How to grow fresh air in your Home

With three common houseplants.


Watch The Shining, Burn Calories

Something you can do today while sitting on your couch.

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The Radius Scuba Toothbrush

They describe it as a “Mouthbrush,” which is pretty damn accurate. Available in both right and left handed options. 

The Effect of Color


The Evil Dictator’s Guide to Productivity

Use these tricks in your daily life

“Do not go mining for it”

The only story about earwax that you’ll hopefully read today.



Morning Dose of 5 Extra Years

Apparently kids these days are going to live 5 years shorter than their parents.

Designed to Move is a website about it

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Need one of these RIGHT NOW

The Ostrich Pillow.

All About The P-Jays

An enigma to most

Are We Living Inside a Supercomputer?

The Director of the Center for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory makes a good case for it.

(Gonna have to resonate on this late tonight)

Life As We Know It

In 2 minutes

The Fruits of Dystopia

A short film by Cyrus Sutton “about having fun in a less than perfect world.”

The More You Know: Estimate The Amount of Remaining Daylight on Your Fingers

Count the amount of fingers between the sun and the horizon, each finger is roughly 15 minutes.

via, lifehacker / groovy matter

The Superpools of Old San Francisco


Watch a history of the Sutro Baths after the jump

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Find Your Olympic Body Match

All shapes and sizes

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Here Comes The Solar Storm

This past Saturday, a medium-sized solar flare erupted on the sun. Today at around 11 am on the East Coast, the weak wave of plasma and charged particles will approach the Earth’s atmosphere. “Polar geomagnetic storms are possible.”

Parkies: Counter-Culture Pioneers of Central Park

“If you thought Jimi Hendrix was cool, you were probably down with us” – Zephyr

“SUNSHINE REBELS tells the story of a clan of inner-city teenagers who in the 1970’s came together in New York City’s Central Park and in the process left an indelible stamp on world culture through startling innovations in street art, alternative music and extreme sports.”

So This Is What ‘The Plague’ Looks Like

An Oregon man is recovering after being infected with the Black Death by a stray cat with a dead mouse jammed in its throat.

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