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Ironic iphone stickers. Where’s the StarTac, or the Motorola Toaster?.. you know that big ass phone from back in the day with the pull antenna.

The Wii Spray Teaser

It has been a while since we last reported on the WiiSpray and it seems as if things are moving along quite well.  They have sponsorship from Montana and this video above shows the progress.

If you’re interested, there is more info here

iphone app of the week


Ok, there are a lot of apps for the iphone. One question. Do you need this one? Possibly! Cute Asian Girls is only .99 cents.

YUDU. Thoughts?


Has anybody used one of these?  We are putting out some TWBE gear for the warm weather and I’m trying to sort out if we should go the traditional screenprint way or get 21st century…

More info here

Parra Plays, a Parra iPhone App


Parra x Arkitip x incase = Parra Plays, a cool iPhone App for monotonous subway commutes and idle time hanging out on a corner looking cool.

Three games


It’s like a touch screen version of Whac-A-Mole. Touch the clouds before they pop! Sounds easy enough, right? Keep playing¦


Loosely based on Simon Says, but with a twist. You think you can break 100? Yeah right!


Very similar to the classic Memorycard game. Uncover the matching cards. The faster you do it, the better your score!

More information here

master blaster


Nixon‘s “The Master Blaster” headphones feature real handcrafted leather ear cans and headband with lightweight metal speaker cabinets that ensure comfort and durability.  Pick them up for $199.00. Nixon made great watches and now they make nice headphones.

gold standard


I saw this little number on Urban Outfitters website. Minox Leica Mini Digital Edition Camera. Only available online, this 5mp camera will definitely get you noticed. It will also set you back $350.00. It’s a Leica what can I say.

Here’s the lowdown.

“New from Minox’s Classic Camera series is this impressive and adorable miniaturized Leica M3, a 5.0 Megapixel digital camera with a long list of modern features, all wrapped up in a detailed 1/3-scale reproduction of the iconic Leica rangefinder with limited edition GoldDust trim. ” More info go here.


Afternoon Awareness


Joystick has finally been defined.  Thank you Olivia Munn.


Check out our pretty little android girl.
Via:we work for them

future sex

Ben Hoffmanwent to the Adult Entertainment Expo for current tv. He had a look at all that’s new in sex technology. There are some priceless moments here.

Not for Toys


These markers are for both display and action.

the life and times of the internet

A beautiful graphic representation by Picol, of how the internet evolved and eventually changed your life. The cool thing about this video is that by the end, you will know what the hell the techies are actually talking about.

Via Fubiz.

leica D-Lux 4 titan


My first digital camera was the Leica Digilux 1, this is my next one. Leica D-Lux 4 “Titan” is a limited edition version of the D-Lux 4. It has a beautiful design, the Leica Lens, and 10.1 megapixels is perfect. What more can you ask for? Well, you can ask for the camera.  For more details go here.

rjdj iphone sampling

RJDJ is an interactive iPhone application that allows anyone to make a sampled song on the fly. You need to see the video to understand it. The result is a composition that the creators describe as “reactive.” Here’s their site for more info.

back it up


Clickfree, backup. Just plug it in and you’re good to go since the software is built into the hard drive. The other option, the Transformer, is a little USB attachment that lets you convert any old USB hard drive to a backup drive.

“You won’t believe how easy this is – just take it out of the box, connect the USB cable to your computer, and you’re done. All of your precious photos, music, video, email, business documents and so much more is automatically backed up. It’s true, you just connect it to your computer and the backup will all be totally automatic, you don’t have to install or set up any software, Clickfree™ will do it all for you right out of the box. One Clickfree™ portable backup drive can backup multiple computers!”

lomo comes to the iphone(sort of)



Toy Camera is one of the best app’s on the iphone if you’re into photography. Basically, it turns your so-so camera on the iphone into a “lomo-esque” Toy camera. You do not have control over the effects it applies but, it makes your bad photos look good. It’s the 1970’s all over again and the best $1.99 I have spent.

apple introduces the macbook wheel

Today is Macworld and why not make a little fun at all the hype. Check out apples new gear. The Onion has the exclusive report. I love dry humor.

limited edition Pentax


Pentax is putting out a limited edition, all-white k2000. It might be the perfect entry level DSLR camera you need to start your photography career.  The camera comes with DA L 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL lens, and a white smc Pentax DA L 50-200mm F4-5.6 AL lens. For the full details of the camera go here.

useful? tavo touchscreen gloves


Tavo gloves allows you to operate your iphone or blackberry or ipod, without having to take them off. Great idea but it needs a little design. Maybe someone can come up with a finger condom to do this…. or maybe an adhesive sticker to put on your gloves. Any case this maybe the perfect gift for your geekiest friend.

Buy now. $25.95

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