Inspected Gadget: Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS will be out sometime soon, and while we’re starting to see the start of 3D hitting our home a/v worlds, this device is of most interest because it uses a stereoscopic display to send the correct perspective images to your left and right eyes. Short version? It doesn’t require 3D glasses. 3D depth adjustment is controllable to adjust for your eyes – and there is a double lens camera on the device so that you can take photos that take advantage of the effect. Has all the usual DS features like wifi, backwards compatibility, and free online gaming access, but the processor has supposedly been upgraded.

Another nice touch: first game title it comes with is a new episode in the Kid Icarus series: “Uprising.” I lost weeks playing the original.

Kotaku has a nice guide to Nintendo’s latest portable.

Star Wars Kinect


Bikini Karate Babes

Never even knew this existed.

More on this ridiculously awesome game and the 2010 update at Vice

Inspected Gadget: Red Dead Redemption + Short Film

Ahh, Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games. Doesn’t even do it justice to say it’s Grand Theft Auto set in the wild west. A worthwhile investment. If you need to be convinced further or are already playing, check out this trailer for a short film making its debut Saturday night (May 29) at midnight ET/PT on FOX. Directed by John Hillcoat (Yes – the same guy who did The Road and The Proposition), entirely using the game’s graphic rendering engine as his camera.

As usual, Rockstar has a funny glitch or two in their games… check out the incredible donkey lady after the jump.

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Inspected Gadget: Nintendo NES / Sega Genesis Cartridge Converter

The Retrode converter is a USB cartridge converter that takes your old Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis cartridges and converts them to ROMs for use in desktop or mobile devise game ROM emulators. Having bought most of these games over 20 years ago, it’s amazing to continue getting use out of the original code.

Via Crunchgear

Morning Dose of Awesome

Tecmo Bowl Throwback is going to be a tight video game

Inspected Gadget: Sony announces “Playstation Move”

We’ve seen the Xbox Natal system use a camera and general hand gestures and set a vague date of “Holiday 2010″ – and now Sony is not going to stand by and let Microsoft be the only competitor trying to get to the top of the heap in gesture-based gaming.  The Sony Playstation Move seems to be a direct copy of the Wii’s control system but has an slightly tighter date of “Fall 2010.” The controller also looks, uhh, interesting.

At this point, isn’t it safe to say this a lack of innovation on the part Sony and Xbox? Or is this acceptance by the bean counters that Nintendo was on to something?

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The New Donkey Kong World Champion

Hank Chien scored 1,061,700 points to pass Steve Weibe and Billy Mitchell for the title.

Read an interview with the new champ at Twin Galaxies

Inspected Gadget: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2, the sequel to last year’s pretty lengthy strategy/first person shooter game, means I won’t be leaving the house much over the next couple of weeks. Deeper look at this immersive world after the jump. Amazon has both the Xbox 360 and Windows versions – even the standard and collector editions.

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consollection collection

Check out Consollections, a history of the game console.

Possibly the hardest puzzle in the world

The Rosetta Puzzle

Skateboarding Games forgotten by Time

Sk8 or Die! and 13 others right over at GamesRadar

Do You remember opening these up on Christmas Morning?

A brief ode to Nintendo Games of the 80s.  Great memories

When I get paid I will use these cards for my weekly game of War


Tauba Auerbach’s One Deck Of Cards produced by DZEK.

A series of playing card designs designed by Tauba Auerbach, released in two iterations, Shapes and
Functions. Each deck is produced in a hand numbered edition of 250
Designed by: Tauba Auerbach
Produced by: DZEK, New York
Year: 2009
Edition: 250 for each deck + 10 Artist Proofs
Cards: Graphite center card stock with plastic coat
Case: linen, cardboard, blind deboss, grosgrain ribbon
Dimensions: 2.75 x 3.75 x 1 in

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Would have loved to see how this ended up

TOTT x Mike Giant: Rollin’ High Dice Game


Aw yeah, this is a freshly designed dice set for ToTT Global featuring label art by Mike Giant. The release party is tonight in San Francisco at Medicine Agency Gallery (1262 Mason St San Francisco, CA 94108).  Buy the set here.

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your own, personal wii jesus

Mass we Pray. No need to go to church when you can pray it on the wii.  It’s a shame this is actually just a really great viral hoax in promotion of the video game Dante’s Inferno. A great comedic video promo for Wii Pray after the jump.
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Worship with the Gaming Masses

Sit back and watch the latest in gaming news, Inside Gaming, hosted by Dead Pixel. It’s got a good review of Assassin’s Creed 2 – the tidbits about controlling yourself as a baby just after being born and conversations with your mom about vaginas in the presence of Leonardo da Vinci sound kinda crazy. Then there’s Left 4 Dead 2, hot on the trails of the first gory version, so it suffers a bit for being more of the same but sounds like it manages to introduce some new enemies, new weapons, and new locations.

we can be heroes


or maybe just play

“Let’s Dance” era Bowie in Lego Rockband this coming holiday season.

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