Fields of Clean


Japan is planning to turn its numerous abandoned golf courses into solar power farms.


MC Big Mac with a drought-related rap… “Skip Showers 4 BEEF”

Arboreal Pleasures


CanopyStair is a modular spiral staircase that wraps around the trunk of a tree.

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Torrents of Cascadia


Geological sleuthing, the Cascadia subduction zone, and the earthquake that will decimate the coastal Pacific Northwest.

There’s a New Fungus Among Us


And the mushroom looks remotely human, too. The poisonous Geastrum britannicum was discovered on the side of a country road in Norfolk, England.
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Soon to Be The Most Dug Up Tree


Pandanus candelabrum is a plant that apparently only grows above diamond-rich deposits of kimberlite.

Coca Up, Carcinogens Down


As Colombia readies to suspend its U.S.-led, carcinogen spreading aerial coca eradication program—aka “The War on Drugs”—a conveniently-timed document has been leaked reporting that more land is now being used to cultivate the cash crop with “production based on average crop yields estimated to increase 32 percent to 245 metric tons.” of pure Colombian marching powder.


Apparently it’s a Ribbon Worm.

Looks Like Mother Nature Did Some Celebrating of Her Own Yesterday

Timelapse of the Calbuco volcano eruption in southern Chile.

If you love pictures of rocks, you’ll love this

24 hours in Zion National Park

Obey Earth Day


Shepard Fairey, environmentalist.

The Faces of Insects

Reverence by Zana Briski

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