


“It” being an Italian farmhouse

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Sasquatch Birth Journal 2

by David & Nathan Zellner



Is this drought in California going to last another 2 years, or 200? These are questions going through scientist’s heads as they study the long-term climate patterns in the Western states. Through tree ring and other earthly data, researchers have identified multiple 10-20 year droughts occurring over the last 1000 years, and even worse, “ancient megadroughts” happening from 850 to 1090 and 1140 to 1320. With the Colorado River being run dry, and Arizona in the midst of its own 14-year drought, the outlook isn’t too great for a quick return to the ‘wet’ years of last century. So what will happen if this drought continues for a decade or more? Farms will disappear, desalinization plants are likely, and most importantly, Californians will adapt. It won’t be the end of the world, but man, will it be expensive.

A picture of California’s drought from space. Taken one year apart. via, io9


Unearthed by Cass McCombs

Directed by Eric Fensler

The coldest city in the world


The average temperature in Yakutsk, Russia in January is −37.5 °F.

The Grossest Thing About this Worm is that it Makes Audible Sounds


The Giant Gippsland is the world’s largest species of earthworms, reaching a maximum length of 9.8 ft.

Sharing Paths

Sharing Paths is a stunning self-published book by photographer Ruben Brulat, which contains photos of his travels, a map, and excerpts from his journal. The special edition comes boxed in walnut, handmade in his father’s workshop.

 —Zio / @zioxla

The Day After Tomorrow Was Yesterday


Ice boulders have formed in Lake Michigan

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The Beauty of Mangrove Forests

Very Big Waves

Belharra, France on January 7th 2014



As Freezing Persons Recollect the Snow—First Chill—Then Stupor—Then the Letting Go by Peter Stark

The cold hard facts of freezing to death

via, longform

Free Tilly


Queue up Blackfish on Netflix then go buy this collaborative shirt by Deer Dana & Kate Mara



The Chris McCandless Obsession Problem by Diana Saverin

Every year, scores of Into the Wild fans tackle a dangerous river crossing to visit the last home of Alaska’s most famous adventure casualty. Why are so many people willing to risk injury, and even death, to pay homage to a controversial ascetic who perished so young?

The Supervolcano Below


Underneath Yellowstone lies a magma chamber 55 miles long, 20 miles wide, and at it’s furthest, 9 miles deep. Containing enough molten lava to fill the Grand Canyon, if the supervolcano were to blow, ash would cover most of the USA. When the animals start running, you’ll know it’s time. Volcanoes, so hot right now.

The Wonders of Nature


A spinning disk of ice in the Sheyenne River in North Dakota

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Night Flowers

Beginning in the late 1990s with a polaroid camera, photographer David Axelbank has continued to capture the world’s flowers at night—from New York to Norfolk and Boston to Brazil.

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