More Two Dollar Bills

That’s a good move using only $2 bills

Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street

Believe it. There’s a tumblr too.

The More You Know

Four Charts explaining what the Occupy Wall Street Protesters are mad about. That one’s a doozy…

A Look Through The Occupied Wall Street Journal


A worst case scenario game simulating what it’s like to live below the poverty line… or move to NYC on a whim with no connections.

Play it here

“… only in the burning house the fundamental architectural problem becomes visible…”

Blu paints a big, beautiful comment on the current financial crisis in Greece.

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Under The Influence

Selected lots from the upcoming auction at Phillips de Pury & Co

Nothin’ Says Fun Like A Russion Billionaire Fight

Lebedev vs Polonsky… Ben Franklin is shocked.

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Enjoy Banking Sticker Pack

Available through Mint&Serf’s store

Lunchtime Laughter

Obama’s Kickstarter Campaign

iPad Cases Made From Bernie Madoff’s Clothing

Smart Idea.

Available through Frederick James

via, @donetodeath / dailymail

Things This Country is Not Made Out Of

via, soulsearchparty

Happy Birthday Mr. Bracewell

A film from Paul Trillo that needs just a little more kick to get it started.

Support the film here

D.B. Cooper: “one of the great unsolved mysteries”

The FBI is still investigating (with new leads) a 40-year old case involving hijacking, extortion, and getaway by parachute.

Cut Coins

Rob Johnson has turned the world’s money into one-of-a-kind pendants.

More here

Big Up for the Big Sheikh

Billionaire Abu Dhabi Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan went huge in the earth graffiti game.


Over $20B in Treasure Discovered in Centuries-Old Hindu Temple in Southern India.

(Thanks Rog!)

Kickstart It

Swoon’s Musical Architecture for New Orleans

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Pretty Sure This Kind of Money Can Buy Happiness

The $99 Million ATM Reciept

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