The Long Con: How The Manziels Conquered America by Timothy Burke




The amount of money a 16-year-old lottery winner spent on cocaine during the first 5 years of her new wealth.

Lose The Weight for Gold


In Dubai, for every 2.2 lbs of weight you lose, you receive 1 gram of gold.

Moss Suede


Makr’s new zip slim wallet

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“Austerity Drive”


The Pope’s new summer whip is a second-generation Ford Focus.

Actual Wealth vs Alleged Wealth


Newsflash: The majority of rappers boasting about their money are actually not telling the truth at all.

Russian Oligarchs

A portrait of the .00001%

After-Lunchtime Laughter

Markets In Turmoil As Price Of Money Skyrockets To $90 A Dollar

Jay-Z and Nokia Team-Up To Release The Black Album


Oh wait, that was 10 years ago. Ooooops. Jay-Z and Samsung seal $5 million deal for Magna Carta Holy Grail*.

*Normal data rates apply. Void where prohibited.

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Morning Dose of Jon Lajoie’s Kickstarter

“Please help me raise 500 million dollars so that I can accomplish my dream of becoming SUPER rich.”

The First $100,000 I Ever Made


A big ol’ print from John Baldessari

Richard Prince’s Zero Dollar Bill


Commissioned by Phoenix for their performance at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona.

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