Zapped by Mary H K Choi

I strapped TDCS electrodes to my head to see if I could make myself smarter by stimulating my brain. Here’s what happened

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You Can Handle It


The Weirdo “No Hope” Diagram by R. Crumb. Transforming you with the “cold, hard truth.”

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Siesta Fiesta


The art of the ‘Perfect Nap’

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Freud, Interrupted by David Kamp (2012)

Lucian Freud, who died last year, still creating masterpieces at 88, was intensely private, rejecting the idea that an artist’s life mattered to his art. But Sigmund’s grandson, arguably the greatest portrait painter of his era, forged his closest bonds in his studio. With two major Freud retrospectives in view, David Kamp learns that those who sat for him—duchesses, drag queens, most of his women, and many of his children—will never forget what they discovered.

“It has affected my entire life.”


An English man has been diagnosed with a medical condition called “chronic lateness.”

“I got up at 8.15am to go to a David Bowie film at the DCA that started at seven o’clock. That gave me 11 hours to get ready. I knew I was going there — and I was 20 minutes late. I get down about it and it’s disturbing for other folk when you arrive late.”

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A Strong Possibility

What If You Stopped Going Outside?

Creative Wisdom


BILL WATTERSON: A cartoonist’s advice by Zen Pencils

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Golden Powers


The Science Behind Historic Uses of Urine

Korean Poo Wine

Formally known as Ttongsul, a “Korean rice wine mixed with the fermented turd of a human child.”

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Weekend Watching: WEED

A Dr. Sanjay Gupta Special Report

We Can All Safely Relax Thanks to This Guy

David Palmer, inventor of the massage chair.

Mobile Posture Feedback


The LumoBack is a sensor belt you wear that vibrates anytime you’re not sitting up straight or standing tall. Annoying, yes, but that’s the point, slouchy.

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