2 minutes of fame


The ongoing obsession of street fashion continues, check out streetpeeper, a site dedicated to fashion on streets around the world.

“my flight is delayed, and I am on the tarmac”


Lets say, there is a storm coming in and your flights delayed, and your sitting in a plan on the runway for, oh…. 7 hrs. You drank everything in sight, what do you do now? Here is a fun way to waste a couple of hours. Rip out all of the faces from the Skymall Catalog. You will see from their smiling faces that they are pleased with their liberation. The images can then be used to create data visualizations of Skymall demographics. Return the vandalized catalog to its home in the seat back in front of you for the next passenger to stumble upon. See more photos here.

reason to buy this months GQ


In this months GQ, you actually can learn something useful. On page 157(one whole page) you will find all you need to know about scotch. Age, what it is, how to drink it, the regions,etc etc etc. Now, put down the pabst impress your boys.

babe magnet


Forget about buying yourself a porsche or a lamborghini, the Batmobile is up for auction. The car has been touring the world, helping kids to stay of drugs and enthusiasts and collectors (old men) to relive there childhood daydreams!

new york skate movie

Along with San Francisco and Barcelona, New York is arguably the modern street skating city, both in reality and image. Because of the unique background, experience and perspective of the film’s creators and the decision to “cast” the city of New York as one of the main characters, New York City Skate Film promises to be an unprecedented, seminal film. More info here NCP Films.

hot celebrity potheads


Blatant pot smoking a new trend in celebrity style? Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton, and Paris Hilton all caught in the act.
Via egotastic

waste of brain cells

The Hole – video powered by Metacafe

The beer launching Fridge.

tagging buildings with lasers


Check out, Graffiti Research Lab for the video. Also for the picts click here.

example of web 2.0

If your not sure what “web 2.0″ is, watch this video and you might have an idea. An idea, to be excited about and an idea of what to fear. Created by Digital Ethnography, a working group of Kansas State University students and faculty dedicated to exploring and extending the possibilities of digital ethnography.

Ghetto moment


“Up for sale is a 99 Escalade with high mileage but you would never know by looking at it. It has lambo doors, 24’s w/pirrelis,new headlights with custom grill, white gauges w/billet trim ring. The system alone is about 20 grand consisting of Zapco amps & eq, MB Quartz 6 inch mids & highs JL audio 13w7’s savv monitors in the front headrest & a pioneer deck w’ navi,dvd, back up camera & a playstation 2 under the rear seat. ….” Nice Doors!

list of cool stores in america


Complex.com, lists the 27 coolest stores in america, heavy on the new york side, but its a pretty good list, and links too.

Friday Afternoon Reading


Blue States Lose is worth looking forward to every Friday. Take a quick jaunt over to Gawker and have read, it is surely delightful

purveyor of luxury


Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy is a French Luxury Brand Company. With their purchase of Aston Martin, they are now The World’s Best Ever

bumper sticker

This is a worlds best, the only thing worse than not finding a parking spot is finding half a spot. Let them know where he stands with an “I Park Like An Idiot” bumper sticker from the creators of threadless.com. To feel inspired check out there site, and order the sticker here.

bachelor party location

The worlds best ever location to shoot guns, blow things up and stay out of jail. To book your trip go here O.F.A.S.T.s, Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show

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