Weekend Watching: Christmas in Tattertown (1988)

Directed by Ralph Bakshi

Lunchtime Laughter

Satan Claus’s Merry Pissmass Special

Lunchtime Laughter

Andrew Dice Clay at Rodney Dangerfield’s in 1987



Morgan Freeman is not Nelson Mandela

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Happy Holidays Edition

Lunchtime Laughter

Merry XMoz – The Morrissey Christmas Album

Elliot Cuker: The Arduous Psychoanalysis of a Used Car Salesman

Directed by Andrew Neel

Good One.


Faces of Real Estate, a project where a Minneapolis-based creative named Phil Jones has been getting very detailed and creative in replacing images in bus stop realtor ads with his own.

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Where Did Kurt Vonnegut Get His Ideas From?


via, openculture

The Titles tho

The names that Devin Troy Strother gives to his art are artworks themselves. Here are 10 titles from his current show I Just Landed in Rome at Marlborough Broome Street.

Making Women Feel Secure, but Also Funny

Clown Ninja Eddie Huang wraps up his travels in Moscow

Penance by Glenn O’Brien


An enjoyable, 240-page hardcover book chronicling each confession delivered to Father G. as part his 2012 performance project at the Chelsea Hotel. Featuring a fold-out print/dust jacket by Richard Prince and one specialty prayer card, Penance is a great way to not feel guilty about your guilt.

Published by ALLDAYEVERYDAY and available in a hardcover edition of 100

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