Weekend Watching: Painters Painting

A Candid History of the The New York Art Scene, 1940-1970.

Directed by Emile de Antonio

Morning Dose of Olive Juice

A love story told through cheesy puns.

Made by Celia Rowlson-Hall

The Hippie Temptation

The Grateful Dead are a point of focus in this 1967 investigative report by Harry Reasoner.

The Supreme Excitement of Our Times

Toiletpaper and L’Officiel Hommes present Six Piss Under


I Want… by Pogo.

Words by Rakim

Directed by Matt Bieler

Beastie Boys “Licensed to Ill”

The video album (1987)

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Ian Strange: FINAL ACT

Weekend Watching: Our RoboCop Remake

After showing you the shoot’em in the dicks clip, we thought you might want to see the whole film.

The first documentary surf film to come out of India

A Rising Tide: The India Surf Story

River of Fundament


Matthew Barney’s new film in collaboration with composer Jonathan Bepler makes its world premiere at BAM on February 12th, and runs through February 16th, 2014. Based around Norman Mailer’s novel Ancient Evenings, the nearly 6-hour epic is set in Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York, paralleling the story of “Egyptian gods and the seven stages of reincarnation” with the “rise and fall of the American car industry.”

Punk Rock in the Backyards of East Los Angeles


Angela Boatwright documents youth culture in this 4-part film series for Vans’ new #livingoffthewall project.

Move Mountain

A magnificent stop-motion film written, directed, fabricated, and animated by Kirsten Lepore.

“A girl journeys through a vibrant, pulsing, macrocosmic landscape, but a precipitous incident compels her to venture up a mountain in an attempt to save herself.”

Weekend Watching: Disorderlies (1987)

Directed by Michael Schultz

“A Handy Tip For the Easily Distracted”

by Miranda July

The Joy of (Mural) Art

The First Graffiti Artist is a 1976 student documentary by Ian Potts featuring artist Walter Kershaw. In between catching a tag and riding his motorcycle around town, Walter talks about the necessity for colorful murals in the ‘muted’ industrial surroundings of North West England, and how his main goal is to cheer commuters up as they pass by in the distance.

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Morning Dose of Multiple SIDosis

Written, directed, and starred in by Sid Lavarents

Was Waiting For A Chanel Logo to Pop up at the end of this

Enchanting behind-the-scenes footage of ‘The Casino Scene’ from the 1965 James Bond movie ‘Thunderball.’

How To Be A Man

Gavin McInnes stars in this dark comedy about a dying man recording life lessons for his unborn son.

On Netflix March 15th

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