“Things that make you go, “Hmm . . .””

Beastie BOYS in Interview Magazine

“I will never stop fighting injustice.”

Ai Weiwei’s first interview since being released from detention

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About LUSH

As written out by a trio of beauties. (note: boobs/nudity)

The provocative Australian graffiti writer opens a new show at SF’s Fifty24SF tonight titled “Lush Sells His Soul in San Francisco.” If you go, bring dollar bills.

“Tell them I got attacked by a dragon.”

Tyler The Creator gets interviewed by Waka Flocka in Interview.

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“Summer/Selections” Works by Margaret Kilgallen

An insightful interview with Book Conservator Daniel Flanagan about Ratio 3′s exhibition of Margaret Kilgallen works that ends this week.

An Interview With Matt Singer

We’ve been up on the work and products of Matt Singer for a while but decided that this was the week that we’d learn more about the NY-based creator/designer. Michael Slenske caught a couple moments of Matt’s time for us to get the whole story.

Interview With Asger Carlsen

A Brief Interview With Charlie Ahearn

We caught a couple moments of director Charlie Ahearn‘s time prior to the World Premiere of his new film Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer produced with Kenzo Digital opening this Sunday (6/26) at BAM.

Jay Adams X Tribal Gear

Shot and produced by Willie T

An Interview With Cey Adams

Standard Culture sat down with the legend-status art director to talk about his involvement in MoMA’s Looking at Music 3.0 as well as work, and art in general.

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photo by Sabeth718

Tommy Guerrero on KQED

An hour long interview for KQED’s first person with Michael Krasney.

“We’ll talk to Guerrero about his journey from high school dropout and teen skate god to entrepreneur and indie music icon.”

Listen and download here

Also on a total side note: If anyone has or knows where to get the Iron Cross deck above in white, contact me please!

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Katsu Talks About His Fake Ads

Late last month a series of ads featuring figures such as Morrissey and Jay-Z, began to appear in phonebooths across Manhattan. This was no ad campaign though, at least not a sanctioned one. It was the work of Katsu. With moves such as his recent MoCA Spray-by (after the jump), and this series of ads we got interested and caught up with Katsu to ask a few questions. We found out on top of everything else, that if you like one of these ads, you can buy it as a print. (each print is signed & numbered in an edition of 15 on archival paper. dimensions 49×25 the same size they were installed.)

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The Interview You Never Knew You Were Waiting For

Paris Hilton interviews Lil’ Wayne for Interview magazine.

HILTON: What’s your favorite club in Miami?
WAYNE: My favorite club in Miami is a club called LIV. It’s in the Fontainebleau Hotel.
HILTON: Oh, I love that club.
WAYNE: Mm-hmm.


HILTON: I had to do 24 nights in solitary. [Hilton was held in a separate cell as a safety precaution.]
WAYNE: Oh, so you know how it is.
HILTON: Yeah, I know how it is.

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Word On The Street

Diggin’ this site and all of the interviews

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Nate Lowman OHWOW Interview

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He’s been in France so long that he refers to the speed of objects in kilometers. Anyway, this video is a nice insight into JonOne’s work.

Graffiti artist and painter John Andrew Perello, aka JonOne, grew up in New York and as a teenager was involved in the explosive graffiti scene of the 80s, spraying walls and ‘bombing’ trains. He moved to Paris in 1987, linking into the thriving arts and graffiti scene, and has remained there ever since. We caught up with him in Paris – the resulting documentary is a wonderful insight into a very charismatic person and the ever-changing struggle he encounters as an artist. Co-directed and produced with Oliver and Charlie Clark under our SoWhat collective.

via, Bates

A Brief History of Jim Phillips

Remind Insoles (really cool insoles) interviews renowned artist Jim Phillips in a 4 part series

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A Brief Interview with INSA

We’ve been following the work of INSA for years now. The UK-based artist has gone stylishly from graff and galleries, to heels and museums.  INSA opened a show at Fifty24SF in San Francisco last week, we caught a couple moments of his time.

Images of an Opium-Loving Police Force in War-Torn Afghanistan

An interview and slideshow from Bran Symondson on Dazed Digital

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