In Which Twenty People Offer Fond Memories About Barry McGee On The Occasion Of His Midcareer Survey Show At The Boston ICA


I really didn’t even want to try interviewing Barry McGee about his show opening tomorrow in my hometown at the Boston ICA. He’s well known to be hard to pin down and clearly doesn’t enjoy doing them. So instead, I asked a few people to write a sentence or two about him. It says a great deal about Barry that so many artists, some who know him well personally and some who do not, got back to me with such alacrity.

Caleb Neelon

photo by Dave Schubert

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The Perfect Life of Hugh Hefner by Chris Jones

photograph by Peter Yang

Here’s The Thing


In Conversation: Alec Baldwin and Thom Yorke

photograph by Eliot Lee Hazel

In The Studio with Raymond Pettibon

Alia Shawkat packs a dip and talks art, baseball, and music with the Venice Beach artist.

On A Bonus Level

David Choe is the latest artist to talk with Alia Shawkat and Lance Bangs.



Slutever interviews a 23-year-old prostitute

Visions and Images: Garry Winogrand, 1981

No Natural Light

Andrew Kuo does an enlightening Artist Talk with Alia Shawkat and Lance Bangs.



Kids in America: An interview with Harmony Korine by Cameron Jamie (1998)

“judged and also judging”


An interview with Barbara Kruger


5 MINUTES with

Skateboarding & Art


Anthony Pappalardo catches up with Ed Templeton

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