Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition

12,597 watercolor paintings made into a 35 minute film by Anders Ramsell.


An independent short comedy about a Black Metal group dealing with the departure of their drummer.

Directed by Kyle Bogart


A very now-culture film by Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic, featuring original music by Diplo

Michael Hammer Hsiung

Weekend Watching: Acapulco Gold (1973)

Directed by Bob Grosvenor

Morning Dose of White Horse Whiskey

From Anna Biller’s 2007 film VIVA


A short film by Wes Anderson for PRADA.

Starring Jason Schwartzman and Giada Colagrande

Weekend Watching: Quadrophenia (1979)

Directed by Franc Roddam

M is for Meat

Actual meat puppets.

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Weekend Watching: American Outlaw – The True Story of a Marijuana Millionaire

Anthony Haden Guest did a nice interview with Richard Stratton for Standard Culture. That got me digging, and as a result you’ve got something fun to watch.

“A documentary chronicling the life of author Richard Stratton, from his early experiments with marijuana in suburban Massachusetts to his ultimate entry into the world of high volume, international hashish and marijuana trade. His involvement in the drug market, including the shipment of 7 tons of hashish from war-riddled Beirut into New York Harbor, led to his arrest and conviction to 25 years in maximum-security prison. This video, through re-enactments, stock footage, score and interview, tells the unbelievable story.”

Strip Clubs as a Platform for Promoting Up-and-Coming Rappers in Atlanta

ATLANTA DREAM$ by Tyrone Lebon

Tales of The Rat Fink

Ron Mann’s biographical short film about Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

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Greg Packer, The Most Quoted Man In News

Directed by Andrew David Watson


If you haven’t seen these great accompaniment videos to The Wes Anderson Collection, start watching now.

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Sign Painters Short

Nowness just released a great short on the American creative tradition of sign painting. The filmmakers, Sam Macon and Faythe Levine, journeyed across different states including California, New York, Washington and Minnesota, zooming in on the lost and found art of hand-lettered sign painting and the enriching impact the artists have on public spaces.

Zio / @zioxla


The New York premiere of INVADER’s short film is tomorrow night (10/29) at Landmark Theatres Sunshine Cinema. Two screenings, 8pm and 9pm, and FREE admission.

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An Animated Film Adapted from a Conversation Overheard in a Santa Monica Restaurant in 2011

Trusts & Estates by Jeanette Bonds


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Schwartzman Celebrates Baldessari

Directed by Jesse Dylan

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders


SNL imagines if Wes Anderson made a horror film.

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