Jay Z Has the Room by Lisa Robinson

Everyone knows Shawn “Jay Z” Carter is smart, talented, and wildly successful, his Roc Nation empire continually expanding: the new sports agency, a fragrance launch this month, a luxury-goods partnership with Barneys. What’s fascinating is the way a drug dealer turned rapper turned mogul and family man became the cultural force he is today—by claiming his past, and all it taught him. With unprecedented access, Lisa Robinson gets Jay talking about the rumors and the reality.

Infuriatingly Comical



A Tooth for a Tooth by Jess Stoner

Modern dentistry does wonders for a rotten molar or a cracked bicuspid—it’s modern dental insurance that falls short.

Price of Art by Petro Wodkins

“Petro Wodkins turned into the shady luxury consultant Petr Fomin, dressed up accordingly, created a fake web site, business cards and a cell phone, even hired a couple of assistants. After setting up meetings with the art dealers he proposed a very lucrative deal. Five to ten million dollars investment in art, the catch was that the buyer was President Rahmon, one of the worst dictators in the world, oppressing Tajikistan for over 20 years. Tajikistan is one of poorest countries in central Asia, one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The question was if the art dealers were willing to sell art to the dictator, agreeing to be be paid from off-shore accounts, leaving no traces to the dictator and help ship the art in a very discreet way.”



A Palestinian man tortured a mouse that ate his money.

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Easy Money by Keith Romer

One man’s experience on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

“March Impromptu”


Hidden within the sheet music of an old German march is possibly a treasure map leading to Nazi Gold.

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Rise of the Art Insta-Collectors: Buying Big Names They Don’t Even Love by Richard Kirshenbaum

Nirvana Got a $600 Advance on their first album


Here’s their original contract with Sub Pop



The Benjamin by Chris Jones

Unless you’re more of a player than we think you are, that new hundred-dollar bill coming this fall won’t wind up in your pocket very often. But it may be America’s most popular export, the most coveted bill in the world. And the story of the new hundred — still made by hand with ancient tools — is the story of American money itself.

Impressive Automobiles

A selection of lots from the ‘Motorcars’ session of Bonham’s Quail Lodge Auction.



How American Rich Kids Bought Their Way Into the British Elite by Angela Serratore

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