No Rocks in These Kitchens

The Cult of Pyrex


Chaos to Containment

The Grating Bucket by Eva Solo.

Pitcher Perfect


Kara Walker for Bernardaud.

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A Unique Drip


For those who like to add levels to their coffee experience, the Pour-Over Stand by Solid Manufacturing Co.. Handmade in ice-cold Minnesota.

The Golden Goose


A kitchen gadget that scrambles an egg without opening the shell, enabling you to create some exotic delicacy called the “Golden egg.” Yum.

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“Blood Bubbles”


People actually try to make other people feel guilty for using SodaStream, the Israeli bubble maker with a manufacturing plant in the occupied territory of the West Bank.

The Gin Wheel


Designed by Avro|KO for Bombay Sapphire EAST

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The Dark Farts


No magic required with this Skull Cake Pan from Williams Sonoma

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Fruity German Precision


This Aluminum Apple & Pear Slicer was designed by Hubert Deimel in 1956 and “cuts fruit into 10 even segments and extracts the core with one motion.”

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Back to the Basics


Turn Around is a simple, wooden hand held juicer designed by KiBiSi for Muuto.

No Idea / Some Idea


The ICY mug by Steve Powers.

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There’s No Money In This Banana Stand


But it looks kinda money.

Dear Charlie Banana Tree designed by John Truex, 2012

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