Pitcher Perfect


Kara Walker for Bernardaud.

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A Unique Drip


For those who like to add levels to their coffee experience, the Pour-Over Stand by Solid Manufacturing Co.. Handmade in ice-cold Minnesota.

The Golden Goose


A kitchen gadget that scrambles an egg without opening the shell, enabling you to create some exotic delicacy called the “Golden egg.” Yum.

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“Blood Bubbles”


People actually try to make other people feel guilty for using SodaStream, the Israeli bubble maker with a manufacturing plant in the occupied territory of the West Bank.

The Gin Wheel


Designed by Avro|KO for Bombay Sapphire EAST

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The Dark Farts


No magic required with this Skull Cake Pan from Williams Sonoma

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Fruity German Precision


This Aluminum Apple & Pear Slicer was designed by Hubert Deimel in 1956 and “cuts fruit into 10 even segments and extracts the core with one motion.”

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Back to the Basics


Turn Around is a simple, wooden hand held juicer designed by KiBiSi for Muuto.

No Idea / Some Idea


The ICY mug by Steve Powers.

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There’s No Money In This Banana Stand


But it looks kinda money.

Dear Charlie Banana Tree designed by John Truex, 2012

If All Black Everything Is Your Style


These Ceramic Onyx Knives from Edge of Belgravia will do the trick in your kitchen.

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16 Business Days Until Christmas

Santa Cruz Butcher Hand BBQ Apron w/ Mitt ($24)

We’ll be doing the holiday countdown one business day at a time with presents under $100 to help make this season the most gifted one yet

The Obsessive Chef

Quite an exacting cutting board

Designed by Paul Williamson


The Philips Avance Airfryer XL

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Dinnerware For The Vain

The Standing Butter Knife by Tauma Design

Flipping Pancakes Gets The Marvel Treatment

Spatulas. That Hulk looks really tough…

Custom Smock / Apron by Faile

I’ve been waiting to share this with you all for a while. You might think I’m crazy but I’ve been tempted to use it in the kitchen since I’m one of the sloppier people on earth.

Look out for new work by Faile in the coming weeks on Papermonster

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Behold The Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan

Williams Sonoma keeps creating want for inventive foods to make at home.

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Cut & Paste cutting board by Klaus Häckl

Made of porcelain and solid maple this cutting board is the perfect addition to your modern kitchen.

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