Sleep and destroy

Andrew Sebastian’s Sleep and Destroy pillow.

$31.95 at streetammo

Eva Solo Table Top Grill

While in no way new to the market, this table grill from eva solo is a sleek, designy alternative if you want to get your Yuppie Barbecue on.

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A clock that tells time in words

Qlock Two

This stainless steel version (above) is really beautiful, even if it is a bit reminiscent of corporate elevators.  And for those whose primary language is not English, no worries as the clocks are available in German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic, Swiss German, Portuguese, Catalan and Spanish. Worldwide. World’s Best.

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Lego Minifigure Ice Tray

If you’re really into legos, you need this

Start Your Day off drinking out of the Best Mug Ever

Define yourself every day with this AWESOME mug that is newly available to our store. The Best Mug Ever is an 11 ounce ceramic mug that comes equipped with a dry erase marker so you can let everyone (or just yourself) know how much of a bad ass you are. Buy it here, and see some examples after the jump

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a Tea Sub

Making Tea Fun. If you have black tea, it might look like an oil spill…

Available here.

plug and play

Simple ideas are always the best. Fast Socket USB outlet, a no brainer.

Buy now for $20.00

looking into the past

The other day I was led to a flickr pool called Looking into the Past, it’s like sleeveface for places.  Have a look

custom made floorcouture

This is one sick rug I must own! From Floor to Heaven

temperature level’s ok

Art. Lebedev have done it again with this nice little cup that displays the temperature of its contents via a recognizable icon, the battery level indicator.

A few other favorites from Art. Lebedev can be seen here.

bombs of peace

A Peaceful Bomb Vase by BIAUGUST is a classic design (read couple years old) that we thought to re-introduce as the April showers slowly begin creating flowers.  Available at

flashlight pendant lights

The Flashlight Pendant light from GSelect is really great. I imagine buying 10 of these and tying them all together to make a chandelier. Each one will only cost you $36.00.

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