Climate Stain

AIR-INK is “the world’s first ink made out of air pollution.”

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What to call the last of a species.


Pop, MD

Analyzing the medical history of Andy Warhol.


We sleep to forget

some of the things we learn each day.


Doomsday Book Club

Living in fear of a Brave New World.


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‘granny dumping’

In the past, Japanese citizens who could not afford to take care of their senile elders would bring them to a mountaintop and leave them there. Now, as ubasute gains popularity again, they just drop them off at hospitals or charities to give them up for adoption.

As If You Needed Any More Ominous Things to Talk About

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists updates the Doomsday Clock today. It was last positioned in 2015 at 3 minutes to midnight, with the idea being that the closer the minute hand is to 12, the closer the world is to disaster.

Update: We’re at “Two and a Half Minutes to Midnight”

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via, jux

Peak Stuff, Empty Valley

Marie Kondo on removing clutter and excess to find happiness.

Makes You Want To Put on Gloves and Hide


What a Time to Be Alive.


Wisdom From the Dalai Lama


In the Presence of Trees


Forest Bathing’s so calm right now.

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