The Last Ice Merchant

If only there was a glacier in Brooklyn.

“Twice a week for over half a century, Baltazar Ushca has hiked up the slopes of Mount Chimborazo, the tallest mountain in Ecuador, to harvest glacial ice that covers the highest altitudes of this dormant volcano. In the past, up to forty ice merchants made the journey up the mountain to mine the ice; today, however, Baltazar works alone. Even his brothers, Gregorio and Juan, both raised as ice merchants, have retired from the mountain to find more steady work.

The Last Ice Merchant tells a story of cultural change and indigenous lifestyle through the perspectives of three brothers who have dealt with change in different ways. I wanted to portray the characters as the dignified people that they are and to show the very human story of their circumstances — to make a movie that would portray the indigenous community positively for both an outside audience, and also for the community itself.”

Director by Sandy Patch

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Hot Dog & the City

“20 hot dogs in 90 seconds.” Some mighty interesting variations here.

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The History of the Frozen Banana Stand


It all took place on Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach.

The Flash Collection by Paul Simonon

The first collaboration in Sailor Jerry’s new annual series inspired by the tattoo flash of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins.

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“an intensely moist hunk of bacon”… on a stick


The Bacon Kebabs from Landhaus

Make Both of These Things


Danny Bowien’s Gin and Julius, and thrice-cooked bacon.

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‘yo, the owner hot boxed that restaurant.’


Eddie Huang gets interviewed in High Times



The Peanut Butter Burger with Bacon. There’s also slim jim fries and a chocolate shake if you want to push it.

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21st Century Cheffin’


The iGrill Cooking Thermometer

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Miraval Rose 2012


The first wine from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s winery, Chateau Miraval.

Swiss Party Knife


Bar10der is a bartender’s multi-tool… perfect for picnics.

Pot Pigs


In an attempt to cut costs and find new, free sources of feed, one Washington farmer has been giving his pigs pot refuse from a local dispensary. The results? The first pigs he butchered were “redder and more savory” than usual.

Beans are NOT included


The Pizza Bean Bag Chair from Lazy Oaf

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If You Insist…


Fried Avocado Tacos

photograph by Matt Duckor

Need This Every Day


Puff-Pastry Wrapped Brie

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A 12-piece bucket of KFC Costs about $27 in GAZA City


That’s because it has to be smuggled in.

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The Portland Press


A french press for your Mason jar

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57 Cans of Whipped Cream, Some Beer, Some Cigarettes, Shrimp, Birthday Cake, and 6 Steaks


Trevor Runyon presumably had a fun night inside a Kentucky ValuMarket.

(Steve-O pictured above)

Album Tacos

Kind of amazed that we’ve never featured this website before.

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