leica D-Lux 4 titan


My first digital camera was the Leica Digilux 1, this is my next one. Leica D-Lux 4 “Titan” is a limited edition version of the D-Lux 4. It has a beautiful design, the Leica Lens, and 10.1 megapixels is perfect. What more can you ask for? Well, you can ask for the camera.  For more details go here.

rjdj iphone sampling

RJDJ is an interactive iPhone application that allows anyone to make a sampled song on the fly. You need to see the video to understand it. The result is a composition that the creators describe as “reactive.” Here’s their site for more info.

back it up


Clickfree, backup. Just plug it in and you’re good to go since the software is built into the hard drive. The other option, the Transformer, is a little USB attachment that lets you convert any old USB hard drive to a backup drive.

“You won’t believe how easy this is – just take it out of the box, connect the USB cable to your computer, and you’re done. All of your precious photos, music, video, email, business documents and so much more is automatically backed up. It’s true, you just connect it to your computer and the backup will all be totally automatic, you don’t have to install or set up any software, Clickfree™ will do it all for you right out of the box. One Clickfree™ portable backup drive can backup multiple computers!”

apple introduces the macbook wheel

Today is Macworld and why not make a little fun at all the hype. Check out apples new gear. The Onion has the exclusive report. I love dry humor.

limited edition Pentax


Pentax is putting out a limited edition, all-white k2000. It might be the perfect entry level DSLR camera you need to start your photography career.  The camera comes with DA L 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL lens, and a white smc Pentax DA L 50-200mm F4-5.6 AL lens. For the full details of the camera go here.

world of war review + giveaway

It’s the holiday and we are feeling generous.  We have been reviewing Call Of Duty: World At War, and have decided to give a few copies of the game away to readers. but first we thought we would give it a play, see the review below.

First the review, then the contest.

If you want to get “in the shit” but can’t afford a time machine, Call Of Duty: World At War will do pretty nicely. While the sentiment is known more from the ‘Nam era than any other military situation, the initial gameplay from this WWII era first person shooter definitely gives off that vibe. Starting off in the jungles and villages of Japanese occupied territories, you work your way through objectives while heavily camouflaged enemy soldiers create enough confusion to accidentally cause more than a few friendly-fire mistakes. This gives way to Nazi themed levels, with vehicles like tanks available for some gameplay.

The graphics are lush and wonderful, with beautiful night skies, swaying trees and brush, and occasional ambience like smoke from nearby fires and grenade explosions. All of it is wrapped in solid type and graphic design for level intros, and player deaths are characterized by a bleak Saving Private Ryan style drop-to the-ground-screen-goes-black-and-white-blood-fills-around-the-edges animation. Unfortunately the visuals aren’t as lushly layered with smoke, grime and dust as we’d like, but perhaps the historical accuracy of the game benefits from actually being able to see what’s going on.

Gameplay is solid if not a little scripted- you can die repeatedly but keep hammering through the objectives trying different tactics with each restart. Multiplayer is decent with some fun options (Nazi zombies, anyone?) involving all the solo and team play scenarios expected nowadays. The only drawback to this historical shooter is that we all know how the war ended, and pushing your way through the war with no fun surprise at the end can get old if you’re the type of gamer who also enjoys the horror and scifi variants on these types of games.


I want to thank our new game review PC for taking care of this.

To WIN a copy of the game all you need to do is click here and fill out the form and select “Giveaway” from the dropdown or send a email to giveaway(@)theworldsbestever.com and tell us how if you had this game. how it would change your life? That’s it, but be as creative as possible, and make it fun for the holidays!

useful? tavo touchscreen gloves


Tavo gloves allows you to operate your iphone or blackberry or ipod, without having to take them off. Great idea but it needs a little design. Maybe someone can come up with a finger condom to do this…. or maybe an adhesive sticker to put on your gloves. Any case this maybe the perfect gift for your geekiest friend.

Buy now. $25.95

wifi your audio


I24R3 wireless speaker system for EOps “with satellite speakers and a bass dock. Created by Michael Young.  The i24R3 includes a wireless USB audio transmitter dongle that lets you stream music from your iTunes or music programs on your computer.” For more info go here.

how big is your drive?


If you’re looking to get me a last minute gift then here it is. Or, if you’re looking for storage here’s a terabyte network drive. Western Digitals network 1 terabyte for $179.00, how the prices have fallen. Plus free shipping!

coolest viral nokia ad ever

Nokia has released the Bruce Lee edition of the Nokia N96

The phone has a picture of Bruce Lee on the back along with his signature. It also comes bundled with a bunch of rare photos of the Dragon as well as accessories and, best of all, a Bruce Lee doll.

Check out this amazing video.


guitar hero on a com64

The game looks as interesting as it does on a ps3 or xbox…..

smoking apple style

I don’t smoke, but if I did this would be the my case. But, you can put your weed in it.


really that many?

How many apps can you actually need on your iphone. Just ask Flickr user Sigalokos.

secret agent man

Omega is giving away little awesome usb drives to promote the 007 watch. By giving away I mean, PR. So we have one here took some pictures of package and the gear, check it out. Small as shit! Reminds me of Zoolander’s phone.

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keep your gear in case

You just bought yourself a new laptop, you need a case now. Pick up Incase’s all white 15inch laptop bag to go with your mac.

Britain Still Sucks

Gene P here, back from the dead to let you know, just in case you forgot, Britain still sucks my slimy ass.  I was in London a couple of weeks ago seeing TWBE first mate Chazz Constantine’s display at London design week and while sucking down beer that was flatter than the cottage cheese arsed girls flapping at the bar, I happened upon a catalogue which could only be created in the land of bangers and mash.  Who but a fat roast beef-faced brit needs a place where one could order incontinence pants, an invisible urinal, adult bib, the world’s lightest shoe AND a 65 piece 3D model all in one place?!  Being still in the old world I don’t know the new image viewer, so you’ll have to follow me after the jumperama-slamajama to see the rest of the ads…..

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electric conversion

I just stumbled across this one, it’s really cool. Here’s the background….Amazon is reporting a 6000% increase this summer from last on electric bikes. Here is an inexpensive electric bike conversion kit. It’s offered by a company called AmpedBikes. The kit will set you back $360.

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