White Collar Crime Risk Zones

A map that utilizes machine learning to predict where financial crimes will happen across the U.S.


Cash For Tweets

Profiting from the Presidency.


Survivalism of the Rich

Prepping to excel after the apocalypse.

Upper Lower Middle Class

Homer Simpson, a man of many jobs and incomes.

Duped By Hype


Art speculation rears its ugly head.

Cash Only

Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s Money, a bank balance on view at The Hole through September 4th.



That’s how much a Pennsylvania man spent on online ads in a membership-drive contest for Jet.com. The 100,000 shares that he won could be valued up to $20 million now that Jet.com has sold to Wal-Mart for $3.3 billion.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s Money


A solo exhibition of photos by Andrew Jeffrey Wright opens at The Hole tonight (8/4) in NYC.

The Hedonic Treadmill


The infinite pursuit of happiness through acquisition.

It’s The Least I Can Do


An ongoing annual series of collected sayings, advice and, quotes conceived by the artist Norberto Rodriguez.

Available for purchase here

$290,000 – $440,000



household gloss and spray paint on van

295 by 700 by 250 cm.
116 1/8 by 275 9/16 by 98 7/16 in.

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Battle for Cultural Supremacy


Money Creates Taste? collab edition by Jenny Holzer and Tom Otterness.

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