How Rick Rubin Lost 130 pounds


With the help of none other than Laird Hamilton

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photo by Robbie Fimmano

“Marijuana could be causing your man boobs.”



illustration by Drew Friedman

When I Die, Bury Me With Girls in Uniform


Taiwan’s got the all-girl funeral marching band game on lock.

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‘Tom and Jerry’ syndrome


“a new phenomenon whereby cats suffer seizures triggered by everyday sounds around the house, like the clicking of a computer mouse or the tapping of a boiled egg”

A practical and theoretical treatise on the artisanal craft of pencil sharpening

Harry’s Corner Shop


For National Shave Day on December 1, 2013, Harry’s is offering free mustache shaves and a limited-edition razor at their Corner Shop in New York. Located in SoHo, the Corner Shop blends a classic feel with modern grooming techniques. The shop was designed as an intimate space that captures the community atmosphere of the traditional barbershop. But its barbers deliver modern cuts, using an iPad app that enables them to record each customer’s cut and preferences. In addition to an exceptional cut or shave, customers can find unique items in the shop, including Makr leather goods, Bitwell motorcycle helmets, Trusco toolboxes and more. If you can’t make it to the Corner Shop on the 1st, check Harry’s website for a participating barbershop in your area.

Photography by Brian W. Ferry

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One Question Answered in Regard to Butt Size


The Adjustable Advantage Toilet Seat

Are Silent Farts Worse?

Ming the Mollusc


The world’s oldest living creature was 507 years old

Paid Friends


“New York New York big city of dreams and everything in New York ain’t always what it seems”

Quote attributed to Snoop Dogg; Illustration by Ivan Brunetti

Here’s To You…

Creatures of The Deep by Josh Brine

Sound Collector

People are fascinating.

Mike Giant on Meditation


“It’s funny for me to tell people to go to the woods for seven days to sit in silence. Guess what? You’ll find out who you are… and it’s not who you think you are.”

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United States of Attitude


Here’s a mood map of America with a little number quiz to see where you fit in best



My Life As a Young Thug by Mike Tyson

How Mike Tyson Became Mike Tyson

Fitbit Force


The next generation of the best fitness wristband.



The Trouble With Stuff by Constance Rosenblum

Selling a Hoarder’s Apartment

Fitness Question


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Mind Power


Knock on wood… Researchers found that “people’s elevated concerns after tempting fate can be eliminated if they engage in a ritual to undo that bad luck.”

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