Eco friendly restuarant


Cafe Habana has added a new bundle of joy to the family: Habana Outpost. Located in Brooklyn. Everything you see is recycled, from the hospitable picnic tables in the garden to the old truck they have turned into a functioning kitchen. And, yes, the outpost has the same delicious grilled corn as the Nolita locations and does a mean brunch. Inside and out, Habana Outpost is an explosion of color. The atmosphere, like the food, offers the best in what they call, “traditional Latin fare with a unique Cuban and Central Mexican twist.” As though the food and bright atmosphere weren’t enough, the Outpost hosts a bevy of weekly activities: free movies every Sunday at 8pm, weekend markets designed to support local businesses and monthly art and design exhibits, and events for the kids. Via griddskipper.

Sidewalk Seating


Sidewalk Seating at La Esquina. At La Esquina, now you can head afuera. The taqueria is doing outdoor seating along Kenmare from 6 p.m. to midnight on a first come, first serve basis. Should make the

prison food


Italian Prisons don’t bring to mind anything pleasing and most people would do anything possible to stay out of one. However there is one prison outside of Pisa that people are clamoring to get into. Inside of the 500-year-old Fortezza Medicea resides a restaurant like no other in the world. Behind its maximum security shell, criminals cook and serve delicious food in a quaint chamber-like restaurant. Maybe a little Filetto di Manzo. Leave it to the Italians to make me hungry. via NTDWA

bounty of a chocolate bar


At, learn how to make a candy bar out of your han in carbonite chamber. There seems to be a lot of things you can learn at this site, and rate as well. Its all about rating these days.

chocolate packaging


Nice Chocolate design,When in New York, try Alice Chocolate at Bblessing (181 Orchard Street). “Perhaps you

wine by design


Admittedly I do not know much about wine except for which vineyards I like, and that zinfandel and pinot noir are my jam. What attracted me to ridge wines was their label, simple and clean. The wine itself is great and does the job to the point where I can sit gazing admirably at the label. Full circle.

meat eater


Now that you ran out and bought your skinny “williamsburg” jeans, from the Gap, head over to Fetta Sau (“Fat Pig” in German) part all-American barbecue pit, part beer and bourbon bar. Venture down the narrow, picnic table-lined patio into this converted mechanic’s garage

Brooklyn Tourism


DINE IN BROOKLYN March 19-30, 2007 for restaurants during Brooklyn’s restaurant week and discover the “diversity of delicious” that Brooklyn restaurants have to offer from almost 200 restaurants — from Alma (Carroll Gardens) to Water Street (Dumbo).
(*Price does not include beverages, tax or gratuity.) Three courses for only $21.12.

new tapas


In the category of sleek tapas this is Mercat, just opened on Bond Street. The NoHo Catalan is on two levels — and open kitchen/dining room done up in wood and steel on the main floor and a “tapas lounge” in the basement — and is endeavoring to serve authentic Spanish food and drink throughout. Owned by Jamie Reixach; chefs are Ryan Lowder and David Seigal, who have notable credits in both NY (Jean-Georges, Bouley, Caf

candy bar


Pretzels, caramel, peanuts, and peanut butter covered in milk chocolate. Take 5 is breakfast material

burger creation


I thought that I had it down when I would order the Wild Billy Burger (filet mignon on an english muffin) with brie and bacon from the Childe Harold in DC. Forget about it. Via the Gothamist, over at the google cafeteria today they are serving the Bacon Krispy Kreme Burger. What I would give for a taste.

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