IDEO Designed Sam Adams’ New Beer Can


Due out this summer, the new can is designed so you won’t get the feeling that you’re drinking with a hole in your lip.

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Big, Chewy


Sweet and Salty Peanut Butter Cookies. There’s pretzels in these… get in ma’ belly.

Eating the “bullies of the ecosystem”


“Feral Bacon” would sound more appetizing rebranded as “Wild Bacon,” but we’d eat it nonetheless. “Kentucky Tuna” sounds good too.  Malicious but Delicious.

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The Japanese Picnic Differently



6,297 Chinese restaurants and counting…


David Chan has eaten more Chinese food than you.

photo by Rick Loomis

Lunchtime Laughter

Sex Your Food with Taylor Moore. Brilliant.

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Sounds Delicious


The Tallulah: Jack Daniels, Peanut Syrup, and Coke

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True Wine Connoisseur


Sadat X and Will Tell’s online wine appreciation and review show. Also of note: Planet of the Grapes, their hip-hop wine-drinking album.

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Green Bean Holocaust


The Vegan Black Metal Chef returns with two recipes featuring green beans.

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In Which Caleb Neelon Recommends Restaurants for Visitors Coming to Gawk at Where The Two Boston Bombers Lived.


As I send this in, it’s the evening of Friday the 19th, and the second of the suspected bombers has just been captured. I have no idea where this will go from here, but hopefully this is over.

I live in Cambridge two blocks from where the Boston Marathon bombing brothers apparently lived. It is the strangest thing to have your neighborhood be international news, but of course I love my neighborhood and my hometown. After all of this insanity cools off, I’m sure there will be some of you interested in coming by to have a gawk at the apartment building on Norfolk St in Cambridge where these two crazies lived. It’s only natural to be curious about it, and I don’t blame you.

If you’re going to come, let me suggest you stop for a good meal while you’re here, so you can help out some local businesses which have had to shutter for the time being. In fact, I’ve heard that many of them are serving up food to the hundreds of law enforcement personnel on the scene. That’s classy. What’s more – the eating is great, and is one of those often cited as a ‘best up and coming dining neighorhood’ in the Boston area.

Here’s a few personal recommendations to try that are within a two-block radius of the Norfolk and Cambridge Street intersection that you’ve seen on the news:

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Green Dragon


Nitrous-Powered, Pot-Infused Liquor. SCIENCE.

Today in Beer Marketing Gimmicks


Budweiser is introducing an already crushed Bowtie-Shaped Can.

Back to the Basics


Turn Around is a simple, wooden hand held juicer designed by KiBiSi for Muuto.

The Nutritional Content of Our Produce


Displayed in this convenient color chart by Chasing Delicious.

Beef. Onions. Salt


The ingredients in a “Smash” burger.

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Thug Kitchen


Healthy eating for your Inner Thug

“he loved cheeseburgers far too much to worry about any birds.”


Cats can get addicted to McDonald’s too.

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Nips: Goldschläger


The spring evenings in San Francisco are drunk with gold. It pours down the avenues of the Sunset. It ignites each leaf of the acacias along Frederick Street. Gold collects in a rich haze over Ocean Beach. It makes a summer haystack out of Potrero Hill. It gilds the telephone lines on Downey Street, stretching a web of bright metal. Gold blows out the windows of the Painted Ladies. It lays down bright parallelograms under the eucalyptus on the Panhandle. It lights the massive glowing arteries of the 101. It alchemizes the skyscrapers on Market Street, creating a city of gold slabs. I love living in this city, I love the Pacific light, and I love the motto given by the city fathers in 1859: “Gold in Peace, Iron in War.”

Goldschläger tastes entirely quotidian, but the gold flecks approach the sublime.


—Arlo Crawford / @museumy


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We’ll Drink With That


Supreme’s English Pint Glass

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