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Risky x The Wild Ones


A site specific sculptural installation by Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez
Tuesday, October 05 at 7:30PM

at Raw Space Gallery
148 11th Ave. (btw. 21st & 22nd)
NY, NY 10011

RSVP here

Graffiti Photos 1992 – 1995 (pt. 4)

Meyhem Lauren – ‘Got The Fever’

This is a real nice video shot by Tom Gould featuring New York’s finest outlaws. Meyhem Lauren is the closest thing to Artifacts in the 21st century.

Picture of the Day

Eine in London

Lunchtime Laughter

Graffiti Photos 1992 – 1995 (pt. 3)

A Brief Interview with Victor Reyes

Victor Reyes opened his latest show War Paint at Known Gallery in Los Angeles last night. We sat down with the man for a couple questions.

Smart Crew Graffiti Sliding Puzzle

Now if they can figure out how to do this with a real wall. Solve the puzzle here

Revok Presents The World’s Best Graffiti (pt. 5)

MOSES is a transit king, I’ve REALLY been digging this guys simplistic-wonky style. It seems he has developed this style to execute complete, full color pieces as quickly as possible in the typical 10-20 minute scenarios while painting subways/trains… Aesthetically it’s in complete contrast to what I typically focus on and I love it.



-All photos stolen from STREETFILES

Graffiti Photos 1992 – 1995 (pt. 2)

The first 4 are from the Humanity Wall in DC. I thought I had a pic of the ridiculous Mesk piece on the top but, apparently not.

“It’s going to be the first major museum survey of the history of graffiti and street art presented in the United States.”

Jeffrey Deitch confirmed that Art in the Streets will be coming to MOCA in Los Angeles in 2011.  Roger Gastman says, “It’s Huge.”

More at Culture Monster

Graffiti Photos 1992 – 1995 (pt.1)

I’ve been meaning to scan all of my old photo books, here’s a beginning.

An Interview with Greg Lamarche

Greg Lamarche opens a new show, Materialism, alongside Aaron Noble at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco this Saturday. Alex Lukas sat down with the NY-based artist and brought back some great words.

If Your Teacher Corrected Graffiti

Some old work done by Todd James for Cracked Magazine.

See it big here

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Style Wars Restoration Fundraiser

Show some support for this legendary film over at BAM this Thursday.  Details after the jump

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“it’s (LA) the easiest place in the world to rent an elephant.”

Banksy in his own words

Picture of the Day

Barry McGee in front of a freshly painted wooden wall.

photo by Jeff Newman

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