The First Doritos Locos Taco Prototype


And the story behind this tasty, co-branded shell.

Lunchtime Laughter

Bob Saget ruins a slice of Pizza.

Make Hard Cider At Home


Get boozy in 5 to 10 days with the Hudson Valley Farmhouse Hard Cider Kit.

Eating Pizza Reduces The Risk Of Cancer


Italian scientists claimed that back in 2003. Just Believe It.

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Asparagusic acid


The reason why your pee smells after eating asparagus.

If you’ve ever wondered how asparagus grow, watch the video after the jump.

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Bourbon & Ginger


Because actually making a mint julep gets old quickly. Here’s a nice southern twist on the recipe if you do have patience when you drink.

Mama O’s Premium Homemade Kimchi Kit


5 pounds of cabbage.

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Apple Detectives and Preserving Agricultural Biodiversity


Also, why the supermarket only sells 5 kinds of apples

Island Spice Made in Brooklyn


Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce



Blue Crab Beignets

The Professional Cupboard


Featuring 6 different artisanal food products delivered to your door monthly, Mantry is a food subscription service aimed at filling your pantry with top quality goods that you wouldn’t normally think of buying. From hand-harvested birch syrup from Alaska to Buttermilk & Sage Brined Fried Chicken Mix from southern Tennessee, the carefully selected products will make your mouth water and your pantry proud.

Have a look through past boxes here

IDEO Designed Sam Adams’ New Beer Can


Due out this summer, the new can is designed so you won’t get the feeling that you’re drinking with a hole in your lip.

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Big, Chewy


Sweet and Salty Peanut Butter Cookies. There’s pretzels in these… get in ma’ belly.

Eating the “bullies of the ecosystem”


“Feral Bacon” would sound more appetizing rebranded as “Wild Bacon,” but we’d eat it nonetheless. “Kentucky Tuna” sounds good too.  Malicious but Delicious.

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The Japanese Picnic Differently



6,297 Chinese restaurants and counting…


David Chan has eaten more Chinese food than you.

photo by Rick Loomis

Lunchtime Laughter

Sex Your Food with Taylor Moore. Brilliant.

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Sounds Delicious


The Tallulah: Jack Daniels, Peanut Syrup, and Coke

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True Wine Connoisseur


Sadat X and Will Tell’s online wine appreciation and review show. Also of note: Planet of the Grapes, their hip-hop wine-drinking album.

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