The 10 Commandments of Bowieism

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Relativism LULZ

Sandusky LULZ

Making light of a touchy subject…

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Brokeback Perry LULZ

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Makes Sense

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This Guy.

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Literal LULZ

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Steve Gobs LULZ

a couple more here


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Has anyone else been watching this Jerry Springer hosted show on GSN? You should be.

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Animal LULZ

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Substance LULZ

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Ice & Coco LULZ

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Occupy LULZ

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Makes Sense.

Woman claims watching 3D film made her pregnant.

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Animal Chemistry LULZ

Early To Bed Lulz

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The Superhero Name Generator

As the “Blue Pillow” my superpower is making people fall into a deep sleep with my soothing voice.

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