Over the next week we’ll be pulling some interesting pages from The Worst of While You Were Sleeping in an effort to encourage you to go out and buy the book.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Glenn Danzig, the solo artist. Actually, that song “Mother” he did a few years ago was as painful to me as getting a vasectomy by a doctor with a fork and a spoon without any anesthesia. But Glenn Danzig, lead singer for Samhaim or the Misfits, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Back then, his hair was shorter, he was more pissed off and his songs made me want to fight. When I found out I was interviewing Mr. Danzig, I was hoping that I would get to interview the other guy, the ex-lead singer of the Misfits. But that’s impossible, ‘cause he’s dead. Instead, I got the “Mother” guy.


Are you originally from Lodi, NJ? 

Yeah, I grew up in Lodi. I also grew up in Revere Beach in Boston and in Manhattan.


What is it they got out there?


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WYWS Week: Ron Jeremy

Over the next week we’ll be pulling some interesting pages from The Worst of While You Were Sleeping in an effort to encourage you to go out and buy the book.

Interview by Roger Rock, Fat Rich, and Richard Colman


Do you think the Incredible Hulk has a bigger penis than you?

No, because usually guys that are into bodybuilding have very small penises. That’s why they go into bodybuilding in the first place.


From one stud to another, do you ever cry yourself to sleep at night?

Why? There are times that I might get sad because there is nothing romantic in my life. That’s one thing you miss being in porno. It’s hard to have a relationship because no one will take you seriously. It’s like Sam Kinison used to say, “Well honey, I really enjoyed having breakfast with you but now I gotta go fuck somebody. I’ll see you Thursday.” How many girlfriends want to hear that? It gets lonely once in a while.

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In Conversation

Skrillex, James Franco, Harmony Korine and Gucci Mane


Master Talks

Risky interviews SEEN in Paris

Alex Prager

It’s nice to hear her talk about her work, influences, and how she got to where she is.

by Fourth & Main

Talking Art & Sex With Aurel Schmidt

Slutever digs deep in this recent interview for Oyster mag.

Nardwuar vs. Metta World Peace



Pete Fowler and Fiends

Dudebox interviews artist Pete Fowler

Quoted: Richard Phillips

This Monday, June 11th, artist Richard Phillips will premiere his short film, ‘First Point’, featuring Lindsay Lohan, at Art Unlimited at Art Basel in Switzerland. We caught a couple moments of his time to get some insight on his third film.

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“I’m not considering doing anything else.”

Eddie Martinez gets interviewed in The Believer.

Part 1 | Part 2

Glenn O’Brien and Harmony Korine Eat Lunch At A Japanese Restaurant

No clue what they ate, but they had a nice talk

An Interview With Erin M. Riley

Philadelphia-based artist Erin M. Riley originally envisioned herself a painter, but after crafting some tapestries in a freshman year weaving elective at Boston’s Massachusetts College of Art and Design, she realized she “just liked making images with yarn,” she says. “It started out a little abstract, using text, but as my skills progressed, I got more comfortable making images [from photos].”

Over the past decade she’s sublimated those images into woolen icons of louche hipsterdom via news clips of auto accidents, candids of her sisters’ drug exchanges, and sexy snapshots (of lesbian fumblings on beer kegs, iPhone teaser pics, and naked girls wrapped around toilets or smoking bongs in Sublime t-shirts) ripped straight from Facebook, Twitter, and countless fetish-y tumblr blogs.

Through May 5, the 26 year-old weaver currently will have nearly two dozen new tapestries up at San Francisco’s Guerrero Gallery that confront life, death, and our increasingly public courtships in the era of Instagram-lensed exhibitionism that combine the fearlessness of Richard Kern portraits tempered by Philomela’s sense of narrative irony. Fresh from a six-month residency in Nebraska, Riley sounded off on her adventures in the heartland, her favorite blog inspirations, and the would-be suitors who might become the subjects of her next series.

—Michael Slenske

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