Morning Dose of We’re Not Young


Morning Dose of It Gets Bigger

There’s hope.

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How To Tell How Bad Your Breath Is

Take a spoon, scrape the back of your tongue with the tip of it, let it dry. Place spoon under nose of someone you like, get their reaction without explaining to them what you just did.


The Narcissistic Personality Quiz

For those afflicted with the disease, the only cure is death.

Take the quiz for yourself



The World’s Largest Family of Albinos

The Pullan’s live in India.

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“My penis is the shape, size and color of a baby eggplant.”

This dude broke his junk on the first date

(Good Morning btw…)

Morning Dose of One Second Every Day

Look at this Little English Fatty

“Claimed to be the heaviest baby in the world” in 1935.

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A Computer Worker’s Best Friend

The Hand Reflexology Massager


Smokable Herbal Tea

Vivid Visions

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“I’m a bit obsessive compulsive and I do weird things.”

What does David Shrigley do all day?

The Infinite Cycle of Soap

Stack soap combines your leftover slivers of soap with a new fresh piece.

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Not An Antique Shop

This is some guys home.

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Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret

Better yourself, and Don’t Break the Chain!

So You Should Probably Work Out More…

Muscles and aging.

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These Guys.

Design Perfectionists at Home

A Guide To Breaking Into And Out Of Most Things

You never know when your life could turn into an action film


Dude didn’t see that coming.

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