Checking in with Fancy Fast Food

It’s been a while since I looked at the website Fancy Fast Food, as the internet has a tendency to forget things.  I am glad to note that they are doing just fine and still creating culinary magic out of normal fast food.  Case in point, Chicken Pizza Masala using ingredients from Pizza Hut.

  • 1 medium Hand-Tossed Style Pizza with chicken, onions, and tomatoes; extra sauce, but easy on the cheese (unsliced)
  • 1 order of buffalo wings (6) with blue cheese dressing (2)
  • 3 orders of mariana sauce
  • 1 bottle of water
  • organic coriander (for garnish and an extra touch of irony)

Learn how to make it here

Cheesy Gif Magic

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Sammy’s BAR-B-Q

Yesterday, I was able to get over to Sammy’s Bar-B-Q in Dallas, Texas during the 4 hour daily window (11am – 3pm) that they’re open.  That above is sliced beef with ridiculous bbq sauce, accompanied by some partly mashed baked potatoes covered in cheese. There’s also some salad and texas toast to boot.  RECOMMENDED.

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For the Wine-Loving Car Collector

Chrome decanters made to look like the grills of old luxury automobiles. More here

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Dairy never looked so good

Depot WPF Branding Agency out of Russia created these award winning designs for MLK.

More here

Artist Cocktails

Presented from the menu at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. The David Ellis seems pretty complicated, while I’m fairly certain I’ll now be drinking a Futura every morning with my coffee… (Thanks Liz & Laura!)

Squid Ink, Hot Sauce, 151, Olive Brine, Horseradish

Vanilla Vodka, Grand Marnier, Orange Juice

Vodka, Black Rasberry Liquer, Cranberry Juice

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Fish Tacos in Ensenada

This man sought out the best, and in turn made us want to go on vacation.

See it all here

Max Fish Looking For a New Home

Total bummer to hear.

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The Baconator Sushi Roll

More bro-food to the max in Epic Meal Time’s latest installment, Fast Food Sushi.

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New McDonald’s Burgers on Pita, Bagel, and Foccacia

I wonder if McDonald’s thinks America is too stupid to eat these, and that is the reason why we get no exotic burger love?  If not, McDonald’s World is a great idea for a Times Square fast food spot.

more at Burger Business

How to Make Iced Tea with Steve Sutton

Watch this. guaranteed weird.

My Grandmother’s Peanut Butter and Ketchup Sandwich

Before a couple days ago, eating this had become one of the biggest fears in my life. I overcame that fear.

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Here are Eight Food Recalls that helped create the Latest Food Safety Bill. From Good. Click here to see it big

Make Donuts at Home

Sunbeam’s Donut Maker…they need a Simpson’s edition

19 Business Days Until Christmas

Now until Christmas Eve we’ll be posting one product a day to help make the holiday the most gifted one yet

Santa Cruz Roskopp Bottle Opener ($9.99)

Siberian Bear Dumplings

Last week we were talking about eating lion and other game, and now, reinforcing our desire to taste exotic meats is this article in The Atlantic by Ben Shaw titled Bear: A Meat Worth Trying.

“First bite? Juicy, rich, earthy, and savory, with a twang of something that said, “I am not beef.” Holly and I thought it reminded us of the wonderful yak meat momos we’d eaten at a Tibetan restaurant in Minnesota years ago. No strong odor, no off taste. This was some damn good bear.”

We’re down.

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Cornish Blue, The World’s Best Cheese (in 2010)

Congrats to the Cornish Cheese Co. for taking home the top prize at last week’s World Cheese Awards, an event we e have to attend next year.

Order yourself some here

Snap, the Thanksgiving Dessert Drink

Really, we couldn’t think of anything else that would drift you cozily through the deep digestion of Thanksgiving than a couple glasses of Snap.

If Tiny Margaritas Are Your Thing

We present this cute little personal size drink from Patrón.

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