solar powered iphone dock


Save some energy and save some money, all the while looking good doing it. This pretty awesome looking solar charger for your iphone/ipod is from Regen.


Helping you achieve dirty perv status one gadget at a time


The Fake Keychain Car Key Lock Security Spy Camera

The Japanese Noodle Slide


Fun for the whole family.  Anyone know where I can get the Italian Spaghetti Slide?

Buy it here

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Break some off, R2


This is the droid you’re looking for. As well as this pimp ass ATAT boom box

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It’s not a cigarette, it’s a marker. I mean…


An interesting way to inconspicuously catch tags, or take notes, or whatever.

excess, expensive, cool

If you have money to burn (some do, some don’t) this is the excess item of the month! The Obscura CueLight pool table is from Esquire’s ultimate bachelor pad in NYC. It features a sensor system and projector that illuminates an image only where the balls are on the table. Its definitely looks fun to play.

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I forg0t to mention it costs $200,000!

can you bring a date for my friend?


The Dell iphone-esque leaked. It’s very similar to the iPhone, only fatter. For more info go here. Do you really want one?

Star trek out your home


Lutron lighting is pimp! Now you can have the halo deck/enterprise feel in your home with this single touch lighting switch that comes in 10 colors and 11 metal finishes. The only problem is you probably can only afford just one.

Nixon plugs


Very cool Nixon headphones. They come in black, red, and white for only $40.00. I am feeling the red pair (above).

a special edition


Urban Outfitters has partnered with The Impossible Project to help restart and reinvent instant film photography. The Impossible Project bought all the machinery and equipment at Polaroid’s Dutch factory where the instant films were made. Urban Outfitters is helping them bring it back for 2010.

More details and dates after the jump…

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fat bacon sounds


Created by I.D.E.A., Ceramic Pig speakers with a tail for a cord. This is such a great idea. Why do your speakers have to look like speakers? They are available in black, white, shiny gold and pink. Only in Japan for around $50 USD.

travel zen


If you need to travel this might be a good bag to pack, Travel Zen. It hooks onto the back of the seat in front of you to keep all of your gear accessible.

Available here.


3GS mount enhances performance for guerrilla videographers


We all know the iPhone 3gs is all about video. Now. we have gonzo gadgets that will make taking videos easier. At first I thought this was a new game controller, at least now you will not drop the thing when you’re trying to make a short film.


blackbook pro


I miss the black Macbooks…. until now.

Colorware‘s black 15-inch Macbook Pro with SofTouch material has got a slick matte black finish.  “Other features include a custom matte screen, a 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and an aire of exclusivity that only a limited edition run of ten units can buy.” Check out Colorware’s site for more photos.


The 6 Foot Remote Controlled RMS Titanic


Just think, if you were really sick and twisted you could put a multitude of small living creatures and insects on it and play God.  Too soon?


make your own lane


Make your own lane….The device attaches to the back of your bike frame and an illuminated bike lane appears instantly. Although the LightLane isn’t available to the public just yet, this product will give bikers the space they need on those all too many roads without bike lanes. I think a better use would be to sell advertising to bike messengers….two for one Domino’s Pizza delivers….

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who needs a usb light?

Heinz unveiled the world’s smallest microwave.

“Apart from its size, the key breakthrough is the use of a combination of mobile phone radio frequencies to create the heat to cook both on the outside and within in under a minute….
“It is possible to heat a pie, a burger, a cup of soup or tea in quick time,” said [Beanzawave designer Gordon Andrews].”


the coolest usb key ever


This is the by far the coolest USB Key. Created by Lacie and the french design firm 5.5 Designers, itsaKey makes you look pimp. Comes with a 2 yr warranty and comes in 4-8gbs. If you need to carry one then this is it. Nothing more need to be said, except it looks f@cking cool. More info here.

One thing I realized, if your drunk you might loose all your work when you try to get into your apartment with it.

When I become a dirty perv, this is on the top of my list


The lighter spy camcorder.

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