Cereal Tea


For those rare moments when all you want is a cup of warm cereal milk

Royal Cheese


One out of every two sandwiches sold in France is a burger, making it the most popular food in the country.

Lunchtime Laughter

Charles, the human hangover

Noodle Season


Every week until it’s warm again, we’ll be showing off various noodle soups around NYC.

Mega Ramen with Seasoned Avocado and corn at Totto Ramen

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Fast Food is Not a Crime


Spanish artist Escif’s new series features our four favorite food groups—burgers, pizza, hot dogs and French fries.

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Artist Eats: Camille Rose Garcia

For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Camille Rose Garcia to share her favorite place to eat. Camille is a Los Angeles-based artist whose “layered, broken narrative paintings of wasteland fairy tales are influenced by William Burroughs’ cut-up writings and surrealist film, as well as vintage Disney and Fleischer cartoons, acting as critical commentaries on the failures of capitalist utopias, blending nostalgic pop culture references with a satirical slant on modern society.” Continue reading for her answer.
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Dessert for Every Meal


Doughnut Strawberry Shortcakes

Buffalovin’ Wing Bread


From the artisan beer breadmakers at SoberDough comes this interesting mixture to make at home.

Food Porn Addiction


Humboldt fog, ricotta, prosciutto, fried duck egg, cherry preserves and arugula on sourdough—wipe the drool off your keyboard and go make it.

Zio / @zioxla

Noodle Season


Every week until it’s warm again, we’ll be showing off various noodle soups around NYC.

Kimchi Miso Ramen at Minca

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Lunchtime Laughter

Tim’s Cook Off

“A problem with the way South Koreans drink is that they drink fast to get drunk fast”


And the award for country that drinks the most goes to South Korea, who as a whole average 13.7 shots of booze per week. Americans in comparison average a paltry 3.3 shots per week.

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