Nachofying the Oscars

Ok, sure, why not?

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Make Your Own Jerky

Damn, this could make for a tasty weekend. Chow drops the knowledge on how to make jerky in your own kitchen.

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Kenny Scharf’s Donut Paintings

THREE DOZEN! is on view at Paul Kasmin Gallery until February 26th, 2011.

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Karen O and a Panther

So this is what Karen O’s been up to recently…Absolut Wild Tea.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video featuring Karen O and a panther after the jump

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The Best Places in America to Eat Oysters

Just like everything else that is good and living, oysters are going extinct. Eater put together a Doomsday Map, noting the best places to eat oysters before they’re no more.

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Donut French Toast

Sounds easy enough, right?

From Nigella

Donut French Toast


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The Drunk Diet


Cheesesteak on Vacation

via, the Whoa!

Oliverio at Avalon Beverly Hills

If you’re ever in the LA area and want a relaxing lunch in old school California luxury, this is the spot.

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Building a Better Dining Experience

Stack-&-Snack from Fred Flare

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Wow, this exists.  Not even sure if wings are necessary anymore if you have a bowl of Buffalo Chicken Dip in front of you.  The recipe comes from Brown Eyed Baker, who has a great line-up of Super Bowl eats this week.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Yield: About 12 servings

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Amish Raw Milk Smugglers

Never knew there was a market for this.

Read about it and watch a video at The Daily

Burger Bean Bag Chair

Good enough to eat a burger on.

Available through Woouf

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Love…Veggie Love

Way to go Peta!

via, buzzfeed

Jail Recipes

Kinda sad there was only one episode of this. Thirstin Howl The 3rd aka Chef Survival Kit shows you how to make PULPO & CALAMARES IN RICE.
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Story of My Life

Learning to Cook

via, Laughing Squid

Le Whaf

Forget about eating, and chewing your food. The future is inhaling.

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Old Bay Wings

Wing Week at Serious Eats is a thing of beauty.  5 different mouth-watering recipes, including these Old Bay Wings. Yum.

Old Bay Wings

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Taco Flavored Doritos

They just taste better in this limited-edition packaging.  Did you know that the word “dorito” means “little gold” in Spanish?

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