Brothers Brunch

If you’re in Los Angeles on June 1st make sure you go enjoy a special pop-up brunch prepared by actual brothers Jason & Chris Stewart at the Underground Gallery. The menu includes some really interesting stuff like Spam Musubi, Crispy Lentil Hash and Fried Snapper Soft Scramble. I asked the bros a few questions about cooking together, developing a menu and opening a restaurant. They were also kind enough to share the recipe for the Stewtella & Pear Panini with whipped honey-thyme ricotta, which you can find below.
— Chris Black / @donetodeath
Did you guys cook a lot together growing up?

We didn’t cook together that much until high school, we were both vegan at the time, and we’d have our friends come over and cook veggie burgers and tater rots while we watched Martin Lawrence stand up DVDs.
The menu looks great. Which dish was the most difficult to develop?

Thanks! The most difficult dish to develop was probably the musubi. It’s a super simple dish but you really want to get the sushi rice just right, it takes chefs years to perfect their sushi rice, I’m still improving every time, thanks to some help from actual chefs and Japanese friends.
Should we expect to see a proper restaurant from you guys in the future?

We were originally planning on opening a proper restaurant, but since this is our first venture we wanted to pump the brakes a bit and start slow, give us a chance to make mistakes and figure out exactly what we want to do before making that huge leap.
Stewtella & Pear Panini with whipped honey-thyme ricotta
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Worth a Try


Peanut Butter–Sriracha Toast can’t be any worse than My Grandmother’s Peanut Butter and Ketchup Sandwich. In fact, it’s probably better.

Photograph by Danny Kim


Learn Something New Every Day


Alton Brown’s Wok Fried (Chunky) Peanut Butter

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Weekend Morning Gourmandism


An easy to make Crescent Bacon Breakfast Ring

Hard to Say Fast, and Even Harder to Share


Crisp, Flaky, Pepperoni Pizza Puff Pastry Waffles

The Good, The Fat, The Delicious


Bacon and Beer Cheese Stuffed Brussels Sprouts are now a thing that has to be made.

On a side note: Our recipe section is not for the skinny

Why Does This Happen? And More Importantly, How Does It Taste?


Deep Fried Doritos Crusted Bacon

If You Feel Obligated to Have a Mexican-Themed Drink Today


Paloma, the working man’s margarita.

Photo by James Ransom

Weekend Morning Gourmandism


Crispy Cheesey Potato Waffles

Hello Delicious!


Koopa Troopa Bacon Turtle Burgers

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The Search For General Tso


This documentary film traces the origins of Chinese American cuisine through what is arguably its most famous dish, General Tso Chicken. Grab some take-out and take in the trailer in, or better yet, make your own.

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Another Very Strong Argument for Keeping a Mini Deep Fryer in the Kitchen


Lobster Tater Tots

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