Possibly the hardest puzzle in the world

The Rosetta Puzzle

Skateboarding Games forgotten by Time

Sk8 or Die! and 13 others right over at GamesRadar

Do You remember opening these up on Christmas Morning?

A brief ode to Nintendo Games of the 80s.  Great memories

When I get paid I will use these cards for my weekly game of War


Tauba Auerbach’s One Deck Of Cards produced by DZEK.

A series of playing card designs designed by Tauba Auerbach, released in two iterations, Shapes and
Functions. Each deck is produced in a hand numbered edition of 250
Designed by: Tauba Auerbach
Produced by: DZEK, New York
Year: 2009
Edition: 250 for each deck + 10 Artist Proofs
Cards: Graphite center card stock with plastic coat
Case: linen, cardboard, blind deboss, grosgrain ribbon
Dimensions: 2.75 x 3.75 x 1 in

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Would have loved to see how this ended up

TOTT x Mike Giant: Rollin’ High Dice Game


Aw yeah, this is a freshly designed dice set for ToTT Global featuring label art by Mike Giant. The release party is tonight in San Francisco at Medicine Agency Gallery (1262 Mason St San Francisco, CA 94108).  Buy the set here.

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your own, personal wii jesus

Mass we Pray. No need to go to church when you can pray it on the wii.  It’s a shame this is actually just a really great viral hoax in promotion of the video game Dante’s Inferno. A great comedic video promo for Wii Pray after the jump.
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Worship with the Gaming Masses

Sit back and watch the latest in gaming news, Inside Gaming, hosted by Dead Pixel. It’s got a good review of Assassin’s Creed 2 – the tidbits about controlling yourself as a baby just after being born and conversations with your mom about vaginas in the presence of Leonardo da Vinci sound kinda crazy. Then there’s Left 4 Dead 2, hot on the trails of the first gory version, so it suffers a bit for being more of the same but sounds like it manages to introduce some new enemies, new weapons, and new locations.

we can be heroes


or maybe just play

“Let’s Dance” era Bowie in Lego Rockband this coming holiday season.

friday night fights

By: PeteChicago

Take your shirt off, settle back into the couch, and get all sweaty with some hot heavyweight fantasy bouts like Tyson vs. Ali… just don’t get your ear bitten off.

Grab the Fight Night 4 demo, available now for download on Xbox Live/ PSN (consoles only, natch).



Playstation 4 concept

2k well spent, tabletop pacman


Tabletop Pacman from Hammacher Schlemmer

Monopoly City Streets


This has all the ingredients to become highly addictive.  You can buy the street that connects with the alley you smoked your first cigarette in.  Hell, you can buy the street you live on now.  I basically just bought a remote island near where I had blue crabs the other weekend.

Begin buying (playing) now

GTA always likes to push buttons…

“The Ballad of Gay Tony.” Well, this title should spark a little controversy. Just released is the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC.

Expected release date, October 29th. Only for Xbox 360.

Random You Tube Search

Searched the term ‘random’ this morning.

Made of Myth: How Tetris, arkanoid, sonic, pong, & Super Mario were Made

This is totally cool.  Photos by Marc da Cunha Lopes for Amusement Magazine.
(Thanks Chas!)

Pick the Perp


This is a highly addictive game on the internet.

(Thanks Hallie!)

win Tickets to the Glastonbury Festival


Our friends across the pond at Poke sent us a link to a game they just created for Orange. The game gives you the chance to win tickets to the Glastonbury Festival. You have until June 12th, so if you did not get any tickets or just have nothing to do and really like Flash, check out the game and play it here. Maybe we will get them to make a game for us to give something away…. any ideas?

look ma no hands

Microsoft unveils Natal, the hands free gaming system for xbox. Watch the infomercial to get the idea. It’s a little creepy but, this opens a whole new window for the porn industry… X-rated games anyone?

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