Kanon Organic Vodka gets the Neistat Treatment

Kanon‘s bottle is pretty tight too.

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Back Forty’s Summer Crab Boils

Last night a group of us went over to Back Forty to celebrate my birthday and eat some crabs. Given that New York is a couple hundred miles from crab country in the Chesapeake, we didn’t set our hopes particularly high especially since none of us had ever eaten crabs in a dining room.  Well, we were amazed. The crab boil at Back Forty is legit.  Nice sized crabs in an abundant amount, fantastic potatoes, even better corn, and pitchers upon pitchers of beer.  We picked and ate for a solid two hours.  If this sounds like something you want to do, act fast. The crab boils end next week with a two day extravaganza. Tickets are on sale now for Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The Looftlighter

The BBQ game has changed. By utilizing hot air, the Swedish-designed Looftlighter reaches temperatures in excess of 1000º Fahrenheit, and can start a fire in as little as 15 seconds. If this thing can go wireless, it will make matches and lighter fluid obsolete while also simultaneously becoming the weapon of choice for pyros.

Available through Thinkgeek for $79.99

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It’s National Waffle Day

Today, way back in 1869, Cornelius Troy received the first patent for a waffle iron. We encourage West Coast folks on the casual to celebrate and get one for breakfast.

photo courtesy of waffle lover Roger Gastman

Morning Dose of Awesome

Macho Salad


The I Hate to Cook Book: 50th Anniversary Edition

Buy it here

Need it bad

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Rémy Martin V

The first clear spirit from the House of Rémy Martin. Bay Area and folks from Atlanta, you’re in luck as the soon-to-be-drank is coming your way in September.  And for those wondering how to pronounce it, it’s “Vee.”


(Thanks Beatty!)

Taste Testing Heirloom Tomatoes

NY Mag gets informative and delicious.

What It Is: Kraft Homestyle Deluxe Mac & Cheese

Over the past week or so, I’d been hearing buzz about Kraft having an adult version of their Macaroni and Cheese. I saw the commercial, went to the supermarket, and decided to try a bag (not box) out. Here are the results.

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“We Eat So Many Shrimp, I Got Iodine Poisoning”

Shrimp Season has opened in the Gulf of Mexico, and I’ll use any excuse to quote one of my favorite rap lyrics.  However, the problem is not consumers eating too many gulf shrimp, it’s that they are not eating enough. That, combined with problems of catching the tasty critters due to the disruption of temperature and salinity in the water is a cause for concern.

More on it all at the NY Times

Ice Cream Truck Wars: NYC

Mister Softee vs Softy Cream. The battling starts around the 2 minute mark.

via, gothamist

Do It Yourself

From the brilliant Burger Lab: The Ins-n-Outs of an In-N-Out Double-Double

  1. The patties: 2 ounces each, pressed flat to 4-inches in diameter
  2. The bun: Arnold, toasted whole in a 400 degree oven for 2 minutes, cut sides toasted on a lightly greased hot skillet until dark brown
  3. Pickles: Standard on the Animal-style burger. Four dill chips
  4. Real American cheese: Thick-sliced, from the deli
  5. Black pepper: Fresh ground
  6. Kosher salt: Lots.
  7. Iceberg lettuce: Fresh, leaves picked, core removed, torn to bun-size
  8. Tomato: The best hothouse tomatoes I could find, sliced 1/4-inch thick
  9. Spread: Tangy, sweet, creamy, delicious
  10. Caramelized onions: The stuff dreams are made of
  11. Yellow mustard: Signature Animal-Style trick

Eat W/Reez

The Oaks Gourmet Market

Black forrest bacon and smoked jalapeño-pineapple compote

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Eating Maryland Blue Crabs

This horribly written story made me hungry

Nom Skulls

Cupcakes on the brain.

Get them here

Mavea Water Filtration Pitcher

I’ve been using a Mavea water filtration pitcher for around a month, and I couldn’t be happier. As evidenced by the shot of my fridge, all I do is drink water, and this makes it delicious. The design is pretty rad too, with four rubber corners on the bottom for supreme traction and sleek lines all around. Mavea pitchers are made in Germany by the company who sold the Brita naming rights to Clorox years ago, so if you want some luxury filtration with no bleachy associations, look here.

The Mexican Pile-up

From Gavin McInnes:

“it’s a variation of a drink we discovered in LA called the Mexican car crash, which is a half pint of margarita with a beer stuffed in it upside down, a Mexican pileup is a pitcher of margarita with 2 to 8 beers stuck in it depending on pitcher size, then you use 151 to light the bottom of the beers on fire. It’s scorpion bowl meets car bomb meets Mexico. (invented by Bryce Fanich)”

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