The HERO, Reggae Style

We created this alternate trailer for THE HERO (in theaters now) to run in marijuana dispensaries across Southern California for the month of June.


Smart Awareness

Cream, by David Firth


Hugh The Hunter

A surrealist recontextualization of themes present in the work of artist Hugh Hayden through the form of a storybook fable.



Franchise and Merchandise

Pixar and creative bankruptcy.



The Art of Spain Rodriguez


Live the Brand

The 50-year saga of National Lampoon.



Taking Artistic License With The Audio

How Nature Documentaries Are Fake


America’s Most Dangerous City

“Long Live Camden”, a short doc on the New Jersey city by Casey Stein.


Willy Wanda

Sounds of Harry Potter by Eclectic Method


You can either surf, or you can fight!


Apocalypse Now, the video game.


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For the People

Props to A24 who will be donating a portion of this weekend’s 20th Century Women box office to Planned Parenthood.

Nocturnal Awakening

BACARDÍ x Kenzo Digital.

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