two awesome gifts from amron experimental


Here are two awesome gifts from Amron Experimental. They have a lot of really simple designed ideas, it was hard to pick only two.

The Bird Claw wine stopper, buy now for $35.00

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you need to know…

How to open a wine bottle with your shoe!  I would suggest you practice this at home before you bust it out at a party.

Don Q’s Lady Data


I keep ending up on this site which means that it must be a pretty good promotion for a booze brand.  Whether any of the girls or data is actually real (it’s real) is another story but, I bet if you’ve been drinking some DonQ it wouldn’t matter all that much anyway.

Have a look

Lunchtime Laughter

Animals Getting Drunk

Just like people, only cuter.

Here is a list of the 20 drunkest animals on YouTube, if you’re into it.

how to chill your drink in 2 minutes

Perfect for the morning when you wake up hungover and all that’s left is warm beer, the internet and luckily enough, ice in the freezer (it all happens!). The video is a bit infomercial but, how else are you going to learn?

Well, this may be a bit excessive


Ed Hardy Vodka

KOKA, a coca leaf beverage


While in Peru, I fell in love with Coca Tea.  I brought back a box of it but, over time, it all disappeared.  While grabbing a bagel the other morning, I found a stock of these Koka drinks in the shop.  They’re pretty good, and will hold me over until I return to that wonderful country.  Feel the Andes.

last decade’s keg party


Keggers of Yore reads more like ‘spot your drunk parent.’  No worries, everybody’s Mom was a floozie at some point in time.

Okhotsk Blue Draft: The Japanese Beer made from melting Icebergs


And Blue seaweed, for coloring of course.  Looks refreshing, at least that’s what I thought after watching the video.

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Pig roast today in brooklyn

Looking for something to do today, how about a pig roast in Brooklyn.

3rd Ward’s 2nd Annual Pig Roast & Dance Party featuring Pig Roasting Extraordinaire Tom Mylan!
Sunday, July 26th, 4 to 9 p, FREE admission, FREE Colt 45 from 4 to 5 p

“Put your diets on hold and tear off your skinny jeans, it’s time to Pig Out at 3rd Ward!”

Featuring live music from Stumblebum Brass Band, Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, In Cadeo and DJ Tanner all afternoon long.

Plus bring your own t-shirts for $1 pig inspired screen-printing and bring your sweetest smile for a carnival style photobooth.

More Info

3rd Ward

195 Morgan Avenue

Brooklyn New York 11237

United States

more than just hardware

Our Friends from Crest Hardware in Brooklyn are having some fun.  This Sunday marks their first “Crest Sundays at Union Pool.”


the Subversive Crew Dj’ing in the Yard at Union Pool!
Dance Music, Drink Specials, Sunshine, Fresh Air and Tacos… Yes, Tacos… the Amazing “El Diablo” Truck Parked in the Yard Will Be Cooking It up All Day!



more info here

North Korea’s First Beer Commercial

Man, this commercial is really awesome when you can’t understand anything.  Visually it is so on point.

After the jump is a pretty bland but informative video by the AP talking about it

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drinking illy


If you want a “good” cup of coffee then let me suggest Illy. I just found out that they are serving their goods in cans now. I have not tried one of these yet, but I hope to. Illy sets a high standard on their coffee, so to go this route it must be great.  If anyone knows where to get them, please let us know.

This is Vodka

My friend Matt Flaherty produced all of these Ketel One commercials.  Hats off to him.

Mood Bottle Openers


Made out of stainless steel, the Mood Bottle Opener comes in emotional states of either happy, crazy, or shocked.  What about lonely, angry, or wasted?  Those would be interesting.

Available at Poketo

Paul, Rodney, & David


For Reals!

via, handselecta/12oz

Big ass beer garden in the LIC


This looks like the place to spend the next 4 days weather permitting of course. Studio Square in Long Island City boasts 30,000 square feet of beer garden fun. It features a self-serve menu and everything on it costs $8 (sides will run you $3).
They also have 20 beers on tap for $6.  One thing to note since it’s gigantic, it will not get overcrowded like the garden in Billysburg.

Hasselhof got drunk again

This clip above is old but, this news is new

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