A Brief History of Jim Phillips

Remind Insoles (really cool insoles) interviews renowned artist Jim Phillips in a 4 part series

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A Brief Interview with INSA

We’ve been following the work of INSA for years now. The UK-based artist has gone stylishly from graff and galleries, to heels and museums.  INSA opened a show at Fifty24SF in San Francisco last week, we caught a couple moments of his time.

Images of an Opium-Loving Police Force in War-Torn Afghanistan

An interview and slideshow from Bran Symondson on Dazed Digital

Inside the Mind of George Condo

“I hadn’t seen a lot of the paintings for so many years, and it’s exciting to see them in concert with the others. The idea of “Mental States” is that it’s not just the character in the paintings, it’s also going to be about the people who come to see the paintings and what it does to their mental state, to see all these different reflections of humanity, from all walks of life, happening at the same time on the wall.”

Marina Cashdan does a fantastic interview with George Condo for the Huffington Post. Condo’s Mental States opens at the New Museum today.

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A Brief Interview With Anthony Michael Sneed

Anthony Michael Sneed is a Brooklyn-based artist who is currently showing at Art Jail in the Lower East Side. Alix McAlpine caught up with him to ask a few questions.

Interview with Ralph Bakshi

Cartoon Brew points us towards a great interview on Bomb with famed animator Ralph Bakshi. Definitely worth a look.

A Brief Interview with Steel about The Good, The Bad, & The Cheesy

More info on the show here

Garfield. That Fat, Lasagna Loving Cat

Bobby Hundreds recently sat down with Garfield creator Jim Davis for an interview in alignment with their new collaboration, good stuff.

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An Interview With Roger Gastman and Ian Mazie About Small Gift

Sanrio’s Small Gift, an 8000 sq. ft pop-up shop, art exhibition, and tattoo parlor opens tomorrow (12/2) in Miami. We took a moment of time away from Roger Gastman and Ian Mazie to find out more.

173 NW 23rd St.
Miami, FL 33127

Get OFF with Keith Morris

Brooklyn Vegan had the chance to interview Keith Morris of OFF (Bug Lamp, Circle Jerks, and Black Flag). American Hardcore Punk Royalty! I had a chance to meet Keith and talk with him in SF when he was singing for his band Bug Lamp, he is a really cool and down to earth. Read the full interview with OFF at Brooklyn Vegan, and make sure to check out the music.

A Brief Interview with Cleon Peterson

Cleon Peterson is one hell of a talented artist. His new show Daybreak opens at New Image Art in Los Angeles this Saturday (11/20). We caught a couple moments of his time for some questions leading up to this display of massive, master works.

Rog R. Roc

The Hundreds recently posted a great interview with sometime contributor, plastic charm necklace wearer, and full-time hustler Roger Gastman. If only he had given them a pic of that Bethesda tattoo…

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An Interview with Dave Schubert

Dave Schubert opens a new show at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco this Saturday. We sat down for a few questions.

An Interview and Studio Visit with Bill Plympton

Every morning Bill Plympton wakes up at six, goes to his drawing board, gets a piece of bond and a No. 2 pencil and sits down to the business of animating the indelible, noirish figures that have garnered cult status as Plymptoons. What began in high school with drawings of bugs and plants for the Portland Yellow Pages has grown into an empire that encompasses political cartoons, animated shorts, features, advertisements, music videos (his first for Madonna; his latest for Kanye), and a forthcoming Rizzoli book (Independently Animated: Bill Plympton) with a Terry Gilliam forward. Along the way he’s filled his shelves full of awards, not to mention earned two Oscar nods. On the eve of the release of his latest feature, Idiots & Angels, we caught up with the industrious illustrator at his Chelsea studio to talk about the new feature, working with Kanye (vs. Weird Al), and what’s really going down on the animator groupie circuit.

—Michael Slenske

photographs by David Potes

An interview with Stanley Donwood and John Matthias

Stanley Donwood currently has an exhibition Over Normal on display at San Francisco’s FIFTY24SF. We sat down with the artist, and his collaborator John Matthias for a couple questions.

A Brief Interview with Jason Alper

Jason Alper is an artist with a fantastic sense of humor and style. Caroline Ryder sat down with the artist briefly to get some insight from the artist before his show “Proletarian Drift and the Enfranchisement of the Bourgeoisie in the 21st Century” opens at Guy Hepner in Los Angeles this Saturday.

An Interview with Greg Lamarche

Greg Lamarche opens a new show, Materialism, alongside Aaron Noble at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco this Saturday. Alex Lukas sat down with the NY-based artist and brought back some great words.

An Interview & Studio Visit with David Cook

Our friend Alix McAlpine caught up with Brooklyn artist David Cook at his Greenpoint home/studio before he packed up for his show at White Walls in San Francisco, opening this Saturday, August 14th.

A Conversation with KAWS curator Mónica Ramírez-Montagut

Our friend Jeff at The Art Collectors did this nice interview

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