“Are You Okay”

Bret Easton Ellis wrote the story for this short film featuring the Dum Dum Girl’s and their single “Are You Okay?”



Support this feature film about the history and evolution of skateboard art & graphics.

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Mise En Scène & the Visual Themes of Wes Anderson

Putt-Putt Perfection

18 holes, 18 putts. A short film by Mickey Duzyj telling the story behind the third perfect score in the 50-year history of putt-putt tournament competition.

Roger Ballen’s Asylum of the Birds

A documentary directed by Ben Jay Crossman that follows Roger Ballen into a far-out world made real through his art.

Trail Therapy

The 34,000 Mile Journey of Steve Fugate

A Short Film by Cyrus Sutton

“When I stop breathing is when I’ll stop painting.”


The last living movie billboard painter in Greece

Bummer It’s Not Summer

“Nothing Stops Detroit” is Riley Blakeway’s wonderfully shot profile of artist Evan Rossell on a painting trip in Detroit.

Fantastic Man

A Film About William Onyeabor

Directed by Jake Sumner

Laughing Through the ’80s


Movies that Harold Ramis (1944 – 2014) had a hand in making.

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Night Giant

Directed by Aaron Beckum

“It’s hard to keep things casual and party with the cool kids when a Night Giant is after you.”

Iz The Wiz, King of New York

An upcoming documentary about Michael “Iz The Wiz” Martin.



The Broken-Down Grace of Bill Murray by Nathan Rabin

An exhaustive look at Bill Murray’s career traces his journey from comedy star to respected actor—and finds his two talents have long been intertwined.

Illustration by Agata Marszałek

“this game of peek-a-boo can be very addictive”


For celebrity reasons, James Franco wrote an op-ed on Shia LaBeouf for the New York Times

Mind is Blown

Take whatever you take to relax, put this video in full screen mode, and enjoy.

Dan Deacon U.S.A., video by Dave Hughes for Adult Swim.

The Roving Typist

A film by Mark Cersosimo

“C.D. Hermelin was broke when he decided to bring his typewriter to a park and type unique, one-of-a-kind stories for any passersby with a few dollars to spare. And people responded. Even as the project grew in notoriety, the spirit stayed the same – a writer with his typewriter, trying to come up with something good. The Roving Typist is his story.”

Weekend Watching: Painters Painting

A Candid History of the The New York Art Scene, 1940-1970.

Directed by Emile de Antonio

Morning Dose of Olive Juice

A love story told through cheesy puns.

Made by Celia Rowlson-Hall

The Hippie Temptation

The Grateful Dead are a point of focus in this 1967 investigative report by Harry Reasoner.

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