The Superpools of Old San Francisco


Watch a history of the Sutro Baths after the jump

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Find Your Olympic Body Match

All shapes and sizes

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Here Comes The Solar Storm

This past Saturday, a medium-sized solar flare erupted on the sun. Today at around 11 am on the East Coast, the weak wave of plasma and charged particles will approach the Earth’s atmosphere. “Polar geomagnetic storms are possible.”

Parkies: Counter-Culture Pioneers of Central Park

“If you thought Jimi Hendrix was cool, you were probably down with us” – Zephyr

“SUNSHINE REBELS tells the story of a clan of inner-city teenagers who in the 1970′s came together in New York City’s Central Park and in the process left an indelible stamp on world culture through startling innovations in street art, alternative music and extreme sports.”

So This Is What ‘The Plague’ Looks Like

An Oregon man is recovering after being infected with the Black Death by a stray cat with a dead mouse jammed in its throat.

The Global Fat Scale

Fascinating stuff.

According to the calculator, I’m most likely from Croatia. How about you?

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Need This Marina Abramović Energy Blanket in My Life

Energy Blanket, designed 2010
printed polyester blanket and pouch with 16 neodymium magnets
78 h. x 42 inches
limited edition

“Energy Blanket offers a soothing and inspiring experience through the strategic placement of 14 magnets along the human body’s energy meridians.”

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Phantom Vibrations

Everything you need to know about this weird phenomena that’s been happening since the advent of cell phones (but maybe as far back as skypagers).

The Black Lung is Making a Come Back

There’s been a resurgence in that nasty condition that has plagued the Coal Mining community for so long.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Definition of Happiness

Wise man.

Busy Being Busy

The ‘Busy’ Trap

Next Level Home Fitness

Nike+ Kinect Training for XBOX360

The Effect of Sun On A Face

This man was a trucker for 28 years. During that time, the left side of his face routinely received more sunlight than the right, leaving it looking very different.

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For Your Sunburn

C.O. Bigelow’s No. 002 Original Formulary Lotio Mentholus. Worth every penny.

Reefer Roadshow

A tour through Florida to get the over-65 set to appreciate medical marijuana


In the RPG version of life, straight white male is the lowest difficulty setting there is.

Worth a read.

By 3011, Japan will have no kids under the age of 15

This news from an expert on the economics of aging.


Muji’s Checklist Stamp

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Old Men Living Alone in Nature (A Video Survey)

Here’s the naked Japanese dude on an island, the ‘Real-life Robinson Crusoe,’ and of course Fausto, the Patagonian hermit. As a bonus, we added in the man who gave up money and now lives in a cave. They all seem really happy, seriously.

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