The Patty Melt


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The History of Egg Transportation

The things we take for granted.

Part 1 & Part 2

This Is A Rhyme About Dinner Time

Prepare to be cuted the fugout. By Heaps Decent.

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Peaches in Guacamole?

Imagining how this would taste is very difficult.

Photo by Jennifer Levin

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Sixpoint Brownstone

The first beer that Sixpoint ever made is now available in a can. Perfect for the stoop at the end of the Summer, although watch out for the cops who deem private property public.

The Cinnabon Burger

Try this?

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Let’s Get Weird

Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Man and Monkey, Similar in So Many Ways

Never mind the fact of why it is drinking in the first place.

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Bacon S’mores


Orange Wine

Booze I did not know existed.

Photo: Jeremy Parzen

Painting That Healthy Lifestyle

Blu lends some street art cred to vegetarians at the DesOrdes Creativas 2012.

Detailed shots here

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Food Sketches

Erin Yang makes abstract illustrations of food she enjoys when eating out. Above is the Kung Pao Pastrami with peanuts, celery, red peppers and Tianjin chiles from Mission Chinese in NYC.

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