Dyson Hot fan

Blast the heat

Magazine Cover Pillowcases

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“a terrible example of urban art “

Neighbors and the City of LA aren’t too happy about Risk and Retna’s Heal The Bay mural house in Santa Monica.

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ThumbSaver Magnetized Nail Setter

So necessary.

Alexander McQueen Black Skull Keychain

“because style extends beyond what you wear.”

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Whale Tissue Holder

Instant Best Seller

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Stoner Friendly Mom Gift

Jonathan Adler Hashish Candle. Once finished, it’s a stash box.

(Thanks Kristin!)

Half A Person, A Morrissey Candle

The handcast beeswax candle stands 9.1 inches tall, and was designed by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons and Sean Burford.

Half a Person is a heroic idealization. Chest exposed, coy grin and quaffed to perfection, its only vulnerabilities are a band-aid covered gland and a cotton wick.”

Available for pre-order here

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Jellyfish at Home

If you’re into getting all clubbed-up with your significant other for an afternoon tea, then this Jellyfish tank is a necessary addition to your beach villa. Color-changing LED’s are optional for purchase, but you’ll need that won’t you?

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Where Go-Go Goes When He Has to Go

Our friend Justin Van Hoy just gave the bathrooms at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills a nice makeover.

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Jeff Koons Carpeting

This would probably look best on a boat or in a hotel hallway.

$18/sq. ft

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Lego Brick Calendar

Build upon each month

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