Young Americans and The Economy

While that does sound like the name of a band, this is actually just a video of young adults talking about bleak financial situations across the US.

This Guy…

Gettin’ it.

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You’re Going to Get Old and Die

Merrill is using reality via an online digital-aging program to convince you to save money.

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Rich Guys Talking

Peter M. Brant interviews Larry Gagosian

Picture of the Day

Thomas Demand, Bullion

A Minimum Tax for the Wealthy

Warren Buffett stops by the NY Times Opinion Pages

Give Pot A Chance

Legalize it, tax it, and then use that money to create a functional public healthcare system. This opinion article should have added in that idea.

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How to invest in legalized marijuana

Market Watch

(note: legal pot is not brown)

Peter Brant’s Life Ain’t Too Bad.

Why is that? Well… dude has a supermodel wife, an ill publishing company, and a stellar art foundation in Greenwich, CT. Oh, and he’s also the owner (?) of OJ’s infamous White Ford Bronco. Respect.

Peep a couple photos of Nate Lowman’s new show I wanted to be an artist but all I got was this lousy career at The Brant Foundation after the jump.

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A Goddess and Her Pay Pigs

One 23-year old’s life as a Financial Dominatrix

Off the Rails

NYC to DC: A true picture of the United States economy.

Photographs by Pieter Hugo, music by Ad-Rock.

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Picture of the Day

Helmut Newton

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