Slush Puppie

It’s that time of the year for you to get down with the World’s most favorite puppie.

Start Your Day off drinking out of the Best Mug Ever

Define yourself every day with this AWESOME mug that is newly available to our store. The Best Mug Ever is an 11 ounce ceramic mug that comes equipped with a dry erase marker so you can let everyone (or just yourself) know how much of a bad ass you are. Buy it here, and see some examples after the jump

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Drinks and their Sugar Equivalents

Dang, I’d definitely rather have 5 of those Oreo ice cream things than a Sunkist.  Have a look at more of the great juxtapositions here.

via, boing boing

David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Espresso

Yes, you read that correctly.  Agent Cooper would be proud.

Visit the site

Nerd Soda

Roll the polyhedral dice

give Dungeons & Dragons a try.


Where New Yorker’s Got Drunk During Prohibition

NY Mag has put together a fantastic pdf map noting popular speak easy type joints.

Click here

The best Bar room table ever.

Forget about the part of this graphic which shows this as a bedside table.  I think the initial concept was to ward off zombies.  Zombies are lame, get over them.  This table should be in bars, the classy kind where people get drunk and fight.


Morning Dose of Awesome

There’s something to be said about dwelling in the country.

hat tip to the Blaaahg

Campana Brothers x Veuve Clicquot

Fernando & Humberto Campana talk about The Tasting Gloriette they created for Veuve Clicquot at the 2010 Milan Furniture Fair.

Banned from buying or drinking alcohol anywhere in England and Wales

She is 20 years old and looks like she was conceived at a foam party.

More at Metro Uk


Coca in Cola

Give a standing ovation to Bolivia for re-introducing coca into soft drinks.  They should have named it Cola-Coca.

More at the Guardian


Jay McInerney’s new WSJ Wine Column

I remember reading Jay McInerney’s wine musings in the now defunct House & Garden, and thinking to myself that with age, he had become more interesting while writing about wine than penning novels.

“My first experience with a sparkling pink wine took place on a blanket on the lawn at Tanglewood in the company of a girl named Joan Coughlin. The Who were onstage performing “Tommy” and the warm summer air was perfumed with incense and cannabis smoke. The wine in question, Cold Duck, was, I discovered much later, composed of two parts New York State sparkling wine and one part California bulk red wine. I eventually learned to turn up my nose at Cold Duck, but I think my fond memories of that evening may have something to do with my abiding enthusiasm for rosé Champagne.”

Not that I wouldn’t read another book by him, it’s just that his characters matured way more quickly than I have.  And I like to relate.

The full column at the WSJ

Sierra 30

Helping to celebrate their 30th Anniversary, Sierra Nevada created Sierra 30, a special project of four limited-edition beers created with the founders of the craft-brewing movement.  The first beer, The Pioneer’s Stout, is available now.


How to cure a hangover

In anticipation of warm, early afternoon drinks turning into long bouts in rooftop bars, the folks over at Valet Mag offer you this TWBE-approved tip on how to cure a hangover.

Toast with honey “it provides the body with the sodium, potassium and fructose it needs to repair the damage done and reboot your system. The sodium and potassium are essential for proper nerve and muscle function, while the fructose replenishes your glycogen supply”…

Enough said. For more tips and tricks check out the guide, and try the honey.

drink your jo like a rockstar

Gama-Go, amp’d up coffee cup

It is indeed

Newton Vineyards

While in California last week, I had the chance to visit an old friend up in the wine country and tour an outstanding vineyard.  Newton was established in 1977 after co-founder Su Hua fell off her horse on Spring Mountain (the vineyard’s site), and was rescued by a rancher who conveniently told her that the land was for sale.  Needless to say, she and her husband Peter Newton bought the property and the rest is history.  Only about 2500 people get to visit the winery each year, so I felt honored to be one the few.  The wine is fantastic, and White House approved.

Random fact:  The Vineyard was featured in Japanese Sideways.

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Good News for My Boozy Bitches

The NY Times reports: Women Who Drink Gain Less Weight

Absolut Berriaçai

While we’re not fruity vodka drinkers, Absolut Berriaçai is a perfect way to get a weekend brunch started. Even drinking it straight with a side of pancakes (trust us).

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