A Brief Interview with AJ Fosik and Bill McRight

AJ Fosik and Bill McRight have a new show, Count Back From Nothing, opening up at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver tonight. I asked them a couple questions.

A Brief Interview With Artist and Animator Devin Flynn

Our friend Zio sat down with the extremely talented, and creative Devin Flynn for a couple questions earlier this week. Flynn is part of ZPFfffft!!! with Gary Panter, and Bob Zoell which opens at the Scion Gallery this Saturday, June 19th.
Also, have a look at Devin and Gary Go Outside which is available through PictureBox Inc.

“No, I’m not Banksy.”

Juxtapoz interviews old London graffiti artist Robbo

A Brief Interview with Mike Stilkey

Mike Stilkey has the honor of opening the inaugural show at Hurley’s new gallery, )( Space, in Costa Mesa.  We took a moment to talk with the artist about art, skateboarding, and books.  “Reminiscent” opens at )( Space Gallery this Saturday, June 5th, 2010,  from 6-10 p.m.  and is located at Hurley Headquarters, 1945 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA.  The Longboards Ice Cream truck and the Kogi Taco Truck will be there as well for dinner and dessert.

More info and RSVP here


Shift Magazine has a nice interview with Yuichi Yokoyama around his nex exhibition All Documentation on Neo Manga which is currently on display at the Kawasaki Museum in Japan.

A brief interview with Pose

Pose just opened up a great show this past Saturday at Known Gallery with KC Ortiz.  We showed you pics yesterday and now we follow-up with a couple questions with the man himself.

A brief interview with KC Ortiz about Forced Rebellion

KC Ortiz opens a new show Forced Rebellion at Known Gallery in Los Angeles tonight.  We caught a couple minutes of his time and asked some questions.

An Ages Old Interview with Mike Giant

Found this while looking through dated versions of Tribal’s website on the Web Archive

How was it coming up in Albuquerque?
Coming up in Albuquerque was really fresh. Doc from LA, Agree from NY, and Stack from Seattle really shaped the scene. Albuquerque writers like myself came up around lots of dope styles. I feel like I was schooled well and was fortunate enough to come up in a town where paint was easy to get and there was an endless supply of good walls. We also had chill train yards and the cops weren’t really hip to graffiti like they are now. I have a lot of love for my roots in Albuquerque.

How long have been writing?
I’ve been writing for a little over 7 years.

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BRET EASTON ELLIS is allergic to New York Right now

He also has a new book, Imperial Bedrooms coming out next month.

Read a fantastic interview here in Vice’s new Catholic Guilt Issue

liam opens up

Liam Gallagher talks about his clothing line, and how Oasis imploded.

Parts 2 and 3 after the jump.

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Saber on Street Cred

“First of all if any artist says that they have and or earned “street cred” to define their place in an art movement then they are very confused on the definition. Here is a small list that defines the term “street cred”:

  1. You have been to prison.
  2. You belong to a street gang.
  3. You sell crack on a busy corner.
  4. You are great marksmen in a moving vehicle.
  5. You have gang-blocks tattooed on your face.

Basically,what I am trying to say is the credibility factor has to be judged on an individual basis.”

More in an interview with Arrested Motion here

An Interview with Roger Gastman about “Rooms”

Rooms is a new exhibition that opens up at Scion Space this Saturday (4/24) in Los Angeles. Curated by Roger Gastman, the show features 8 individual installations by artists Adam Wallacavage, Bill Daniel, Chris Stain, Dan Monick & Caitlin Reilly, Dueling VHS, Justin Van Hoy, Kime Buzzelli, and Rocky Grimes.  I sat down with Roger via the internet and asked some questions.

Why “Rooms”?

I wanted to do something that creatively utilized the 4,500-square foot space at the Scion Gallery.
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A Fantastic Interview with Os Gêmeos

Our friends at I Love Graffiti recently posted an informative interview with the most famous Brazilian Twins in Graffiti, Os Gêmeos.  How fresh is that photo above?  Dookie Chains to the max.

Learn more here

Washed Out

Our buddies over at The Blaaahg recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ernest Greene aka Washed Out.  The video came out nice.

Interview/Studio visit with Steve Powers

The Selby recently visited Steve Powers’s NY Studio.  As always, the images are great and entertaining but, the gem was the handwritten interview above.

See more here

An interview with HuskMitNavn

Love a lady with a Can

A post-clink interview with Utah

An Interview With SpY

We recently had the chance to talk with SpY, an artist whose work we’ve admired for quite some time.

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Os Gemeos on Fecal Face

I liked this Q&A bit
Q: If yellow paint is completely OUT, what color would you choose to be the next traditional color for your future pieces?

A: we stop to paint

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