recline in the woods


Cabela’s Theater Group Recliner is pimp!  We love Mid-Century furniture but, this would be something else in your 1800 sq ft all white loft. You have to admit it how cool this would be in that context. Either that or you can just get real lazy and relaxed while you’re hunting. Buy the Cabela’s Theater Group Recliner for $999.00 here.

keep it in the corner


Dylan Gold’s Corner Coffee table is really cool. So cool, I would pay the $1900 for it (if I had that kind of money to spend on a coffee table). But, you can buy Dylan Gold’s Corner Coffee table here.

imaginary number


“Imaginary” is a table that refers to the mathematical term of  “imaginary number.”

What is an imaginary number? according to Wik,

“An imaginary number, in mathematics, is a number in the form bi where b is a real number and i is the square root of minus one, known as the imaginary unit. Imaginary numbers and real numbers may be combined as complex numbers in the form a + bi where a and b are called the “real part” and the “imaginary part” of a + bi. Imaginary numbers can therefore be thought of as complex numbers where the real part is zero. The square of an imaginary number is a negative real number.”

More photos of the table here.

The clutch chair


The clutch chair, created from drinking straws by designer Scott Jarvie. A nice comment on disposable culture.

house industries neutra boomerang chair


Now taking orders, House Industries Neutra Boomerang Chair comes in maple or walnut with black or natural webbing. Available here

very little here


This is beautiful. Japanese design studio Nendo, created a chair made of hollowed-out pieces of wood covering a metal frame.  The legs of the chair are only 15 mm in diameter. For more details and photos checkout Dezeen.

thx-1138 in style


I am not sure how comfortable it is but, if it looks this good, does it matter? Designed by Lucas Saule.

BTW there is also a matching chair.

the Ultimate folding table


Designed by Italian Lodovico Bernardi.


set up your desk


A beautiful desk lamp by London designer Benjamin Hubert for Decode London. These are nice, heavy concrete and amazing. For more photos go here.

Via Dezeen.

open air modern opens its doors


Our good friends at Open Air Modern are opening their doors this weekend, with an official “party” opening next week. Make sure to head over there if you are in the need for books, furniture, lighting, and a good time! Matt, the owner of OAM, is really cool and extremely knowledegable about everything they have. It’s not one of those “hipster” snotty inventory selling stores. So check them out here if you need directions.

Currently available now, DANISH MODERN EXECUTIVE STYLE WALNUT DESK(pictured above) $850.00 buy now

ikea 2010


Decorate your new cheap Williamsburg condo with the new 2010 Ikea Catalog.

The entire catalog is online so check it now.


The Grizzly-Bear Chair

And you thought you were the first one to think out of the box.


rolf sachs’s hair and snakes inspired work


“Rita wig lamp” left,  and “constrictor” right, are just two of Rolf Sachs works. Check out his site to see and learn more about the artist.


Noel Duigan’s throNE


Every player needs a throne… Check out designer Noel Duigan’s collection of furniture. Ex UAE military turned designer, who studied in Italy has created some interesting combinations. Check out his site to see all the styles, there are so many to choose from.

low down….

The product is 100% made in Italy, all my original designs.  Beech wood, fire resistant foam and fabric.
Bespoke pieces available on request, also do children’s range, and beds. Available for delivery anywhere in the world. Currently I am located in Dubai, but trying to get set up in LA.

outstock design


Design collective Outstock Design (who were part of Milan 09) created this nice simple chair.


design is in Meat(packing)


This Weekend May 14-17th don’t miss ‘NY local’, an exhibition curated by designboom that presents the work of some of the big apple’s best transplants, expats, design veterans and rising stars.
‘NY local’ is part of an off-site event program in the meatpacking district.

Make sure to check out the work by TWBE’s friend Matt Gagnon ( “grid wall” featured above)
Matt’s work can be described as complex concepts executed elegently.(that’s just me)

Here’s the list:
lindsey adelman
matt gagnon
paul loebach
kiel mead
alissia melka-teichroew
jason miller
takeshi miyakawa
RBW (RichBrilliantWilling)
garth roberts
john truex
matthew weatherly

cracked gold


This amazing table designed by Dylan Gold was part of LA’s Modern Design Functions Exhibition, Check out all his work on his site and for more coverage of the show, go here.

be careful where you sit, really


This is from a Milan Design Week Preview on Core77.

Prickly Chairs by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers at Designersblock

more images after the jump.

[Read more]

have a seat


We’re not sure what’s going on over at Urban, but they have stepped it up a bit. The catalogs are tasty and the products are surprising. I know the urban uk carries some high(er) end designs and it now looks like the U.S. site has some nice things as well. For example, this Acacia Wood Twist Stool.

“Hand-carved and completely eco-friendly is this Twist Stool, made from the thick branches of the quick-growing Acacia tree in Thailand – where each branch is cut and carved to order (allowing the tree to continue growing). ”

Click here to buy for $220.00

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