The Power of Preservatives


A 40-year-old Twinkie at George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill, Maine.

“In the 1980s, they aimed at yuppies. I could see them taking it to the next level, to millennials, who dig social justice issues.”


Jack Daniels and slave marketing.

24 Hour Drive Thru Showdown


Mac ’n Cheetos

Far Out


Apple Pie topped with cheese.

Up, Up to the Sky


Puff is Sixpoint’s new cloudy, unfiltered brew.

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Seagull Tikka Masala


A seagull with a taste for delicious chicken recently found itself stuck at a curry factory unable to fly away after bathing itself in masala sauce.

A Toast to the Soggy


How General Mills created their first new cereal brand in 15 years.

Hot Tamale Louie


How to make it in early 20th century midwestern America as a Muslim immigrant.

The Purple Diet


What it was like to be Prince’s personal chef.



China has outlawed all live-streaming of “erotic” consumption of fruits.

Ecto Cooler, Just a Little Less Ghoul…er


Hi-C brings back the syrupy cult classic, but Slimer is no where to be found.

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From the Kitchen of Pâté Smith


We’ve teamed up with contributor Pâté Smith to show you the best in off-beat eats! Pâté Smith is a collection of pop culture inspired recipes, drawing food inspiration from music, movies, games and everything in between, Pâté has got you covered.

This week, we based this chocolate dipped ice cream sandwich recipe off of the famous San Francisco classic It’s-It ice cream sandwich. If you’re not familiar,  It’s-Its are delicious oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate. Their cookies are soft and lightly sweetened while their ice cream flavors are a mix of classic favorites to random delights (did I mention they have a pumpkin flavor available year round?). You can find the full recipe here.

To recreate the It’s It ice cream sandwich, I tried to make the perfectly thin but crunchy chocolate shell (a.k.a. a “magic shell” chocolate). Additionally, I spun my own ice cream in order to recreate their bright ice cream colors. If you’re wondering–the strawberry = 4 drops red food coloring + 2 drops of blue food coloring; the mint = 1 drop of green food coloring + 5 drops of blue food coloring. I even made the pumpkin flavor but TBH it was not cute enough to present.


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