The Element Planter

Part planter / part bench.  Designed by Charles Constantine

“The Element planter series seeks to challenge the notion of what a planters role in the modern home environment can be. Rather than playing a supporting role, the Element series’ forward thinking design puts it in the forefront of any landscape project. The unique forms that were created for the series draw inspiration from ocean jettys, and are meant to inspire contemplation, and provoke conversation. For these reasons Element adds a modern yet familiar feeling to any project or garden.”

Available at Planterworx

the world’s best toaster

Magimix Le Toaster Vision

Someone got it right. When this toaster hits the market (Europe only for now), it will undoubtedly be the best (and probably the most expensive). By being completely transparent, you’ll be able to get just the right color for your toast.  Video after the jump

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Val Kilmer x Pendleton


“The limited edition blanket designs are created by Val Kilmer and Liz Lake. These modern yet classic blankets are manufactured out of 82% virgin wool/18% cotton, by Pendleton Woolen Mills, renowned for weaving Native American blankets inspired by ancient designs and legends, for over a century. Only 250 blankets were produced in this exclusive series. Val’s signature is woven in the lower right hand corner of each blanket along with a commemorative label indicating the series number.”

Our favorite is The Dude (above) which is based on the buffalo skull hanging in Val’s New Mexico home, Gourd People is after the jump.

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This Mug is so Dumb

Just look how bored the kid is.  Monkey Mug

Seiko’s PyramidTalk Clock

Safe to say that this will be a coveted desk accessory for 2010

The best thing you’ll read all weekend




The Il-est teapot

This Kim Jong Il Teapot made in collaboration between Charles Kraaft and Mike Leavitt is sharp, and $1200


Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

Where would you put this?  After the jump, the cupcake seat

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Bacon Ornaments


In my family we have a tradition of trimming the tree with real bacon on Christmas eve.  Then on Christmas morning we feast on dry, cold slices with our oatmeal and gravy.  These’ll do though if you’re not into the real thing.

Buy the Bacon Ornaments here


Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Curio WallCoverings


I think this is what would go in my panic room, because inside that room there is no panic at all.

Curio Wallcoverings is a company that makes you need not to use paint on your walls.  In addition to having Shepard Fairey as a contributing artist, Adam Wallacavage, Shag, and Camille Rose Garcia also have great designs to choose from.

Porno for Pillows


These pillows are great.

via, C-Monster



Sugru looks amazing, I want some.  Learn about it in the video after the jump

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The Diamond Table


Designed by Patricia Urquiola

Words to Stick By


More from Bodega’s Vinyl Wall Collection, this one by Mike Giant.

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Stitched Advice


Our girl Alix makes these really cool stitch pieces.  So cool in fact, she has opened an Etsy store to sell some of them.

Adorn your walls with some craftiness

one step closer to the future


It seems that eventually your kitchen will  start to look like the Jetsons.  Meet “Quatuor,” the food dispenser. Solids and liquid ingredients no problem, it’s the shower soap dispenser for the kitchen. More photo’s and info here.

The next best thing to owning a Barry McGee, is a huge Barry McGee wall vinyl


These are seriously sick.  Brought to you by Bodega.

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This Saw is apparently Amazing


The Jointmaker Pro R2

We’re not too hip on hardware, so we asked our resident expert to explain.

“First, it requires no power at all.  Second the cuts are as accurate as you can get, and the kerf is less than 2mm.. You can’t cut off your fingers, and it makes virtually no noise.  You could literally build an entire dining set in your apartment without anyone ever hearing you, with minimal sawdust to boot.  ZAP”

Dov Charney wants to get in your bed


American Apparel, the staple hipster rock t-shirt go to has expanded into the bedroom. AA recently launched their first home line. The prices are affordable and if you like the feel of your t-shirts you’re probably going to like your sheets.


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