The Grizzly-Bear Chair

And you thought you were the first one to think out of the box.


rolf sachs’s hair and snakes inspired work


“Rita wig lamp” left,  and “constrictor” right, are just two of Rolf Sachs works. Check out his site to see and learn more about the artist.


Noel Duigan’s throNE


Every player needs a throne… Check out designer Noel Duigan’s collection of furniture. Ex UAE military turned designer, who studied in Italy has created some interesting combinations. Check out his site to see all the styles, there are so many to choose from.

low down….

The product is 100% made in Italy, all my original designs.  Beech wood, fire resistant foam and fabric.
Bespoke pieces available on request, also do children’s range, and beds. Available for delivery anywhere in the world. Currently I am located in Dubai, but trying to get set up in LA.

outstock design


Design collective Outstock Design (who were part of Milan 09) created this nice simple chair.


design is in Meat(packing)


This Weekend May 14-17th don’t miss ‘NY local’, an exhibition curated by designboom that presents the work of some of the big apple’s best transplants, expats, design veterans and rising stars.
‘NY local’ is part of an off-site event program in the meatpacking district.

Make sure to check out the work by TWBE’s friend Matt Gagnon ( “grid wall” featured above)
Matt’s work can be described as complex concepts executed elegently.(that’s just me)

Here’s the list:
- lindsey adelman
- matt gagnon
- paul loebach
- kiel mead
- alissia melka-teichroew
- jason miller
- takeshi miyakawa
- RBW (RichBrilliantWilling)
- garth roberts
- john truex
- matthew weatherly

cracked gold


This amazing table designed by Dylan Gold was part of LA’s Modern Design Functions Exhibition, Check out all his work on his site and for more coverage of the show, go here.

be careful where you sit, really


This is from a Milan Design Week Preview on Core77.

Prickly Chairs by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers at Designersblock

more images after the jump.

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have a seat


We’re not sure what’s going on over at Urban, but they have stepped it up a bit. The catalogs are tasty and the products are surprising. I know the urban uk carries some high(er) end designs and it now looks like the U.S. site has some nice things as well. For example, this Acacia Wood Twist Stool.

“Hand-carved and completely eco-friendly is this Twist Stool, made from the thick branches of the quick-growing Acacia tree in Thailand – where each branch is cut and carved to order (allowing the tree to continue growing). ”

Click here to buy for $220.00

Almost Horny for this table


If this table had been made from two actual ram’s heads instead of brass and glass, it would have been on another level.

Details here

via, BoingBoing

Reyes will customize your bed


Reyes sent us over images of a newly completed project he did involving a seriously fresh customization of a japanese flat bed.  Here’s what he had to say:

“Recently I undertook another interior design project, this time on a japanese flat bed. The client loved the work so much they purchased a painting from me to complete their bedroom motif. The interior design projects are a great use of my painting abilities, keep an eye out for a new signature line of tables, benches and chairs by yours truly. thanks to Julio,Ann, and Dylan Maddux”

More info on Reyes here, and a couple more images after the jump

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a very cool table and chairs


Galets created by the French designer Ludovic Renson features a low roto-molded table and stools. They are chrome-painted with a bamboo insert on the surface.

Minimal and Sleek


I noticed this chair the other day at Georgia Tapert Living in Soho.  Designed by Charles Constantine, the chair is crafted from Solid Maple and Natural Rubber and—given the look—is surprisingly comfortable to sit in.  More information here and here.

stack your pad


Ooch Chair from the mind of Sam Sannia, whose other designs are equally quirky and similarly intriguing. Check out his website for more info on Sannia.

Organized kaos



Check out this limited edition “Alice in Wonderland” piece from Boca do Lobo, a Portuguese company which produces high decoration furniture. This really would making getting dressed in the morning fun. It also comes in black.

classic modern design

Why design matters. There is something about a well designed chair that needs to be appreciated. Wikkelsø for Willadsen is a rare mix of old library cushy leather and sleek modernism. Via:mcm Start looking on ebay.

half to share

Splinter Chair designed by Mathew Kroeker for Jane Hamley Wells, winner of the 2007 NeoCon.

macbook pro accessory

I keep seeing this ad in design mags so I had to take a look and see what they have. They have a lot. This desk is my favorite. It comes in a few finishes but the white is my favorite. Beautiful simple design by Nueva Linea.

light up your work

This is a beautiful table lamp by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. The lamp was concieved in 03′ I would say its held up.

For more photos click here. Her site is not too helpful on seeing here body of work, but you can see some more of her work here and read a little interview with her.

Bedside Mini-Bar

This mini bar designed by Leonhard Pfeifer would be a great touch next to a low lying bed.  Available through the Moma Store.

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