A sleek bookcase with an integrated marble bluetooth speaker. Designed by Claudio Larcher for Clique.

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You Can Obviously Afford To Keep The Lights On


Gino Sarfatti’s Model 548 Table Lamp, 1951

Pyramid Terrarium


A master of angles, Matt W. Moore has created this beautiful pyramid for plants out of White Oak, Mahogany, and Black Walnut. A striking addition to any space, the Pyramid Terrarium is available through his home goods / furniture brand Core Deco

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HUF Green


Modernica’s limited edition run of collector’s chairs with HUF Worldwide are something to sit on and think about for a second.

Watch The Throne


The Iota folding toilet

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Sit’em on the Glass


The ‘Man Machine’ Chaise by Konstantin Grcic

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Basic Illumination


The Henk Lamp by Jos Blom

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The Great Doodle Scroll


Designed by Kirsten Camara, the Analog Memory Desk features two large spools connected by 1100 yds of butcher paper flowing over a glass-topped, hard maple surface and frame. It is, as Kirsten explains it, “a desk to record all the small items you write down once, but intend to forget tomorrow.”

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Bacterio Bookends

TOC Studio produced an edition of bookends in wood and steel with a Bacterio laminate exterior. The laminate was designed by Ettore Sottsass for Abet Laminati in 1978 as an expression of anti-design and the miscegenation of high and low culture. Get them here.

For Advanced Relaxing, The World’s First Performance Recliner


The Natuzzi Re-vive

Inspired by the Hypotenuse of a Right Triangle


Theorem, an LED desk lamp by DAMM

Plant Pods


Great looking wall-mounted planters for succulents and cacti

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