Morning Dose of 8-Bit Lebowski

Weekend Watching: Gleaming the Cube (1989)

Directed by Graeme Clifford

Morning Dose of Magic Hats

Directed by Jake Sumner



The Making of Menace II Society by Danna Takako

The Hughes Brothers talk about the making of Menace II Society, and why its messages remain important.

Writer’s Block

Bryan Cranston stars in this short film created by Brandon Polanco. How’d that happen? Well, during Hurricane Sandy downtime, Cranston offered up a writing contest to his production assistants where he would pick and star in his favorite script penned by one of them. This was the winner.

John and George

A new short film by Will Robson-Scott

“John and his dog George are a fixture on Shoreditch High Street year round. His drawings of the east London land marks and portraits of George provide John with an escape from his demons. His past is tainted with living rough and addiction. George is Johns closest companion, he and drawing are Johns one constant in life.”

Dawn to Death – The Dolphins of Taiji

Weekend Watching: The Man Who Shot the 60s

“Brian Duffy together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan is recognized as one of the innovators of “documentary” fashion photography, a style which revolutionized fashion imagery and furthermore the fashion industry. So influential were their images that in 1962 the Sunday Times dubbed Duffy, Bailey & Donovan the “Terrible Trio” and Norman Parkinson further added to their notoriety by naming them “The Black Trinity”. Together they dominated the London photographic scene, constantly pushing each other to new heights. Even socially they would spend many hours together talking, living and breathing photography.”


The British hipster version of American Psycho

“I hear they washed them in sake”

via, THD

Morning Dose of RoboCop, Remixed

by Eclectic Method

Slight Future


Why Her Will Dominate UI Design Even More Than Minority Report


Allison Schulnik’s new animated film which debuted last week at ZieherSmith.

HOT Caucasian girl Presumably Found


Actor Ray Wise has confirmed that David Lynch recently directed a Twin Peaks promo film for an upcoming blu-ray package of the cult television show. Earlier in the week, a casting call in search of a “HOT Caucasian girl” briefly appeared on Facebook and Twitter. Subsequently setting off rumors about the film, the existence of which had been denied by co-creator Mark Frost.

Weekend Watching: Detroit Art City – The DIA Story

Friday’s Vault

Video Days

We Wander

Directed by Dvein

“A bunch of animals hide in the darkness of the night, motivated by their very own instinct, not feeling menaced by anything or anyone. But a light disturbs their peaceful rest, they feel troubled when their land is invaded and everything becomes unexpected. The Sun rises, the animals leave, the sun light baths the land and we keep wandering around, not knowing where and when we are and nothing matters anymore.”

All’s Fair…

Written and directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson

“I went through a pretty rough break up this year and it was not great. I wrote and made this in the midst of all that. It’s a tombstone and love letter and I hope you enjoy it.”



Kung Fury is an action comedy featuring “arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop”

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Black Bike Week

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