Morning Dose of “Ice Ice Baby”

As played out by the movies

LEGO Goes Back to the Future


Available globally August 1st.

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Dear Mr. Watterson

Behold the trailer for the upcoming Calvin & Hobbes documentary

Weekend Watching: Mondo Hollywood (1967)

A documentary directed by Robert Carl Cohen and “described by Variety as a “flippy, trippy psychedelic guide to Hollywood”.” This is awesome, watch it.

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The Smell of Us


Larry Clark’s upcoming film about “a group of self-destructive skateboarders in Paris.” Pete Doherty has been apparently been cast in it.

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Morning Dose of Look At My Sh*t


Weekend Watching: Even Dwarfs Started Small (1970)

Directed by Werner Herzog

Morning Dose of Exploding Actresses

by Simone Rovellini

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Morning Dose of Phase IV

The trailer for the 1974 Saul Bass film.

When Art Shows Act Like Hollywood Blockbusters

The trailer for Francesco Vezzoli’s The Trinity

Morning Dose of Filipino Predator

The Director’s cut.

Weekend Watching: Mister Lonely

Harmony Korine’s 2007 film about a lookalikes commune in Scotland.

Bottle Rocket


The original 13-minute black & white short film made by Wes Anderson in 1992. It was shown at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival.

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Anchorman 2

The official trailer

“It’s fiction but inspired by true events.”


Richard Prince and Sofia Coppola talk about lawyers and Coppola’s new movie The Bling Ring in this month’s Interview.

photograph by Craig McDean

The Wolf of Wall Street

Directed by Martin Scorcese, and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Generation X (1996)

A made-for-TV film based on the Marvel Comics series Generation X.



The Menace That Missed by Thomas Golianopoulos

Twenty years ago, Menace II Society was supposed to make Tyrin Turner a star. So why have you never heard of him?

Weekend Watching: Sleeper (1973)

Directed by Woody Allen

“A nerdish store owner is revived out of cryostasis into a future world to fight an oppressive government.”

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