Money and Beauty

An exhibit that looks at the development of the global banking system in Italy during the medieval and early Renaissance periods.

Take an internet walkthrough of it here

A-List Actor Cash

Nothing in comparison to Mega-Producer/Mogul cash.

Here’s an estimate of what an A-List Actor makes and spends in a year,

Ancient Doggy Style

This Roman Brothel Token from 1st century AD was found in England and  “depicts a man and a woman having sex on one face, and has the Roman numerals XIIII (14) on the other. The lady appears to be lying on a couch on her front and a male figure is positioned behind her.”

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A Food Spending Calculator

See how far from normal you are 

Navy Blue Leather With Hand-Stitching

The Sub Wallet from North Sea Clothing

Pablo Escobar’s Portable Telephone

“The portable telephone Pablo was using when police traced calls to his family in the hours before his death on 2 December 1993.”

Featured in James Mollison’s book The Memory of Pablo Escobar

At the 40/40 club, Warren Buffett on the Scene

Money loves money

Pure Martian Meteorite

$22,500 an ounce

No money or marketplaces.

The Incan Economy. A nice read over at io9

related: a 2008 trip on the Inca Trail (sadly the only evidence I have of that trip)

Star Perks

Crazy what these folks get.

Agent turned manager turned producer Gavin Polone on the perk packages that celebrities get and why Hollywood Studios need to slash them.

(picture unrelated)

Michael Jackson’s Hair to Be Turned Into a Roulette Ball

Hope it’s lucky.

Rolex 18k Yellow Gold Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date (c. 1980)

$15,500 + Shipping

Pictures From Letters To Haiti

Last night saw the photography show and concurrent auction of model Behati Prinsloo’s photographs documenting a journey in Haiti. The proceeds went to LakayPAM, a charity based in Haiti that provides health care, education and shelter to poor children and orphans. Her model friends were in attendance, as was Julia Chesky who took the pictures you see above.

The High Price of Materialism

“Psychologist Tim Kasser discusses how America’s culture of consumerism undermines our well-being. When people buy into the ever-present marketing messages that “the good life” is “the goods life,” they not only use up Earth’s limited resources, but they are less happy and less inclined toward helping others. The animation both lays out the problems of excess materialism and points toward solutions that promise a healthier, more just, and more sustainable life.”

Animation by Squid and Beard

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“It is the sport of the Eurotrashy, Hedge-fundy, Hamptonites; of trendy oligarchs and oiligarchs; and of art dealers with masturbatory levels of self-regard.”

Charles Saatchi on the hideousness of the Art World

waxwork above by Robert McHarg III

Money: Almost All Of It

Might as well spend the rest of the night looking through this one.

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Order Of The Illuminati Flow Chart

The World’s Best Ever?

See it big here

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4,370 Swatch Watches Up For Auction In One Single Lot

The Blum Collection is MASSIVE and will be auctioned off in Hong Kong at Phillips de Pury & Co. on November 24th.

See the accompanying catalogue here

Generation Hustle

An insightful essay by William Deresiewicz about the culture of young people that are making their way in the world today.

(graphic by Greg Lamarche)


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