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Continuing with “The Cramps” theme, here is the picture of the day from Home of the Vain!

get away this weekend

Getaway this weekedn with a pricey number from Bill Amberg. This is a nice looking bag and it will only set you back your rent. Good thing you live at home with your mom


fine calfskin and hair on hide
leather handles
2 external pockets
detachable cotton webbing shoulder strap
twin slider metal zip
cotton drill lining
two mesh shoe pockets
zipped easy access security pocket
2 semi rigid pockets for MP3 player/PDA/cell phone
2 soft pockets for gloves/scarves
23 x 42x 22cm

Summer 2008 Hipster Trend

Tandem bicycling.  It’s on its way, seriously.


ultimate failure

A collection of failed moments.



This is just a shout out to Egotastic, my go-to spot for celebrity boobage.

So you missed comiccon

I bet your kicking yourself for missing Comicon? Maybe your Wolverine costume does not fit as good as it used to? Or maybe you went on a bender the last time you dressed up as the xmen and spilled vodka sauce all over yourself? Anyway, you can check out some interesting photos here. Be sure to check out the “babes” of comicon.

Father of LSD dies at 102

Yesterday the Father of LSD, Albert Hofmann, died.  ” I produced the substance as a medicine. … It’s not my fault if people abused it” he said.

Check out this LSD propaganda film where a girl murders a hot dog.

masterlock introduces a new way to wear your bike lock

For a hundred bucks you can look like a Motley Crue Album cover.  Of course, this is when you’re hanging out with all your other fixed gear head friends. Buy now.

smoke ’em if you got them

Three short months to go before the smoking ban hits Amsterdam’s bars, including the coffee shops. So you will need to know how to roll a proper joint.

The Spoon Scale

Accurate to within 1/10th of a gram, the spoon scale can switch easily between grams and ounces.  Why is it the first thing I thought of was drugs?  Maybe the rock salt has something to do with that.

Available here

via, gadget review

Ten Questions with Randy Krallman


Ten Questions with Randy Krallman, Director, Age 37.

So you just had two ads in the superbowl where do you go now?

I’m considering going to the bodega to get some almonds and ginger ale. Other than that, no firm plans.

[Read more]

what’s in your pocket(rocket)

Well there is something to be said for the Japanese technological invention, they love making strange gadgets you would want to try but never own.

“With multiple massage modes, automatic temperature control with “infrared heaters” and an automatic setting that will run for 20 minutes, these Massager’s might just start a party in your pants. The weird thing is, you can only buy them in bulk orders of 500 or more.” Via GEARFUSE

still one of the best sites ever

We told you about this one a while ago, let us remind you again. Hot Chicks with Douche Bags

They are currently holding a contest to vote for this month’s best hcwdb. Check it out and cast your vote.

do you feel lucky?

News.com.au has compiled a list…How to tell if a woman is up for a one-night stand.


But how can a man walk into a pub or a nightclub and know instantly which women offer him a good chance of shooting the yogurt gun that night? There are a myriad of urban myths relating to this sort of thing:

1. she starts playing with her hair while you’re talking to her

2. she smiles at you from across the room

3. she laughs really, really loudly at your jokes

4. (a) she takes hold of your forearm as if to steady herself (while laughing)

4. (b) she doesn’t let go of your forearm for several second, but lingers there and applies a subtle pressure

5. she comes up to you and initiates a conversation

6. she follows you into the male toilets

7. (a) she tells you the last time she had sex

6. (b) it was more than six months ago.


For more on this go here

coffee talk brooklyn street style

For your organic coffee table…”This latest addition to Prestel s acclaimed Street Art series takes the train to Brooklyn to present a dizzying collection of urban images that gives testament to the vibrant culture in New York City s largest borough. From the warehouses of ultra-hip Williamsburg to the brick facades of Bushwick tenements and DUMBO S waterfront cool, the 150 images in this book by photographer Jaime Rojo capture the wide range of mediums and styles of today s exciting street artists. Presented as full-page images. . .” -This is from the excerpt at target.com($10.17)

So if you can’t afford a Banksy or A Shep you can flip through them here.

Marylin Minter and Supreme

If you missed the Marily Minter for supreme which went on sale today. You can check back on the 17th for the online sale.

walk before you run

“Tattoo yourself – or the kids – with no pain and the added bonus of being able to scrub it off with hot soapy water. These decal papers enable you to use your inkjet printer to print ‘tattoos’ that look just like the real thing – from your own customised designs. They take minutes to do and, if left unscrubbed, will last up to a week. Why not ring the changes and create different tattoos for different occasions? Brilliant for kids and teenagers who love to experiment (or want to try out a design before having it tattooed for real!)”….. buy it now

I can see some better uses for this paper say….

1.unemployment(I mean get yourself fired).

2.impress your friends

3.Looking to break up with someone…tattoo some crazy as shit on your… freak them out…

Make a suggestion, best one gets a “famous” twbe tote bag!

do you tecktonic?

Well we have received more proof that the bad white dancing is all the rage at least it was in Europe 8 months ago and here it comes. Thank you frenchy.

Dance party usa

Remember “Dance Party Usa”? A friend of the TWBE was out at a bar this past weekend in Willyburg and told me a story about the new trend in hipsterville, “dancing like a bad white person.” I did not believe her at first but, once I received the invite for a “dance party” in LA, I was convinced it was true. So, if you’re looking for some moves, google Dance Party USA and take notes.

Opening Ceremony and Los Angeles Art Weekend invite to the Dance Party to celebrate Opening Ceremony’s new 2nd floor “mini Mall”. Friday April 11, 10pm-2am

Dj Rashida Leo Fitzpatrick & Benjamin Cho.

Echo Park 1154 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles 90026

Rsvp purplela@openingceremony.us

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