Inspected Gadget: Red Dead Redemption + Short Film

Ahh, Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games. Doesn’t even do it justice to say it’s Grand Theft Auto set in the wild west. A worthwhile investment. If you need to be convinced further or are already playing, check out this trailer for a short film making its debut Saturday night (May 29) at midnight ET/PT on FOX. Directed by John Hillcoat (Yes – the same guy who did The Road and The Proposition), entirely using the game’s graphic rendering engine as his camera.

As usual, Rockstar has a funny glitch or two in their games… check out the incredible donkey lady after the jump.

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Inspected Gadget: Energizer Night Strike Swivel Flashlight

Ahh. The Energizer Night Strike Swivel Flashlight. Where have you been my whole life? If you’re constantly digging behind equipment like I am, you know how important a swivel-head light is, or one that you can aim and stand up in a corner.  It’s got high, medium and low settings on not only white light, but red, green and blue light for preventing nightblindness. What else? It’s got a UV light mode to show you the things your eyes can’t normally see (gross stains, most likely), it’s powered by the usual two AA batteries – but can function with just one. More specs after the jump.

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Inspected Gadget: Cruzin Cooler

The Cruzin’ Cooler. Why lug your drinks around all summer when you can drive them around in this ridable cooler re-engineered into a motorized scooter? This is sorta the end of the world, right?

Video after the jump… quite informative.

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Inspected Gadget: Kiwi U-Powered Solar and USB charger

You know the drill: Active 3G data use, video and audio playback just kill your mobile device’s battery. The KIWI U-Powered: Solar & USB Portable Charger just might be the extra item I carry in my bag this summer. Kick back and relax to the superb video above.

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Inspected Gadget: L5 Remote accessory for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Plug the L5 Remote infrared emitter into your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and get rid of that stack of remotes that always disappear when you need them most.

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Inspected Gadget: Pentax 645D is coming

The Pentax 645D is coming soon – May in Japan, other countries soon after. Medium format, digital, 100-1600 iso, ideal for the field or studio. It’s got a giant 43mm x 33mm sensor that grabs images at 40 megapixels. Dual SD slots- you can throw RAW images on one card and JPGs on the other. Hefty monster.

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Inspected Gadget: Gold Editions

Stuart Hughes is back with the iPad Supreme Edition. The normally aluminum body has been recast in solid 22 carat gold (with a few diamonds thrown in) at a price of £129,995.

Now, let’s look to the past, and the future…

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Inspected Gadget: MotionX-GPS HD iPad App

The Motion X GPS app for iPad will be available shortly,  showing off a larger, more usable footprint of data from the iPhone version. Gives me some interesting excuses for in-vehicle mounting. The existing version is pretty sweet- I’ve used it to log map routes by bike and car, and the data export can be used to geotag photos. It’s not a turn-by-turn navigation solution, but is a pretty robust tracking app for the data hound in me.

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Inspected Gadget: Aquavista Flat-panel Aquarium

Why veg out in front of the TV when you can stare at fish instead? Check out Aquavista for this and a few other fishtank creations.

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Inspected Gadget: Rain Headphones by thinksound

thinksound sent us a set of rain earplug headphones to check out. You know when the music feels like it’s right inside your head? That’s what these do.

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Inspected Gadget: Back in Black – Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is coming to America – in black. 200 smackers, May 9. Comes with Wii Sports Resort and that upgraded MotionPlus adapter that increases sensitivity on the existing controllers.

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Inspected Gadget: Unholy Matrimony: iPhone + Android OS

In other news, if the iPhone’s the hubby, and Android’s the wife – then Blackberry must be the lady on the side. She’s still trying to look good: the Blackberry Pearl is still going strong with a new 3G version. I had that thing three years ago, and swore by it.

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