Make Both of These Things


Danny Bowien’s Gin and Julius, and thrice-cooked bacon.

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‘yo, the owner hot boxed that restaurant.’


Eddie Huang gets interviewed in High Times



The Peanut Butter Burger with Bacon. There’s also slim jim fries and a chocolate shake if you want to push it.

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21st Century Cheffin’


The iGrill Cooking Thermometer

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Miraval Rose 2012


The first wine from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s winery, Chateau Miraval.

Swiss Party Knife


Bar10der is a bartender’s multi-tool… perfect for picnics.

Pot Pigs


In an attempt to cut costs and find new, free sources of feed, one Washington farmer has been giving his pigs pot refuse from a local dispensary. The results? The first pigs he butchered were “redder and more savory” than usual.

Beans are NOT included


The Pizza Bean Bag Chair from Lazy Oaf

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If You Insist…


Fried Avocado Tacos

photograph by Matt Duckor

Need This Every Day


Puff-Pastry Wrapped Brie

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A 12-piece bucket of KFC Costs about $27 in GAZA City


That’s because it has to be smuggled in.

h/t: @ywallin

The Portland Press


A french press for your Mason jar

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57 Cans of Whipped Cream, Some Beer, Some Cigarettes, Shrimp, Birthday Cake, and 6 Steaks


Trevor Runyon presumably had a fun night inside a Kentucky ValuMarket.

(Steve-O pictured above)

Album Tacos

Kind of amazed that we’ve never featured this website before.

via, firstwefeast

Is This The Recipe For Coca Cola?


Probably not, but the starting bid is $5 million just in case.

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Steel Grill Pizza Pan


Outdoor pizza could be a thing this summer.

Roll’em Boys


Chicken-Asparagus Negimaki

Stella Artois Cidre


Got an advance four-pack of this yesterday, and have to say that it is delicious. More subtle than any cider we’ve tasted in the US market, Cidre is a European-style cider crafted from hand-picked apples taken from orchards in wine regions  in North and South America. Stella Artois Cidre will be fermented in Baldwinsville, New York, and the 4.5% alcohol means that you can have a couple with mom and she won’t talk any more or any less than she already does.

In stores in 26 states on May 13th.

“knock-o’s or nachos?”


The History of Baseball Stadium Nachos, and for that matter, the History of Nachos in general.

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