Here’s The Thing


In Conversation: Alec Baldwin and Thom Yorke

photograph by Eliot Lee Hazel

In The Studio with Raymond Pettibon

Alia Shawkat packs a dip and talks art, baseball, and music with the Venice Beach artist.

On A Bonus Level

David Choe is the latest artist to talk with Alia Shawkat and Lance Bangs.



Slutever interviews a 23-year-old prostitute

Visions and Images: Garry Winogrand, 1981

No Natural Light

Andrew Kuo does an enlightening Artist Talk with Alia Shawkat and Lance Bangs.



Kids in America: An interview with Harmony Korine by Cameron Jamie (1998)

“judged and also judging”


An interview with Barbara Kruger


5 MINUTES with

Skateboarding & Art


Anthony Pappalardo catches up with Ed Templeton



Interviews with People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs: Sarah Kaufmann, Cheese Sculptor by Suzanne Yeagley

*not printable

The Artist Series with Gavin McInnes: JIMJOE


“Are You The Hugh Hefner of LSD?”

Nardwuar interviews Timothy Leary in 1994

KAWS, Pharrell Williams, and David Salle sit around a table and talk

Watch & listen

Nardwuar vs. Waka Flocka Flame


Nardwuar vs. Flying Lotus

Re-Up: AJ Fosik’s Beer Sweaters

We did a little Q&A in March 2010 with Artist/Sculptor A.J. Fosik about his awesome Beer Sweater Collection. Now that we’re in Sweater weather, I felt it was the appropriate time to unleash it again.

“It’s true, my beer sweater collection has reared it’s ugly head.” ~ A.J. Fosik

[Read more]

“We are simply Os Gemeos.”

A nice interview with the Twins over at MTN

The Artist Series with Gavin McInnes

The Luck You Collective is featured here in the second installment of the humorous series from New York Art Department and Rooster.

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