Beer Can Chicken Cooker

So necessary.

on sale at Cabela’s ($6.99 – $12.49)

Homemade Kit Kat Bars

Serious Eats adapted Paula Deen’s recipe for Homemade Kit Kat Bars, and dangerously, they are pretty easy to make.

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Pee-wee Herman Portrait Plate

The Most Effective Hangover Cure Ever

Coffee and Aspirin. Thanks Science!

If interested, you can peep the Anatomy of a Hangover here.

via, The Telegraph

Saturday’s Breakfast


The mouth watering website The Meaning of Pie puts together a nice how-to on creating this delicious beast.

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Morning Dose of The Leidenfrost Effect

Leidenfrost effect – “When a drop of liq­uid first con­tacts a sur­face that is much hot­ter than water’s boil­ing point, an extremely thin layer of vapor forms under the drop. This layer of vapor sus­pends the drop slightly above the sur­face, cre­at­ing the hov­er­ing effect. The vapor also acts as an insu­la­tion layer between the sur­face and liq­uid, keep­ing the liq­uid from rapidly boil­ing away.”

See it in action at 3,000 frames per sec­ond.


Fortunato No. 4

Anything that can be described as a “high-butterfat chocolate” must be delicious. Plus, peep the supply chain “Once harvested, the beans are transported first by foot, then by burro & motorcycle, & finally by all-terrain vehicle for quality post-harvest processing.” Impressive.

NY Times has a story about a great discovery of rare, pure Nacional cacao beans in a mountain valley of Marañón River in northern Peru.

You can buy the chocolate exclusively in the US at Moonstruck.

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Macaroni & Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon

This creation will be made at home.

Like a Sandwich Bluetooth

The Hands Free Sandwich Holder

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Picture of the Day

Napkins at a Tom Sachs Party.

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Zingerman’s Mail Order Bread

My sister gifted me four loaves of bread from Zingerman’s for Christmas.  What you see above is the Paesano loaf, all I can say is that this, and the rest were truly spectacular and delicious.

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The Elvis

The man would have been 76 this Saturday.  Here’s to his favorite sandwich: Peanut Butter, Banana, Bacon, and Honey on toasted white bread.

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How to Use the Back Page of a Magazine to Open a Beer

Carlsberg’s Probably the best ad in the world

The McFarmer

A French take on rural, American culture.

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Literally, a Pan Cake

From Food52:

1966: David Eyre’s Pancake

Serves 2 to 4

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A Brief Interview with Steel about The Good, The Bad, & The Cheesy

More info on the show here

The Epic Eggroll

I’d definitely be interested in trying one of these as long as I wasn’t getting bro’ed at from behind.

Ingredients: Peanut Butter Dumplings, General Tso Chicken, Cantonese Style Chow Mein, and Chicken Fried Rice wrapped up in Egg Roll Batter.

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The More You Know: Anatomy of a Hangover

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Roger Gastman Eats Wendy’s New Sea Salt Fries

I must say that I am an expert at fast food joints fries. I have always really liked Wendy’s fries. I really like dipping them in the Frosty. When I started seeing all these ads for new Wendy’s fries I got very concerned! I tried to get them on xmas eve but they were closed. I ended up there yesterday. Basically Wendys is going for the boardwalk fry thing. All in all they were still yummy as crap. But not as good as their old fries. The sea salt they brag about putting on them didn’t seem so sea like. You know who needs new fries? Burger King. Fries what up!

Roger Gastman

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