Labcabincalifornia, the 20th Anniversary Mixtape by DJ Spinna


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Mozart in MIDI


An Early Death — Mozart arranged by Noah Wall

Wiki – “Lil Me” (Album Stream)


Download here

Kanye of the Stone Age


Mash-ups, back from 2006 with a vengeance.

Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman – “Lice”


Stream the new self-released project from Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman, below, and download it here.

Music for the Majority of Your Workday


Listen to KOOL A.D.’s epic 100-track mixtape “O.K.” below.

Youth Brigade


There’s just something about the sound of early DC Hardcore that sets it apart from everything else. Dischord just released Youth Brigade’s first demo from the summer of 1981. Best $4 you’ll spend digitally today.

Busdriver – Thumbs (Album Stream)


Panda Bear – Swallow at the Hollow (Stream)


Kleenex Girl Wonder – Getting Started (Album Stream)


Azizi Gibson – preHISTORIC Till Death (Album Stream)


1) Intro – (Prod. by Kamandi)
2) Slave Ship Ft. Waka Flocka- (Prod. by Millz Douglas & YG beats)
3) The Grim Reaper -(Prod. by Kamandi)
4) Explosive – (Prod. by Kamandi)
5) King Cupid- (Prod. by Kamandi)
6) Grim Guide -(Prod. by Kamandi)
7) Enemies- (Prod. by Kamandi)
8) Unstoppable- (Prod. by Kamandi)
9) Marriage Skit (Feat. Christopher Sabet)
10) Feels Like Sunday-(Prod. by Millz Douglas & YG beats)
11) Party Man – (Prod. by Jonathan Cloud)
12) Ass – (Prod. by Millz Douglas)
13) Gotham – (Prod. by Tony Moses)
14) Pillow Talk – (Prod. by Millz Douglas)
15) Zeptune Rule – (Prod. by Jonathan Cloud)
16) Stay – (Feat. Brasco Noir – Prod. by Tyler Dopps & Brasco Noir)
17) Robin Hood-( Kamandi & Millz Douglas)
18) Goodbye- (Prod. by Eureka the Butcher & Kamandi)

Available for purchase on iTunes

Madlib: Blunted in the Bomb Shelter (Stream)



The Trojan records catalog selected and mixed by MADLIB.


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