Going Off The Grid Is Getting Easier

The SolarHome 620 by BioLite.


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Clean Machine

Dyson plans on going into the electric car market by 2020.


Yung Alky

Supreme breaks out the breathalyzer keychain for 2018.


Spendin’ Like You’re Seven

The EZ Wallet from The Hillside.


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Big Boy Toy

The GT Pro Performer 29″ BMX Bike.


Stay Sharp

Gentleman’s Comb by Good Worth & Co.


Gadget Magnate

The DryGuy Force Dry takes the wet out of your winter wear.


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Focus on Self

The Ostrich Pillow reduces itself to an eye covering.


Return of the Robo-Dog

For a long time I considered the trusty Roomba to be my best robotic friend. Now, this may change because Sony is bringing back Aibo, their AI puppy legacy which has advanced to become capable of forming an emotional bond with its owner.


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Refrigerator Curator

Dolce Gabbana x SMEG.


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Space for Games

Analogue’s Super Nt is “the definitive way to explore Nintendo’s 16-bit era.”


Dark Side of the Floors

Samsung’s new limited edition Star Wars POWERbot vacuums will suck the microbial life out of your home.


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