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lonely goth

Lonely Goth…..for more photos

remembering the science fair…

science fair photos

science fair photos

41 Hilarious Science Fair Experiments

41 Hilarious science fair experiments, check out this collection of great photo’s from the science fair.

an interesting search for candy

candy girl

So I did a search for candy…. and I came across “candy girl“, a few clicks later, and you have Japaneses real doll, here is a virtual viewer to see all aspects of her. I know there are cultural differences but, this is a little wrong. I heard Ryan Gossler is doing a sequel.

designing me a big mac




Mcdonald’s steps it up in the UK. Be careful you might actually eat at one, thinking its a McDaniels. The new look and feel of Mcd’s makes you realize that back in the States, it really doesn’t matter how shitty the place looks you still will this crap. Via Arena magazine. BTW, McD’s UK, averages more than 80 million customers a month.

P.S.S. they also have a hotel in Swizterland.

only in asia


Only in Asia, you can buy Pudding that promises to make your breast bigger.

best store sign ever

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn everything is getting the stucco treatment, so it’s very refreshing to see someone integrate the past into the present. But, do we really need a comic book store?

women like sex too

Next time you’re in a meeting and you start to fantasize about a female coworker, she might be thinking about you too!

According to the Daily Record, women think about sex up to 34 times in an average working day, according to a survey. That works out at the equivalent of once every 14 minutes. “The amount of time spent fantasising is perhaps less surprising given that one in three women complained she does not get enough action between the sheets.” For more on this click here.

president’s day WE ARE CLOSED TODAY


We are closed today so enjoy the holiday and all the presidents day sales!

More photo’s after the jump.

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star wars rejects


In a galaxy far far away… We know Lucas likes merch. here are a few rejects that never made it to production, I so want the fridge. Check out geekologi for more concepts.

happy v-day


You know what day it is.

abandoned ruins are so beautiful


What’s the old saying give me …. something and I will make a golden egg…? You know what I mean and so do these Brazilian graffiti artists who take advantage of the crumbling buildings around them to create amazing images that comment on their surroundings. For more images check out Fun Forever.

ever wonder who is the hottest GI Joe Babe?


According to double viking . com “Hi-5: The Five Hottest G.I. Joe Babes” can be found here.

see the sights


NYC gets a little man made nature. This looks like it could be pretty cool.


bad museum


If you’re like me and you have not bothered to go check out the New Museum yet, let me tell you it’s ok. I made it there this weekend, and let’s just say this grimy dollar bill is not worth the admission to go see “un-monumental”. Wait, maybe I am wrong? Maybe it’s that the name reflects the art so well that you find yourself saying, “you got to be kidding me.” The only thing it has going for itself is the observation deck on the 7th floor. I guess plans for the balcony restaurant must have been nixed. I was very surprised at the amount of space actually dedicated to the art, at least for this show that’s a good thing.

Oh and the really interesting thing is you can get a “artist membership” that cuts the members fee in half. All you need is a website that says you’re an artist.

bring a little nature to the workplace


Decorate your office with miniatures. Check out the UK’s 4D Modelshop where you can find copper, beech, palm, deciduous in white, deciduous in pastel green, lime tree, oak tree, scots, pine, silver birch etc.

if you still use real mail


If you still actually send letters, you can dress up the envelope with a little mid-century style. Plus for some of us it as close as you can get to a real piece of Eames furniture.

The US Postal Service announced that there would be 16 US Postage stamps featuring the work of Charles and Ray Eames. The site and date of the first day of issue has not been announced just yet, but you

one of the best idea’s of 2007

Straight out of Memphis, Bikini Lawn Service, if this does not say white trash then I do not know what does. From the video the girls look like runaways.

our new favorite holiday gift to give


Did you know there were over 26.5 billion gift cards sold over the holidays? This, according to some guy on CNN. The average receiver of said gift card will end up spending more then the card is worth. Who wants a balance! After doing a little research on the www, I found this company that makes giftcards with your logo! You know this is going to be my new favorite gift. If you’re going to give money, let them know where it’s from. I wonder how far you can push the imagery?

you just got a lot, so give a little


ADM, is a new Skateboard company based out of Boston Massachusetts and San Diego California. From the East coast to the West, they are a company eager to combine a team of great artists and philanthropy to progress the sport and youth community across the nation. They strive to recognize young artists like our founder Austin Myers. Furthermore they will donate a portion of our revenue to become a truly unique public skateboard company.

5% of all revenues from sales will go to drug awareness programs, skateboard park developments, and other positive non profits across the nation. Their goal is to donate $100,000.00 by end of 2009.

So get busy, skate and donate!