Openings & Parties: ROSTARR at The Standard, High Line

This past Friday, a creative crowd packed into The Standard, High Line to celebrate artist Romon Yang’s (a.k.a. ROSTARR) mural commission for the rooftop at Le Bain. Christos Katsiaouni was at the hotel to capture the scene.

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There’s No Beer at the Dogfish Inn

Ironic? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your way down the road to the Dogfish brewpub for some suds, or head in the opposite direction to the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery for some Bocce, and brews to bring back to the inn. Thoughtfully designed by Studio Tack in Brooklyn, the Dogfish Inn is a 16 room escape on the quiet coast of Delaware, home to some of the cleanest beaches in America. Rates start at $250 / night

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Wu Grail

The glorious box containing Wu-Tang Clan’s secret album unveiled in a hotel room in Marrakech, followed up by a trip to a studio to hear of snippet of the one-off album.

Hotel Security

A comedy short about a five star hotel that entrusts it’s security to three idiots.

No Soup For You!


The Ace Hotel is taking their upscale flophouse vibe to the next level after paying $30 million for The Salvation Army Chinatown Shelter, which sits right next to the Bowery Mission.

On Vacation Time


The Standard Hotel’s 2014 Calendar

Frankenstein On Ice


This year’s Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden features a room modeled after Frankenstein’s laboratory.

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The World’s Best Ever in Miami


20+ art world insiders tell us their favorite places to eat, drink & hangout in the 305.

Check out our easy to use on-the-go Mosey Map here

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Erik Parker x The Standard Web Cotton Belt

“Whatever Helps Your Ideas Comes To Fruition, That’s The Technology You Need”

Mark Mothersbaugh, artist-in-residence at Ace Hotel & Swim Club.

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The Instagram Hotel


At the newly opened 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia, all Instagram users with over 10,000 followers get a free night. Surprisingly, the hotel’s own instagram account is pretty lackluster.

André Saraiva: Dream Concerts

A studio at the Chateau Marmont doesn’t seem like a bad place to work out of…

The American Trade Hotel


The creative group behind the Ace Hotel are taking their hospitality knowledge south to Casco Viejo in Panama City, Panama with the opening of the American Trade Hotel. Now taking bookings for 2014.

The Sun Bright Hotel


Chinatown’s “Human Kennel.” 5′ x 7′ cages for $10 a night.

Wes Lang – The Room 34 Suite Special Edition Box Set


Published through Exhibition A, this special edition box set features 10 prints based off of drawings Wes Lang did while in residency at the Chateau Marmont. What makes this box set a “special edition” is that one of the 10 prints in each of the 10 box sets is hand-embellished. A normal edition of 100 box sets goes on sale next week. More info here.

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Bathsheba, Barbados

If you’re looking for a quick escape from New York, consider the sleepy surf town of Bathsheba, Barbados. Located on the lush east coast of the island, far, far away from the sunburnt tourist herds (at least a 30 minute drive), it’s a chill persons paradise. There are empty beaches with natural baths and grottos, a world class surf break, strong rum punches, and delicious plates of marlin. On our recent visit, we stayed at the Sea-U Guest House, a relaxing bed and breakfast located in a Bajan style plantation house replete with a hammock jungle, soothing coastal breezes, and an honor bar. Once you’re there for 24 hours, you’ll forget your troubles and never want to return home.

Barbados is a 4.5 hour direct flight from JFK on Jet Blue.

Ghosts of the Goldfield Hotel


Goldfield, Nevada is one of those eery towns that exploded during the gold boom of the early 1900s, only to be deserted almost completely in a matter of years. Millions of dollars worth of gold were produced in Goldfield between 1903 and 1940, and the town turned into an entertainment hub: legendary boxing championships took place there, and the Northern Saloon in town was said to be so long, 80 bartenders were needed to serve the length of it.

It only made sense then to build an opulent and oversized hotel to accommodate the newfound riches in town. This was the Goldfield hotel. When it was built in 1908, it was advertised as one of the most spectacular hotels in Nevada, with a lobby adorned with black leather upholstery, gold-leafed ceilings and mahogany trimmings, and 150 rooms outfitted with the best furnishings  available.

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Kenny Scharf’s new sculpture at The Standard, High Line.

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Rookie Mistake

Naked man gets locked out of hotel room. Hilarity ensues.

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