Installation View: POSE + REVOK – Uphill Both Ways

This electric show is on view at Jonathan Levine Gallery through July 27th.

“Goldie” & the New York Spray Can Artists (1989)

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Jurne has a new print available in his web shop 

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Think Talk with Banksy

Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story


For the 30th Anniversary of the Hip Hop variety television show Graffiti Rock, producer Michael Holman is seeking to make a special edition of the DVD featuring a re-master of the tv show, plus an in-depth documentary, Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story. You can support these efforts here.

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“What you got is a whole miserable subculture.”


Who knows what SKEME’s mom would think of CURVE’s new Style Wars Portrait Tee, but we like it.

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25 Grams: Dabs Myla

25 Grams is a feature that culls pictures from some of our favorite instagram feeds.

Dabs Myla are Australian artists living and working in Los Angeles.

They can be followed on instagram at @dabsmyla

Lunchtime Laughter

New episode of Paynt Boyz: Makin’ Cheddar

The Big Brush Project

Greg Lamarche x Colossal Media

War and Pieces


Sever keeps it humorous with his latest print through 1xRun.

“This piece was created in February of 2013. Having tried everything else and failed, the Coyote has now resorted to throwing this shit at his nemesis the Roadrunner. At a pretty impressionable age I remember looking at the commercials during Saturday morning cartoons and just feeling bombed with all of these messages that I couldn’t really understand: consumer crap, shit food, Crack, AIDS, SisterSister, low credit scores and what have you. When the shows came back on I always thought that these real world traps seemed so much more frightening than the harpoons or bear traps ever did in the cartoons. So this idea was born out of those early realizations.” – Sever

15 Minutes

15 Minutes is a new book by ILK and KENO, which features 100 international graffiti writers such as 2SHY, ASKEW, BABS, DEMS, DIZE, ERBER, GOREY, HORFEE, KUMA, REVOK, ROID and TOMEK. What makes this book unique is that it features a Polaroid of each writer next to a throw-up or piece that he created within 15 minutes. Plus, the design is impeccable.


A new film by Will Robson-Scott featuring the PAL (Peace and Love) Crew.


Steve Powers exceeds Kanye West’s marketing team’s dreams by taking a street ad and actually adding art to it.

Lunchtime Laughter

The first two episodes of Paynt Boyz.

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Greg Lamarche has a fresh new print available in his webshop, as well as a new show happening up in Winnipeg at Graffiti Art Programming.

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Para Mi Gente, Los Pintores de Nuestra Alma

RETNA at MOCA Grand Ave.

His Look Was Cleaner Than His Graffiti


Daily Mail: “A £60,000-a-year surveyor who became one of Britain’s most prolific graffiti vandals was jailed for three and a half years today.”

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Picture of the Day


Jamel Shabazz


by Selina Miles

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