Morning Dose of Meat Love

Jan Švankmajer



Someone actually gave a name to the act of drying out after the new year.

Benefits include lowered cholesterol, weight loss, improved sleep patterns and alertness, as well as liver recovery. There are some drawbacks though, such as annoying friends by talking too much about how you’re not drinking. Talking too much in general because you have so much more energy and clarity. Making your friends think that maybe they shouldn’t be drinking. Obtaining a year-long gym membership only to stop using it by March. The choice is yours…

Noodle Season


Every week until it’s warm again, we’ll be showing off various noodle soups around NYC.

Tondaku Green Curry Ramen at BASSANOVA

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Just Make Sure Your Drunk Ass Doesn’t Slice Anybody Up Tonight


How to properly saber a champagne bottle.

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King Ralph, part 2

Eddie Huang heads to London for Fresh Off The Boat



A History of the Chocolate-Chip Cookie

Artist Eats: Michael C. Hsiung


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Michael C. Hsiung to share his favorite place to eat. Michael is a Los Angeles-based artist known for his black-and-white pen and ink drawings. His work features a range of “strangely rotund characters from fantastical creatures, such as centaurs and mermen, to somewhat contemporary and/or old fashion bearded males” often celebrating, imbibing and rabblerousing. Continue reading for his answer.

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Four Vice Syrup



Bacon, Maple Syrup, Coffee, and Whiskey.

The Art of the Egg Nog Carton

From the collection of Madeleine Eiche.

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Interesting Combo…


The Falafel Slice at Benjy’s Kosher Pizza Dairy Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Flushing, Queens

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6 Business Days Until Christmas


Counting down one business day at a time with presents $100 and under to help make this season the most gifted one yet. See our full gift guide here

Snow Peak x Tanner Goods “Carry-On Chopsticks” ($70)

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One of the “Endangered Foods of New York”

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