floor to heaven


More rugs for you pad. Floor to Heaven, creates amazing rugs that will become the focal point of you home.

the perfect martini


The Martini Glass created by AlissiaMT known to all of you design aficionados out there for her wonderful collection of ‘diamond’ rings. “The InsideOut Collection of barware turns the common knowledge of what a drinking glass should look like on its head.” And we all know when you buy the $20.00 martini, you want to drink every last bit of it, and do what ever you can to avoid spilling the nectar of god’s as you bring the glass to your lips. Available at charlesandmaria.com for $55.00 for a set of two.



Vesuvius candlesticks by Ted Muehling, probably a pain in the ass to clean, but they are very cool. Available at Moss

modern and functional

fushion table

Who says you can have your cake and eat it to? This has to be the best pool table / dining table ever. The fusion table is convertible in a few seconds to a pool & game table which adds multi-functionality to the dining room. Via Moco Loco

do not recycle


This is a nice little item I must say. I Am Not A Paper Cup, by DCI Product. Double walled porcelain cup with silicone top. Eco-friendly and reusable. Dishwasher safe. This product retails at approximately $20/piece.
Available in February.

Dimensions: 3.5″ diameter; 6″ tall

how to use every inch


A great idea, a great use of space, check this out via Apartment Therapy. Simple planks of painted plywood nailed to the supports for the loft above. They create perfect cubby spaces to store books, baskets and even small lights.

dos boot


Our favorite Russian design house, Artlebedev, has another geeky find. The Dosugus cushion looks like a black screen and has good old DOS directories embroidered on it. It will cost you about $30 plus S&H.

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best coffee mug ever


It’s morning, so get out your glock and a cup of Joe. This by far is the coolest coffee mug ever, designed by chillichilly, a Hong Kong-based design studio. Available at shopmodi for $16 bucks. I love the safety on the side and gold trigger.

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old is new once again


Care for a spot of tea? Designer Christine Misiak, makes the old new. The tea sets are all about re-using things that people throw away and disregard. With this green set, the silver parts were taken from an old battered tea set. She removes the desired components from the old set, cleans, files and sands them. Then she solders them to the bodies that she made herself, therefore creating a mixture of old and new.
The outcome is an aesthetically pleasing design and form which works well, and celebrates the existence of old tea sets.

rest your tired head


Hand made screen printed cushions by Helen Gallogly, available for 45.00 £k.

folded porcelain

Designer Karin Blach Nielsen, created this series initially out of folded paper and subsequently carried out in porcelain. The insides feature a white, shiny glaze, while the outside surfaces are matte. Some items feature motifs from old paper cuttings. Sizes vary from 12 to 32 cm. in diameter. Via Designklub

pass the salt and pepper


Bones Salt & Pepper Shakers by Chris Stiles are available at Matter. Unglazed, refined white clay, measuring at 5″ long. $27.00

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repaint your apartment again


If you live in NYC you know your apartment has been painted, oh….90,000,000,000 times. And, if the previous occupants liked dark moody color’s it’s going to cost you a penny to remedy the problem. That’s where “Aura” comes in ( and it will cost you a pretty penny as well, $52 bucks a can). This paint promises to be fully washable in any sheen, it features breakthrough ColorLock technology where pigments are microscopically bonded to dry paint film, allowing it to completely obscure dark colors in one coat, with no prime necessary. Benjamin Moore is stepping up the game with this new product and a fancy website to boot! That sure is some big talk for a paint company! Via (uncrate)



One of our favorite shops we visited on our recent excursion to Japan was Plus Minus Zero in Aoyama. We were mesmerized by stunning single-slice toasters, 8″ lcd televisions, and fantastic minidisc players, but it wasn’t until we noticed these fantastic “soccer” doormats in varying shapes and portions of the pitch by Etsuya Adachi that we were completely smitten. These and much more available via +-O online shop.

Evlan trivet by Tous Les Trois

Evlan Tirvet, available at Ligne Roset. Simple idea’s are usually the best!

what more could you ask for


PreOrder now , the R2D2 Soy Sauce dispenser for $18.47. It will ship mid December.

The Gamer’s pillow


Upper Playground has added a couple new pillows to their home collection, the freshest being this Gamer pillow which basically maps the history of the video game joystick.

Clap on the clapper -one better


Designer: Sun-hwa Kyung created the light panel, it can hide discretely in shelves tucked in between books. When you reach for that area, the light automatically turns on only illuminating its surroundings. When your hand moves away, it switches back off. Via yankodesign.

perfect for a spot of tea


Instead of burning your arm on the radiator why not heat up your muffin and a spot of tea. Designed by Byung-seok You (Via Yanko design)

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