Morning Dose of OBEY THE GIANT

The movie about the early life of Shepard Fairey.

Directed by Julian Marshall

Releasing on April 15th

In Which Twenty People Offer Fond Memories About Barry McGee On The Occasion Of His Midcareer Survey Show At The Boston ICA


I really didn’t even want to try interviewing Barry McGee about his show opening tomorrow in my hometown at the Boston ICA. He’s well known to be hard to pin down and clearly doesn’t enjoy doing them. So instead, I asked a few people to write a sentence or two about him. It says a great deal about Barry that so many artists, some who know him well personally and some who do not, got back to me with such alacrity.

Caleb Neelon

photo by Dave Schubert

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Picture of the Day


Kathy Grayson

The Primary Invasion Continues



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“Dear Chris Brown, You’re not a graffiti writer. You ain’t a graffiti artist. Stop fronting.”


Sacha Jenkins SHR goes in on the world’s favorite human being.

Katsu – Timeless Skull


Black on Black

“Barry doesn’t need to be in a gallery that will put him into a program of street art, that’s a context he’s entirely uninterested in.”


The Graffitist Who Moved Indoors

Photo by Dave Schubert




“Do The Mushrooms”

Mr. Green @ Art Basel ft. Rime, Wen, Chocolatte Lady and Mr. Do or Die.

Check the Seventh Letter’s new video Miami Nights, Scandalous Times With Party People after the jump.

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The History of Wild Style


Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the theatrical debut of Wild Style. If you haven’t done so yet, check out the special edition of Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree retelling the story of the cult classic.

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Gimme The Loot


Opening this Friday at the IFC Center.

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VIZIE pays tribute.

FLIP THE SCRIPT: A Guidebook for Aspiring Vandals and Typographers

Graffiti writers have the best handwriting, and this new book by Christian Acker of HANDSELECTA fame locks down that claim. Tracing the origins of handstyles across the continental USA, FLIP THE SCRIPT showcases and dissects the penmanship from some of the finest in the craft. A must have for every creative bookshelf.

Available through Gingko Press

A Tattoo Flash Inspired By Subway Art


by Thee Soviet

via, HYB

Pump Me Up: D.C. Subculture of the 1980s

On view now at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Pump Me Up: D.C. Subculture of the 1980s is Roger Gastman’s gift to what was once Chocolate City. Tracing the history of the underground scenes in Washington, D.C., during the 80s, the exhibition is heavy on rare, cultural artifacts from the worlds of Go-Go music, graffiti, and a world famous punk and hardcore scene… as well as in-depth look at notorious “Mayor For Life” Marion Barry. A must see.

There are a series of events coinciding with the exhibition you should check out as well.

The Eternal Flaming Can


Banksy pays tribute to NEKST with a gif on his website.

Also: We’ve re-uploaded NEKST’s Sound Advice. Get that.



Mean Streaks by Kevin Heldman (Rolling Stone, Feb. 1995)

“The first time I meet JA, he skates up to me wearing Rollerblades, his cap played backward, on a street corner in Mahattan at around midnight.”

h/t: HYB

Did Nug Make This Fabric Pattern?


Just curious.

A jacket from the Tim Coppens fashion show. |  Print from Nug’s (The concept is fuck you) Fame Festival print series.

Arrest Sheets Portfolio


RIME’s colorful edition of 5 prints in a Deluxe Highland Park Police Arrest Sheet Binder.

“The sheets were laying on the floor of this Police station for 10+ years until I came along and rescued them. The city should have done a better job at securing or destroying these records. Shit was found in an abandoned police station that has since been demolished. This art cures relationship woes. Guaranteed to make you single.” – RIME

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